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Kitsbow Tries their Hand at Denim, Drifter Jeans Available in 9 Different Sizes

kitsbow drifter jean denim mountain bike wear (1)

It took long enough, but there are finally a number of options for cyclists when it comes to jeans. Due to the typical build of the average cyclist, most denim jeans you’ll find in a department store are usually hopeless when it comes to fit. It seems the skinny waist, big butt, and large thighs and calves goes against the American average.

More clothing companies than ever seem to be getting into the cycling oriented denim game, which is good news for anyone looking for a pair that will fit well whether you’re on the bike or off. Adding to Kitsbow’s growing list of high end threads, the Drift Jean makes a perfect companion for the Icon Wool shirt, just don’t expect them to come cheap…


Mavic 125th Anniversary Edition Seven Axiom SL Auction to Benefit Davis Phinney Foundation

If you missed the first Mavic 125th Anniversary charity auction, the custom Ritte Vlaanderen ended up going for $5,300. That’s a lot of money for a bike, but still a bargain for the components, build, and custom paint job. Now, Mavic is at it again and teaming up with Seven Cycles for the second and final 125th anniversary charity auction.

While all the proceeds from the Ritte sale went to World Bicycle Relief, Seven has chosen the Davis Phinney Foundation as a worthy recipient. Up for grabs is this Seven Cycles x Mavic 125th Axiom SL with a 54cm top tube. The winner of the auction will also receive two special edition Rapha Sportwool jerseys autographed by Olympic medalist, Tour De France Stage winner, and National Champion Davis Phinney as well as 12 time national champion, World Champion medalist, and Olympic gold medalist Connie Carpenter-Phinney.

Get the bike details plus how to bid, next….


Holiday Gift Guide: Tim’s Wish List


I’m not sure that my mom reads, but I sure hope she does. The holidays are a fun time to exchange some gifts, but also figure out what to get for others. After all, it’s the thinking of others that really makes me truly happy.

I am a mountain biker through and through, but I do ride a bit of drop bars from time to time, and the fat bike thing has become a pretty fun way to spend the winter. I’ve been a mechanic in the cycling industry in one way or another for 17 years, so I can be very picky when it comes to bikes and parts, but also pretty nonchalant when it comes to the softer side of things. My mind tends to wander about a thousand times a day to singletrack trails in far away places.


Heli Biking in New Zealand with, Ltd. Last fall, I was able to visit New Zealand for 5 days of riding with a friend. People are right, it is like no other place in the world. I spent my time mostly riding cross country trails on the north island, so to get the full experience of the country, some helicopter access to the central part of the south island’s mountains is in order. I would love to spend a week using the helicopter to access areas with the bike that are way out there. A lot of gravity is fun for a day, but using the helicopter is more about getting way out there for me, not about maximizing vert. I would love to be dropped out at the very end of a trail with a few days of supplies, my good friend and the Rocky Mountain Sherpa.


Industry Nine Introduces New Bearing Service Kit, Beautiful Ano Comes Standard

Industry nine I9 9 hub tools (1)

If you follow Industry Nine on Instagram, you may have caught this photo of a fairly odd looking hub – only the shot isn’t about the hub at all. What looks like an extra long, gold freehub body and an odd bit of purple ano below are actually tools. Part of their new hub bearing service kit to be exact.

Designed to make freehub service and bearing replacement as easy as possible, the new kit includes all the needed tools to keep your I9 hubs rolling. Press more for details…


Silca Dials in Low Pressure with new Superpista Ultimate LP Low Pressure Floor Pump


For almost 96 years now, the name Silca has been synonymous with the best pumps money could buy. Now owned and run by Josh Poertner out of Indiana, Silca has been quickly rolling out a new product line that honors the heritage of the storied brand. Just as many of the pumps from the 60′s and 70′s are still in use today, Silca’s new products are designed to stand the test of time.

Largely due to the increase of higher volume tires, a lot has been made recently about high volume or low pressure pumps. The very mechanics of a floor pumps internals usually dictates that it will be easier on the higher side or the lower side of pressures but generally not both. While the original Silca Superpista Ultimate is a pump for high pressures built with NASA like precision, it was time to introduce something new – something designed for much lower pressures….


Travelling With Your Bike? Take The Allen Foldable Compact Bike Carriers For The Rental Car


When traveling routinely with a bike, there is a dilemma of how to carry the bike on a subcompact rental car. You could take the bike apart and try to wedge it in the back seat, or pay a large amount of cash to upgrade to a pickup truck. Allen Sports has come up with a nice simple solution with a foldable universal bike rack. Mounting similar to most trunk racks on the market, the racks have adjustable straps and pads, so they can fit on the back of most small cars and SUVs. The unique thing though is they are made from lightweight aluminum, and fold extremely compact, so you can bring it with you in your checked baggage.

Allen Sports’ Aluminum Compact Bike Trunk Carriers are made from 6061 alloy, fold up to be the smallest on the market, and include a carry bag. Allen has thought this idea through, and make it easy to bring the rack with you. The three pads spread the load out evenly, and along with rubber-coated hooks, keep the rental agency from being able to charge you for damage to the car. There are two versions, the AL01 which holds one bike, and the AL02 that holds two bikes. The AL01 comes in at just three pounds.

Most impressively, the AL01 sells for just $59.99. Being affordable and light, it seems like it would be perfect to simply add to your bike’s travel case. If you need to carry two bikes when you get to your destination, the AL02 sells for $119.99 and weighs 3.5lbs.


Holiday Gift Ideas: Cory’s Wish List


The holidays are here so it’s time for me to dust off my wish list as well, one so my wife will see it, but also so it may give you some ideas. Just to give you an idea where I am coming from, I’m a rider of any kind of bike that involves getting the tires dirty. That means that even on a road bike with 23s I end up hitting the dirt roads, and prefer to keep the bike rides in the forests. I’m based in Prague, so my list has a more European tinge to it.

I’m in the middle of masters cyclocross racing, so while predominantly a mountain biker, now is the time of wet, muddy, snowy, and slippery rides on skinnier tires. I am spending a lot of time trail riding on cross tubulars, a little bit of dirt and gravel road training, and a lot of rides where I come home cold and wet. But I am dreaming a bit of cross country rides in crisp snow, of hitting some steep root and rock strewn technical descents, and getting in some all day exploring rides when warm weather returns. Most of my picks then are to get me through the dark days of winter, with the hope of warm, dry rides to come.


24 hours of mountain bike racing without lights above the arctic circle in Finnish Lapland. How can that not sound like an amazing idea? On the weekend of the summer solstice each year, the Levi ski resort 170km north of the arctic circle runs the Levi24, a unique 24hr race with sunlight through the night. I’ve done plenty of 24hr races over the last 15 years and always loved the sunrise lap, but have experienced nothing like this. Its next running is 12-13 June 2015, and could be a great chance to throw the family into a camper and go explore some fjords and gravel roads. 


Apidura Bikepacking Bags – First Impressions


Back at Eurobike this summer we ran into UK-based Apidura who makes a series of roomy handlebar, frame, and saddle bags intended to support riders on bikepacking (read: backpacking on the bike, get it?) adventures. Their concept is to build lightweight, durable, water-resistant packs to carry your gear on the bike with out the need for the additional weight of or requirement for front or rear racks. At the show we got to talking about the possibilities for some interesting short trips over the next six months or so on and off road, and maybe even a little fat touring, so decided to give them a try and report back.

Come on in past the fold for some more details and to see what our first thoughts are on the packs…


Fuse Protection Gears Up For 2015 With New Site, New Line Of Echo MTB Pads


Fuse Protection is known for helmets, pads and gloves for the park market, and now they’re bringing their slim neoprene and cordura pads to the mountain.

Known as the Echo, the line will be a elbow pad, knee pad, and combo knee-shin pad made with SAS-TEC foam to protect your joints from impact. SAS-TEC is a soft and flexible viscoelastic foam with extreme impact absorption properties, and actually meets German standards for motorcycle protection. It’s layered inside a breathable perforated Duratex neoprene to create the pad, and then covers the back side with a dual layer of soft Lycra.

To celebrate the growth, they’ve launched a new website and a series of ride videos…