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IB15: Are You Type ‘Pursuit,’ or Type ‘Escape?’ Either Way, Pearl Izumi Has You Covered

pearl izumi X alp launch pro leader 3 aero wxbpursuit escape (33) pearl izumi X alp launch pro leader 3 aero wxbpursuit escape (1)

Thanks to all the different categories of bikes lately, for some cyclists it’s hard to know where they fit in. Maybe you ride a road bike, but you would always choose dirt roads over paved. Perhaps you’re a mountain biker, who is more focused on racing and training than getting lost in the woods. Whatever the situation, Pearl Izumi built this elaborate display in their booth at Interbike to help get the point across.

On the left, you have the Pursuit archetype. This rider uses Strava, rides the road – fast, and is probably more concerned with their percentage of body fat than the average rider. On the other side, is the Escape collection. This cyclist is far more interested in getting lost, riding rugged dirt trails in the woods, and is an Instagram champion. Those might be a bit of an overgeneralization, but you get the point. Using the words ‘road’ or ‘mountain’ to classify clothing is getting to be a bit too restrictive, so whether you fall into the Pursuit or Escape genre, Pearl Izumi has some exciting new clothing for you…


IB15: Coeur Women’s Clothing Offers Innovative, Ground Up Solutions To Storage, Chafing, and Staying Stylish


Frustrated by the offerings available to women athletes and the problems common to the women they participated with, Kona Ironman finishers Kebby Holden and Hailey Manning started Coeur (chosen as it is both the French word for ‘heart’ and the base of the word ‘courage’) to create ultra functional and smart products for women athletes. Using feedback from other athletes, Kebby and Hailey sought to eliminate fit, chafing, and storage issues with a Made in the USA product, while keeping their apparel stylish with clever cuts and colorful, fashion-forward prints. If the enthusiasm of the women seeing the product in the booth for the first time was any indication, Coeur is definitely a new brand to watch. Click past the jump for their clever solution to the “women’s bib problem…” READ MORE ->

IB15: Fresh packs, racks and more from Osprey, Saris, Mio & Nikola Pedals


Osprey’s Verve 5/9 and Viper 5/9/13 are simpler packs for shorter rides, and they’ve been updated to improve pocket access and functionality. The shoulder straps are well ventilated with a very light mesh over perforated foam padding. Both come with a lighter weight 2.5 liter reservoir without their usual rigid back panel. It’s still baffled to keep it flat even when full, and the design also helps limit sloshing from side to side.

The women’s Verve comes in two smaller sizes with five or nine cubic liters of storage, the 13l is gone for the ladies. The body of the pack has a shorter torso and narrower shoulder harness. The men’s Viper gets five, nine and 13 liter pack sizes. Retail for the collection ranges from $80 to $110.

Check other updates and more new products from others below…


IB15: Showers Pass Shelters Your Stuff with Waterproof Cloudcover Bags

Showers pass Cloud cover bags waterproof socks spring classic jacket (12)

So you’re all set with waterproof clothing to go out for a ride – but what about your things? If you live in an area where waterproof clothing is a must, then chances are good that a waterproof backpack should also be high on that list. At least, that’s what Showers Pass is thinking with their new line of Cloudcover waterproof bags. Built to the same exacting standards as their rain jackets and clothing, the bags ensure your gear will get there high and dry…


IB15: Talking Enduro Shoes with Cédric Gracia, Plus Michelin Treads and Reflective Shoes from Northwave

northwave cedric gracia enduro shoe michelin rubber sole

As one of the most recognizable figures in mountain biking, Cédric Gracia knows his way around a bike. The downhill, 4x, Rampage, and all around mountain bike rider and racer has now turned his attention to the world of Enduro. Given his years of experience, Cédric can be pretty demanding when it comes to his equipment, so changing his footwear sponsor to him was a pretty big deal. Cédric mention that at first, he was a little unsure of what to expect, but after the first meeting with everyone involved, he knew it was going to be exactly what he wanted in a shoe…


IB15: Fresh Goods from Orange Seal, Fixit Sticks, Togs & Speedsleev


Orange Seal has added an Endurance Tubeless Sealant to their mix, which adjusts the latex and Nanite blend to help it last longer in the tire before drying up. They were very quiet about the exact chemical changes, but say it’ll last up to four months in normal temps before losing effectiveness. That, and they added more of the Nanites to help plug holes and induce clotting at a puncture.

Regarding the sealant’s longevity, you’ll need to take your own conditions into account, so if you’re in Texas in the summer, you may want to check it a bit more often. And for that, they have their new dipstick, which fits inside a Presta valve once you remove the valve core and lets you quickly check your sealant level without unseating the tire. It’ll ship free with their 4oz and 8oz bottles.

If your conditions are more like Minnesota in the winter, you’ll wanna take a look at their fat bike rim tape and Subzero Tubeless Sealant, which debuted at Frostbike last year.


EB15: Casco shows new Full Air vented, Roadster urban & more lids; plus Just In Speedairo-TC Plus


Casco had a number of their European-made helmets on display at Eurobike. The first that caught our eye was a rapid prototype of a new extremely ventilated helmet that was so open that you could see directly through it. The upcoming Full Air RCC helmet aims to out vent every other helmet Casco makes for both Road and Cross Country (RCC) riding.

In addition to going super vented, Casco also takes some DNA from their successful SpeedAiro helmets and adds it to the Roadster-TC for an aero, urban helmet. Somewhere in between the Sportive-TC Plus gets vents but a removable cover for an everyday riding versatility. There are plenty more choices available in Casco’s catalog, check out what jumped out at us after the break; plus the new special edition SpeedAiro-TC Plus, just in for review…  READ MORE ->

IB15: Silca Popping with Pegoretti Pistas, New Pocket Impero Pump, and More

A year after winning Best in Show at Interbike award for the Super Pista Ultimate floor Pump, Indianapolis-based Silca continues to challenge our perception of functionality and quality of cycling accessories by launching highly functional (and highly priced) inflation devices and tools. While the show darling of the Silca booth this year was easily the brand new Pocket Impero (a compact version of the Impero Ultimate frame pump) the place was packed with a variety of artist collaborations, including a matching Speedvagen pump and frameset, a pump from the House Industries/Richard Sachs collaboration, and a collection of pumps hand painted by the master, Pegoretti. More after the jump… READ MORE ->

GoPro Adds Wireless Connectivity to Lower-priced Hero+


As we have come to expect with electronics there have been a lot of updates from GoPro over the last year. The Hero4 Black upped their performance game; the Hero4 Session got simple, tiny, and lighter; the Hero+LCD let us see what we were shooting at a more reasonable price; and now the new Hero+ brings that price down even lower since it can be paired with a smartphone or smart remote with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Add to that video capture that is up there with the second most expensive GoPro at half the price and this looks like a solid new offering.

Hop past the break with us to take a look what the new affordable Hero+ can do…