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GoPro Hero 4 Black Serves up Double The Performance, Touch Screen, 4K & More

GoPro 4 Hero

Like Moore’s Law, GoPro has now made a habit of doubling their camera’s performance every year. For this model, they’ve upped the ante once again by raising the resolution of their premiere model to 4k.

The previous flagship model could only shoot 4k at 15 FPS, but the new Hero 4 manages 4k at 30 FPS, and 1080p at 120 FPS. That high rate resolution, high frame rate , means you should expect buttery smooth slow mo in the next wave of mountain bike edits.

The bigger news is improved UI. Everyone who was ever struggled with the unnintuitive old two button system, rejoice. The GoPro Hero 4 has a context aware mode, can be connected to a smartphone or remote via built in WiFi and Bluetooth, and has advanced manual modes.

The new manual mode is called Protune and lets you adjust color, ISO limit, white balance, sharpness, and exposure in both video and photo modes. There is also an automatic low light mode that intelligently changes frame rates based on conditions.  READ MORE ->

IB14: Gore Bike Wear Builds the Alp-X Pro Line From Just 4 Pieces of Gear, Includes One Piece Baggy/Bib

Gore Bike Wear mountain bike Element Alp X Pro (2)

Always a bit of a challenge, dressing for mountain biking usually means dressing  for different weather especially if altitude is involved. Gore Bike Wear designed their new Alp-X Pro line around the needs of mountain bike stage racers though the philosophy carries over into daily riding – offering the most versatility out of the fewest pieces of clothing. To that end Gore has created a line of clothing that when combined with Gore accessories like gloves and base layers, provides the necessary protection from the elements in just four pieces.

Even though the Alp-X Pro line is designed as a system, we’re pretty sure that many of the pieces will be a hit on their own and will integrate nicely into your current clothing arsenal.


IB14: First Rides in Zoic’s New Camo Kit – Plus 2015 Riding Gear for the Whole Family


Zoic’s fall ’14/spring ’15 line was headlined by their new camouflage prints, with the pattern taking over a few of the shorts and simply highlighting a few panels for the tops. To complement them, other color tops, such as the orange worn here, pair with them nicely while working just as well on their own.

As they were packing up, the kind folks handed over a couple of sales samples for us to try out, so here’s a quick review along with the details on the new products. My ride was on a pleasant day, neither too sunny and hot or too gray and cool. Honestly, it was a perfect day for riding, and the clothing felt wonderful. I paired the new camo Ether shorts with an older Zoic padded base short I’ve had for a while, and they were both very comfortable for a 2.5 hour ride. The short’s material has a soft, lightly textured inner face that disappeared while riding. The length and fit was just right for XC/Trail riding, never snagging on the saddle or flapping in the breeze at speed.

The new DNA jersey is a more simplified version of the original, losing the side zip pockets. It keeps the raglan sleeves and v-neck for comfort and ease of movement, and the tech polyester wicks moisture away and stayed dry everywhere but under my Camelbak.

Check the details and lots more new riding kit for men, women and kids, below…


IB14: New Stuff from SwissStop, Feedback Sports & Seasucker

SwissStop Black Prince EVO low profile carbon rim brake pads

SwissStop has a new version of their amazing Black Prince brake pad called FlashEvo. It’s the same compound as the FlashPro version we tested last summer, but with a lower profile to help it clear today’s wider rims. It also has a new groove pattern to improve water shedding from the rim.

Check the side-by-side comparison and their new organic pads for Magura’s 2015 disc brake calipers, plus new stuff from Feedback Sports and Seasucker below…


IB14: Chrome Gets Warm, Adds Seasonal/Limited Bag Colors, Massive Pro Messenger Bags & More!


Chrome’s fall clothing collection is led by their new Chrome Warm jacket and vest, and new bags cover the seasons through to spring and summer.

Above is just a sampling, with the Warm vest shown on the lower left and the new waxed canvas messenger bags top and center in autumn hues. The shorts were introduced earlier this year. Things get a bit brighter for spring, unless you’re going pro. Then it’s all big and black with a fanny pack…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Lapierre, ultimate,

  • Lapierre Ultimate – Imagine It. Choose It. Create the Bike of Your Dreams, all on Lapierre’s new custom bike builder that lets you pic the spec you want and have it built and shipped.
  • Commencal also offers you the opportunity to personalize your next DH/Freeride, Enduro or Trail/XC mountain bike with their new “A la carte” building program.
  • For the next 24 hours get 20% off all Sufferfest T-Shirts & Polo. Use Promo Code ‘ELEMENTSOFSTYLE’ at the Aprés Vèlo website – Available in men’s & women’s sizes
  • If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area this weekend then be sure to check out the Oregon Handmade Bike & Beer Festival.
  • There’s a lot to see at the KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival. Watch LIVE streaming of the racing on line here. And if you can be there in person, be sure to also check out the KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival’s Dealer Day ahead of the main event.
  • A little further west and like to plan (way) ahead? Early bird pricing is in effect for the 2015 Breck Epic until October 15.
  • There are only 30 days until the RACE of the DEAD and you still haven’t registered! Are you scared? Sign up today.

IB14: Carry your Chainsaw, or Mount a Trailer with New Products from Old Man Mountain and the Robert Axle Project

Rober Axle Project Old Man Mountain Racks chainsaw (6)

Quite a few people looked at the display above and laughed, poking fun at the idea of ever needing to carry a chainsaw on your bike. Then there were the people who instantly got it – the very same people who usually do the often thankless job of clearing the trails for the rest of us. In addition to clearing trail of downed trees, many of these unsung heroes also like to ride bikes, and when the suspect tree is miles into the trail system, the idea of carrying a chainsaw on your bike begins to make a lot more sense.

For those looking for a effective method of chainsaw transport on the bike, the Old Man Mountain rack is a good option. Anyone that would rather throw their saw in a trailer with their other trail building tools should check out the new axle adapters from the Robert Axle Project next…


Lindarets Spools up Sock Production, Wants to Keep Mountain Biking Technical

Rocks Belong Tee

If you’ve been mountain biking long enough, it’s happened to you. Maybe it’s a trail section that you’ve been able to clear for awhile but anxiously await the challenge on your weekly ride. Maybe it’s a section that you have yet to clean, but you will not be beaten. Then, one day, you show up and the trail has been sanitized. Swept clean of any true difficulty in an effort to make the trail more “rideable.”

We hate it as much as the next rider, which is why these shirts from Lindarets give us a chuckle. If you haven’t heard, Lindarets is a new company that was started by a friend of ours that will focus on socks. Really nice socks that will keep your feet happy on long rides, but they’re also advocates for the environment, local manufacturing, and yes, trail building. The printed-in-New-Mexico tees are a bargain considering that at $22.50 they are only $.50 more than the American Apparel Tri-Blend blanks they’re printed on, plus it’s a good way to voice your opinion that mountain biking should be technical.


Kitsbow Teams up with Pendleton Wool for Limited Icon Shirt Just in Time for Fall


light_navyplaid_0_iconshirt_front_hero copy

As the leaves start to change and you notice your summer gear is not quite warm enough for the full ride anymore, many of us will begin to reach for another layer. As we learned in Vegas, plaid is a pretty good indication of someone who is into bikes, but few plaids are on the level of Pendleton Wool. After producing Indian Trade Blankets in the early 1900′s out of Pendleton, Oregon, Pendleton later introduced the first plaid wool shirt for men and continues to turn out color fast fabric all woven in their Washougal, Washington mill.

Kitsbow designer and co-founder Charlie Cronk felt that Pendleton’s tradition and quality mixed with their own modern touches would make the perfect wool shirt and the Icon was born. True to form, all of the wool is woven in Washougal, Washington and then shipped to San Francisco where the shirt is hand sewn. Part classic wool and part modern with Schoeller 3XDRY panels on the shoulder and elbows, the Icon should live up to its name for years to come on the trail.