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ACRE Supplies a New Spring Clothing Line for Mountain, Road, and Everything in Between

Acre supply spring line (1)

Even though Spring might be teasing us with bipolar weather patterns, warmer weather is on the way. For those who are ready to get out there and explore in style, ACRE Supply has a number of additions to their clothing line to make up the Spring 2015 collection. Meant to adapt quickly to varying conditions while keeping riders comfortable and dry, the line also features ACRE Supply’s subdued style. Completely made in the USA with the exception of the jacket and vest (made in Vancouver, Canada), each piece makes use of some of the best materials and construction techniques for perfect complements to ACRE’s line of hydration packs.

Inside you’ll find a mix of spandex and semi-baggy clothes to fit road and mountain biker alike…


Volvo, Albedo 100, & Grey London Team up for Life Paint Clear Reflective Safety Spray


Volvo has been on a roll lately when it comes to safety innovations that focus outside the vehicle as much as inside. After setting the goal for zero pedestrians or cyclists to be killed or seriously injured by a new Volvo in 2020, the company has been rolling out new concepts to help make that a reality. The latest idea isn’t part of a car at all. Instead, it is a reflective safety paint that goes on clear. Designed to help make anything it covers more visible to motorists, the paint is invisible by day but explodes in light when illuminated at night.

Check out the paint in action after the break…


Ion Goes Inside Out for Comfort with Revised Ledge Gloves

47500-5927 ION - Glove Ledge_f

Recently after one of our posts, one reader questioned why more companies don’t build gloves with the seams out the outside for better feel at the bar. Well, it appears that Ion was listening or a few steps ahead as they just announced their new Ledge Glove featuring Maki_Seams. Skewed towards the gravity and DH side of the spectrum, the new Ledge gloves should keep you hands comfortable and protected both on and off the bike…


TPE15: IceToolz shows new disc brake bleed, alignment kits & mini torque tool

IceToolz disc brake bleed kit and caliper alignment tools

If you’re ready to tackle a hydraulic disc brake bleed, then you’re going to want the proper tools for the job. And each brand of brakes usually has some sort of kit available, though they vary dramatically in quality. Sometimes it’s better to look to the aftermarket, and IceToolz has a new kit that has everything you need to get the job done. Well, except courage, but it’s really not as big a job as you may think.

In the box are syringes, adapters to fit them to Avid, Formula, Hayes, Magura, Shimano and Hope brakes, gloves, hoses and flow-stop clips. To the left is their new piston and pad alignment tool, and on the right is a clever rim brake pad adjustment guide. Simply slide it onto your rim, roll the wheel until it’s under the brake pads, pull the lever to squeeze the pads onto it, then tighten them down. That should put everything into proper alignment and position, making the job simple and quick.

And if those pads need to be held at a certain torque, they’ve got just the tool to do that, too…


Selle Anatomica Launches Crowdfunding for World’s Most Comfortable, Ultra Light Carbon Saddle

Selle Anatomica carbon leaf spring saddle leather  (2)

Carbon saddles are extremely light, but most of them fail to deliver on the comfort side of the equation. Sure, you probably have at least one friend who swears his one piece carbon saddle is as comfy as any padded variety out there, but for the majority of riders they usually won’t cut it.

That seems to be why Selle Anatomica is partnering with composites experts and the University of California San Diego on a new project. Together, the team has set the goal of creating the “world’s first truly comfortable, ultra lightweight saddle with leaf spring damping.” If you’re not familiar with Selle Anatomica, they’re the company that has been making leather saddles in Wisconsin since 2007 with or without their iconic cutout. Using the knowledge they’ve gained from creating leather saddles, and the composites know how of their partners, the finished saddle should be leather-comfy and carbon-light…


TPE15: Turin Bicycles introduce Yo cycling lights, new Super Willy steel cyclocross frames


Turin Bicycles out of Chicago has added a few new frames to its bike collection, all steel and all ready for disc brake cyclocross action whether you want singlespeed or gears.

The Willy, shown above, is built from Reynolds 530 and gets an eccentric BB and straight steerer tube. An interchangeable dropout lets you add a derailleur hanger if you want to run gears, and standard external cable routing is in place. The Super Willy upgrades all of those features with some very pretty tube shaping, internal routing and tapered headtube…


TPE15: Woho kickstarts killer WOKit carabiner multitool

Woho WOKit carabiner multitool for cyclists and skateboarders

Is that a WOKit in your pocket?

The new Woho WOKit is ratcheting its way through Kickstarter with this carabiner multitool that fits a surprising number of tools into a compact and utterly useful package.

By using a 6061-T6 forged alloy carabiner as the handle with an integrated 1/4″ ratchet, it allows for quick bit changes and a heat treated chromoly steel wrench to be locked into place for adjusting pedals and much more. The design has been iterated upon since August 2013, and it shows with a multitude of clever touches. For example, a soft, single-sided Velcro strap keeps it all snugly together without any of Velcro’s scratchiness that could snag on jersey pocket material. And a thin wire loop lets the accessories compartment dangle freely if you’re hipstering it to your belt loop, to which you could easily add a second loop for house and car keys.

Check the video and more details below…


Berliner Fahrradschau 2015: An Eclectic Mix of Cycling and Lifestyle Products


Another year of Berlin’s consumer Bike Show kicked off this weekend highlighting a lot of the urban and lifestyle segments of the bike industry that sometimes get glossed over with new derailleur and suspension tech. That means a lot of classic city bikes, many e-bike applications, internally geared hubs, and belt drives, plus more cargo bikes than you can shake a stick at. Over the next week or two we’ll try to roundup a bunch of things that we spotted that stood out from the crowd and the free flowing Henrick’s Gin and Tonics and German beers.

Read on for a modern take on a classic, city bikes and great finishes, some custom bags, and an e-bike to sneak on some group rides…


Keep ‘Er Clean and Safe with Velo Gold’s New Chain Keeper Tools

Velo Gold CK2 quick release chain keeper tool

Bike-specific tools are great when they make maintenance easier, and even better when they do double-duty and protect your bike too. A chain keeper does both- For those who travel regularly, its the best way to keep your chain tight and in position to prevent in-transit damage to your frame. In the shop chain keepers make it easier to clean the bike and drivetrain by replacing the rear wheel, thus providing plenty of space for working hands.

Velo Gold Bicycles is a full service shop in Fort Worth, Texas that also offers custom machining services. Shop owner Joshua Clark is now producing Velo Gold bicycle tools and accessories, which are all hand made in his garage workshop. Clark has just announced three different chain keeper tools, including one for mountain bikes with 12mm rear axles.

Get your peepers on Velo Gold’s keepers below the break…