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Contest: Win One of Three Lezyne Mini GPS Units from Art’s Cyclery!

ArtsCyclery_LezyneGPS-ImageContest Details: Fill in your email address and answer all four survey questions to be entered to win a Lezyne Mini GPS from Art’s Cyclery. Three winners will be chosen from the respondents with the correct answers. Hint: You can find the correct answers if you read about the Mini GPS in the paragraph below.

The Lezyne Mini GPS is compact, powerful and ideal for the cycling minimalist. It’s the smallest cycling GPS computer in the world and weighs a feathery twenty nine grams. Using the Mini GPS is easy; simply turn it on, press start and go for a ride. No additional sensors or cables are required. Ride data is presented on a sharp, easy to read, semi-customizable display and saved as a .fit file for later analysis on the Lezyne GPS Root website. The GPS recording system is optimized to record up to one hundred hours of ride data, and is custom tuned to remain efficient in low-signal areas. Housed in a stylish aluminum bezel, the computer features a simple three-button operation and is micro USB rechargeable for up to ten hours of runtime.

Survey closes 11pm EST on Friday, July 3, 2015. Click past the break to enter!


PC15: Fabric’s Water Bottle Goes Cage Free, Plus New Air Cushioned Cell Saddle, Ratcheting Multi Tool


Since their recent debut, UK brand Fabric continues to demonstrate its dedication to challenging the industry established design norms. Offering a collection of fresh and ultra-functional saddles and accessories Fabric’s line includes accessible entry price points and piles of color options.. They include a comfort saddle that accomplishes suspension with air cushioning rather than gel, a tri saddle with integrated water bottle carrier mount, a cageless integrated water bottle system, and a multitool with an integrated ratchet for getting into hard to reach places… READ MORE ->

PC15: Camelbak Gets Low with new Skyline Lowrider and Palos Hydration Equipped Fanny Pack

Camelback IMG_7754

More and more we are hearing about bicycle designs that result in a lower center of gravity. Having the weight closer to the ground results in better stability and balance. Along those same lines, Camelbak has been creating packs with the weight as low as possible under the Lumbar collection.

With the introduction of the Skyline hydration pack, Camelbak is renaming the Lumbar collection the Lowrider Collection to better illustrate what it does – getting your gear as low as possible. Allowing plenty of water and storage for most rides, the Skyline joins the new Palos fanny pack in an attempt to lower your center of gravity…


Garmin gets tiny with new Edge 20 / 25 GPS cycling computers – updated

garmin edge 20 and 25 miniature GPS cycling computers

While the idea of losing your GPS cycling computer might seem ironic, the new Garmin Edge 20 and Edge 25 units are small enough to get lost despite their ability to help you find your way.

Both models share the diminutive 40x42mm footprint and 25g weight. They track both GPS and GLONASS satellites to keep your position pinpointed even under light tree cover or between tall buildings. The location data provides it with speed, distance and ascent, too. The Edge 25 adds ANT+ to pair with heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors to capture more data. Update: It seems to be software limited from what Garmin has informed us, that it will not record power meter data. This may be as a result of then needing a lot more internal memory to store significantly more dense and frequent data generate by power measurement, something their bigger units are more capable of. The Edge 20 and 25 store just your most recent 10 rides on the device. It’ll also adds Bluetooth LE to sync with your phone, allowing you to stream your ride through Garmin Connect so others can live track you. After the ride, that connection lets you upload your ride data and share it on Connect, too. And Strava and others, too.

Find your way below for video and more details…


Long Term Review: Specialized 2FO Gripstastic Flat Pedal Footwear

Specialized 2FO Flat Pedal Shoe (1)

Last year at Crankworx, Specialized released new footwear  purpose built for guys and girls who like to go “braaaap.” In development for over four years, their name is an acronym for my favorite typo of riding style; foot out, flat out. After almost a year of ripping around on the shoes both on and off the bike, the verdict is in… READ MORE ->

Upper Downs Creates The Neo Cycling Jacket to Stay Dry and Comfortable in the UK

Upper Downs Neo cycling jacket- title shot

When riding on rainy days, there’s nothing more important than your outer layers. If the slippery terrain isn’t enough to physically contend with, being wet, clammy and uncomfortable can destroy your mental game to the point where you start thinking about when the ride will be over, instead of enjoying your time on the trail.

As a company based in the UK, you can rest assured Upper Downs knows all about that! After a never ending quest to find a riding jacket that both breathed and shed water well enough, the brains behind Upper Downs set out to design their own. The Neo jacket is made to be extremely breathable with the best waterproofing possible, and offers a list of technical features and some unique ideas.

The Neo jacket is seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, which is coming to a close on July 2 and still needs more support to make it happen. Keep reading to see what sets the Neo jacket apart from the rest…

PC15: Kali Unveils Next Level Protection Starting with new Tava Aero Road Helmet

Kali Tava aero road helmet bumper fit 2 IMG_76931

To be honest, an aero road helmet wasn’t exactly what we were expecting to see here at Press Camp from Kali. As it happens, the new Tava was simply the next helmet in the pipeline for Kali which coincided with the launch of of their newest protection technologies.

In what could be considered their answer to MIPS, Kali has integrated two new materials into the construction that foreshadows what is to come in the future from the company. That, and as far as aero road helmets go, the Tava is very, very interesting…


36T Secures Government Funding to Develop Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels in Australia

36T team with carbon wheels on bike

There’s no better boost to your financing, and likely your confidence, than receiving grant money from the government to develop your product idea. Australian startup wheel company 36T was one of four companies who were awarded $25,000 Smart Design Vouchers from the Australian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, making it possible to begin developing their first carbon-rich road racing wheelset.

36T’s high-end wheelset will be developed in collaboration with the Deakin University School of Engineering, at their $34 million carbon fiber research facility called Carbon Nexus. It’s an ideal fit for producing these wheels, as they employ carbon for the rims, spokes, hub shells and spacers to achieve an estimated weight of less than 1000g for the pair…

Interview: Eric Hawkins of Park Tool


Like most great bicycle tools, the first repair stand was born our of necessity. The first prototype for the first production bike stand was welded together in the back of a hardware store in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fabricated to place the drivetrain of the bike at a comfortable working height, the stand was a huge improvement over working on a bike upside down on the floor. Five decades later, the descendants of this stand and the specialty tools developed in parallel are so pervasive within American cycling culture that it is almost inconceivable to see a shop or race pit without them.

The story of Park Tool is the story of establishing and supporting the American bicycle dealership as a professionally independent entity. Now in its fifth location (if you include the original hardware store), Park Tool produces 3500 individual parts for over 400 individual tools to support component and bike companies as well as bike shops and, more recently, consumers. Owner Eric Hawkins, son of co-founder Howard Hawkins, sat down with me to discuss the origins and current educational emphasis of the friendly blue tool giant of the industry… READ MORE ->