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JET Roll III Wraps up Your Phone or Tools, Plus New Lightweight SuperSonic Models

Jet roll supersonic tool wrap phone roll iii (5)

You’ve already seen the standard JET Roll tool roll, which conveniently stores essential tools and a replacement tube, making it a great option to hang off your saddle or stuff into your jersey pocket. Better yet, it keeps all of your gear in one easy to locate package so you aren’t racing around the house trying to put together a flat kit every time you’re going out for a ride (guilty).

While the original JET Roll is perfect for a flat kit, Just Enough Tools has a new version meant for your other ride essentials. Namely, your phone, keys, money/cards, or even a small camera. For those items, check out the revised JET Roll III and the new JET Roll SuperSonic light weight wrap…


Troy Lee Releases A1 Helmet in Three Limited Edition Colorways

TLD A1 Helmet, limited edition drone turqouise, angle

Even if ten years from now the current frenzy for enduro racing has completely died, there’s one thing it’ll leave behind as a legacy- the development of more protective trail riding helmets. In a season or two, what we initially called ‘enduro-style’ helmets have all but replaced the XC lids from yesteryear, and they even brought Troy Lee back into the half shell market.

The A1 helmet was greeted with a warm reception, as the stylish lid has already found itself on several industry ‘top ten’ lists. In addition to the numerous stock choices available for 2015, three new limited edition color schemes of the A1 have just been announced. Customers can now get the A1 in Camo desert, Camo Midnight and DRONE Turquoise color schemes alongside the rest of the TLD 2015 Collection. More photos below…


Fat Bike Fill Ups Made Easy with PDW’s new Fat Stevens Fat Specific Pump

PDW Fat Stevens fatbike pump bike high volume kickstarter (2)

Thanks to the huge amount of air volume in a fat bike tire, the bikes are a blast to ride on just about any surface. What’s not so fun is trying to replace that volume of air if you are unlucky enough to get a flat. Either you’re going to have to carry a number of co2 cartridges or hope that your standard mini pump doesn’t lead to death by 1,000 strokes.

Of all of the fat bike specific parts and accessories, one area that has been conspicuously absent is a purpose built portable pump. There are a few that have oversized barrels or two stage designs meant to make inflating high volume tires easier, but when it comes to something specifically geared towards fat bike usage, portable pumps have been mostly left out – until now. Well, at least until the end of Portland Design Work’s Kickstarter campaign which will introduce the Fat Stevens fat bike pump to the Wild World…


Frame Pumps are Back – Silca Gives the Impero new Life with the Impero Ultimate

Silca impero ultimate frame pump  (1)

Literally just after hitting publish on the new Zipp Valve Extenders by Silca, we got wind of even more news out of the legendary pump manufacturer. After teasing a new product for the past week, Silca is confirming suspicions with the launch of their new frame pump. First introduced in the 1920’s, Silca made a name for themselves with the original Impero frame pump. Using 2000 series aluminum at a time when other pumps were still made from steel, the Impero would go on to reach cult status among frame pumps.

Fast forward to the present and Silca has been without their Impero for 25 years. After finding a rebirth with Josh Poertner at the helm, Silca has been rebuilding with modern heirloom quality pumps like Super Pista Ultimate. With the Impero Ultimate, Silca has brought that same precision and incredible attention to detail to the somewhat forgotten world of frame pumps…


Clothing Roundup: Pedal Chic Women’s Socks, DZR Mechanic SPD Sneakers and Swrve Casual Ride Gear for Men

Swrve mens summer clothing, lifestyle shot
It’s easy to bellyache about the amount of highly specific this-and-that in the cycling industry, but most often once we get our hands on such products, they prove their worth and functionality. While you could dismiss Swrve’s casual riding gear by saying ‘I already have riding clothes, and non-riding clothes’ you’d probably be happy to wear them for a day of casual cruising with the family, or a weekend pub crawl through Portland. Swrve has announced their summer line of men’s clothing with casual looks but features and materials that are ideal for cycling.

Click below the break to check out Swrve’s new duds, plus some technical women’s socks from Pedal Chic and a clean looking SPD sneaker from DZR Shoes…

Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Soft-sided Bike Travel Bag – First Impressions


Looking at our spring and summer that will have us stuffing bikes on trains and airplanes to get out and ride in some new places and return to some old favorites, we thought to give another thought to how our bikes would happily and safely make the trip. Whether it was our road and cross bikes that usually traveled by air, or the occasional trip to rail some far off mountain bike trails, we needed something up to the task of protecting just about any of our bikes. Taking a cue from the pros, we’ve started to test the newest AeroComfort 2.0 TSA bag, with its soft-side construction and built-in wheel bags, and are curious to see how it will stand up over time. Our experience so far hasn’t been without a little hiccup, as there are definitely pluses and minuses to a soft case, but our bikes have made it safely to their destinations.


Having refined the AeroComfort for more than 30 years, Scicon has established itself as an industry leader and has earned the trust of the professionals riding at the top of our sport. With four Scicon-sponsored European pro teams racing their way across California this week,  some interesting infographics recently popped up in our inbox breaking down the logistics behind the race. 96 bikes in Scicon AeroComfort bags have made their way across the Atlantic and through countless transfers to bring these four teams to the start lines, and so far none have seen any damage in transit. Fly with us across the break to get more details on this newest iteration of the Scicon’s soft bike travel bag, to get a glimpse at what the pro teams pack, and find out what we think so far…


SOC15: Roundup – New goodies from Trickstuff, SQlab & Orange Seal

trickstuff wide range mountain bike cassette machined from single piece of metal

Trickstuff is adding a wide range cassette to their lineup with this three piece unit called the 4111 cassette, as in 11-41. Where most of Trickstuff’s products are made in their home country of Germany, they worked with Response to develop it and it’s being made in Taiwan.

While it looks identical to the SEQlite cassette we spotted at Taipei Cycle Show, there’s at least one functional difference: The big cog has 41 teeth, not 40 or 42. It also has ready-to-ship U.S. distribution for those of us here in the States.

Detail pics and plenty more new stuff below…


Looking for Kit to Match Your Ride? Pactimo Has Your (Pantone) Number

Pactimo match my ride color clothing kits bibs jersey mens womens (4)

In the hyper competitive world of road biking we all know color coordination is worth at least a few extra watts. All kidding aside, true to that old saying – when you look good you feel good. And if you think matching your ride is the epitome of cycling panache, Pactimo is taking color matching to the next level with the new Match Your Ride collection… READ MORE ->

Get Tightier and Mightier With Skins’ New Compression Cycling Gear

Skins-gottardo-mens-jersey-left Skins-title-mid Skins-title-right
SKINS was started by an Australian skier in 2002, who spent the previous five years chasing his goal of developing performance and recovery enhancing athletic garments. Their company mission is simple, and perhaps a little cheeky: to radically improve the world of sport, one pair of tights at a time.

While there is some debate over the functionality of compression wear, SKINS is clearly on the ‘Pro’ side of the argument. They’re quite happy to cite scientific studies and point out that their garments must be effective since they’re banned from all professional cycling tours! SKINS has a bunch of new compression gear for men and women in their cycling specific line, so click past the break for photos and details…