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Found: Clug – The World’s Smallest Bike Rack

clugWe missed the CLUG during their Kickstarter last June, but it didn’t seem to matter. The company crushed their $32,000 funding goal, and raised an impressive $107,947 CAD. That’s a lot of money for something so small – actually, what CLUG is calling the world’s smallest bike rack. Originally created with a 3D printer, CLUG is a simple clip that is mounted to the wall. Your bike’s tire then snaps into the clip, leaving your bike supported and your home or office space de-cluttered.

During the Kickstarter campaign you could pledge just $5 to get your own .stl file to print your own CLUG and the early bird supporters were sent 3D printed first run CLUGs while the actual CLUGs were being manufactured. Certainly an interesting use of 3D printing to bridge the gap between concept and production. Soon with three options to choose from, CLUG is looking like an intriguing storage solution for your home…


adidas Runs w/ New Stealth Rubber Terrex Trail Cross MTB Shoes & Continental Tire Collaboration

adidas Terrex Trail Cross mountain bike trail shoe

adidas made proper cycling shoes back in the day, many of which can be found on eBay, and they continue to be involved at all levels of cycling from pro team kits to fashion collaborations.

They also acquired Five Ten, which gave them ready access to that brand’s premium Stealth Rubber compounds. Those grippy outsole materials have now found their way onto the upcoming Terrex Trail Cross shoes, a combo approach hiking shoe and flat pedal performer.

The treads are fairly low profile, angled and designed with three distinct sections. The toe’s treads are for climbing, the mid section is for grabbing pedal pins and the rear helps keep you from sliding down the declines when scrambling down the mountain. It’s all made out of Stealth Rubber, but those aren’t the only cycling specific features…


First Impressions: Laché London’s New Season Kit with a Splash of Color - Preorder Open


courtesy Gunnar Eist

We’d had spotted some interesting looking designs from small upstart Laché London last fall and reached out to them for a bit more detail. Their designs seem to balance the fine line between a sensible solid-color kit and something a bit more flashy. Around the same time, we had been talking with Czech clothing maker Kalas Wear about their new fabrics and what they had planned for 2015. Since the Laché kit is made by Kalas, this was a unique chance to get ahold of some of the new unreleased pieces, with the bonus of getting to ride in a more unique kit. Plus, it lets us give a little exposure to a small European company which is always nice.

Some advance samples arrived back in November and we’ve been giving them a run through during cross season and winter training to let you know our thoughts now that the new line has just opened up for preorder this past Monday. Come past the break to see some more photos and what we think.


Review: Bike Bag Dude Stitches Bright Colors Into Custom Bikepacking Gear


Photo courtesy of Ryan Krueger

The explosion of bikepacking has resulted in an explosion of small custom sewing shops making gear to outfit bikes so they can haul gear into the backcountry. As the sport has grown, some of these outfits have moved away from one-at-a-time custom work into production, while others have ventured into the very high-end of custom, built-to-order gear.

Bike Bag Dude is actually a dude and his dudette. Kedan and Kathy Griffin operate the small custom sew shop from New South Wales, Australia, and cater to the very high end of discerning, custom bag users. Building from premium materials, all the bags are completely custom to order, and even have a selection of colors available that can be mix and matched to satisfy every OCD bikepacker.

We checked out the Frame Bag and Handlebar Roll from the duo for a little winter travel…


First Look: Kali Maya Enduro Helmet Expands into Production

Kali Maya Outdoor-2

If you follow Ibis rider Jeff Kendall-Weed on social media, you might have spotted the ripper riding with a shiny new helmet. Almost perfectly matched to his wheels, that EndurBro blue lid just happens to be the new Kali Maya deep coverage helmet. After first leaking the new design out to the press in Utah, Kali’s new Enduro helmet is ready for action.

All Enduro jokes aside, when it comes to that style of riding there actually is a need for a different level of protection than standard mountain biking. Speeds can be higher, jumps bigger, and as Jeff helps to illustrate to the extremes – bigger risks. For Kali, that has always meant that what goes inside the helmet is just as important as the outer shell. In this case you’ll find Kali’s Composite Fusion Plus under the surfaces with cone shaped multi-density EPS foam in key points and a softer, lower density foam throughout.

While the Maya is very close to the prototypes we were shown, a few things have changed. Details next…


Above Category & Capo Team Up For New Custom Kits


Featuring a bold new pewter, white and orange design, Above Category has released their new custom cycling kits born from a partnership with Capo. Called the Super Corsa line, they are made in Italy using high-end fabrics, and a slim race fit.

The entire line has a broad range of bibs, vests, jerseys and arm warmers. All the jerseys feature full 6mm hidden zippers and  the bibs feature a super-wide 8cm leg gripper band. Starting at $53.99 for the arm warmers, and topping out with the Thermal Vest at $239.99, AC is taking pre-orders now for late January delivery.

Kitsbow Partners With Polartec For Hybrid Wool/Synthetic Made In USA Base Layer For Any Weather


Kitsbow has teamed up with Polartec to stitch together the Power Wool Long Sleeve Base Layer. The high-performance fabric from Polartec is combined with Kitsbow’s style and brand to make a versatile base layer that can also be a cool weather outer.

This new fabric from Polartec is really interesting, it uses different yarn on each side of the fabric, so there is wool close to your skin to provide warmth, and then polyester/nylon (Polartec fleece) on the outside. Wool excels at moving moisture away from a body, as well as providing warmth even when wet, so it makes sense to put it against the body, and then the synthetic outer dries that perspiration quickly.

One of the benefits of Polartec is that it can be made from recycled materials, so this hybrid garment is more than 50% recycled fibers. The Power Wool base layer is made in the USA, and has a quarter-length snap closure and tailored fit like other Kitsbow garments.

Click past the jump to see the two colors offered, and a refreshing surprise that the price is not astronomical…


Dero Racks Has Fun With New 2015 Bike Racks For Home Or Business


Dero Racks may not be very well known to consumers, but as the supplier for a lot of racking for bike shops, and a lot of creative bike racks for locking up outdoors, you have probably seen their products without even knowing it.

New for 2015, they have some cool racks that start to bridge the gap between business and consumer use. Going into their 20th year in business, they are introducing a few new products that are pretty creative, and look really good, so they might even work for your home.

The Type Rider, shown above is a cool way to build a bike rack, and have some fun. A bike shop could use racks that would double as signage, or you could spell out your name in your front yard, and have a place to lock up your bikes too. Dero products are mostly made-to-order, so there is a huge variety of colors available, and pricing is by quote from their website, since they primarily work with business and industry. Check out the other new ideas after the jump…


Review: Yakima Fullswing 4 Bike Hitch Mast Rack

Yakima Full Swing review bikerumor (8)

When Yakima offered up the chance to review their new Fullswing rack, admittedly a lot of my motivation was due to my desire to find a rack that could easily carry fat bikes. Sure, now there are a number of racks meant to carry the monster tires, but at the time my options were pretty limited. Tired of my fat bikes wiggling their way out of home-brewed solutions, the secure mounts of the Hitch Mast style rack were intriguing. Hoping to carry a few fat bikes and my wife’s beach cruiser to our ocean destination, the Fullswing capability of the rack made it seem like a done deal.

After a year’s worth of use, I’ve learned quite a bit from the use of the Fullswing. In certain situations it can be amazing. Yet, in other circumstances depending on the bike there are certainly better options. As it turns out, the Fullswing is a pretty impressive rack – just maybe not for the user you would expect…