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YT Industries’ DH, Enduro mountain bikes come Stateside w/ Consumer Direct Sales


When first announced, YT Industries’ sponsorship of Cam Zink raised a few eyebrows. Why would a company that’s not even available in the U.S. go after such a big name in the American freeride scene? For starters, it’s safe to say that Zink is well known worldwide, not just in the U.S., but YT knew what they were doing. It wasn’t long until the relatively unknown company at the time announced that they had plans for North American distribution. After scoring some serious face time with a huge portion of their intended audience as Zink broke the world record for a dirt to dirt backflip and Andreu Lacondeguy won the 2014 Red Bull Rampage, YT Industries is ramping up to ship their bikes straight to your door.

Starting with an enduro, a downhill, and a dirt jump model, they’re joining the trend of trying to cut out the middle man to deliver well-equipped bikes at prices that may be hard to beat…


FOUND: Eclat Makes The Hub Guard Simpler, Universal & Less Expensive


Pretty simple in concept, a chromoly steel stamping with three holes, the Eclat Universal Hub Guard has the most apropos name ever. Designed to be universal in fitment, and strong enough to guard your hub, the simple chunk of steel will fit nicely between your peg and frame. It is ambidextrous, all you need to do if you run your drive train on the wrong side is to move the bolt to the other hold, and install. The small bolt locates on the dropout slot to prevent the guard from turning. All of the current hub guards they make are 7075 alloy, so making this in chromo is said to make it stronger, and less expensive as well. They will be available later this year.


“In today’s world of peg trickery and heavy street riding, hub guards are simply a necessity for any rider. For 2015 we have been hard at work on a whole series of groundbreaking new products, designed with the modern street rider in mind. Here is a look at our new Overguard we’ve had in development for a while now. The Overguard is BMX’s very first fully universal drive-side hub guard.Fully CNC machined out of heat treated 4140 chromoly, this guard is not only totally indestructible but also highly functional. The idea came about when we realized how much hassle most riders have when trying to get a driver side hub guard that will be compatible with their rear hub and not be susceptible to damage. We went to the drawing board and what we came up with was a unique design that allowed the guard to fit to pretty much every hub/frame/peg on the market.”

Click past the jump to see the guards uninstalled, and it will give you a good idea how simple (and genius) they really are…


Bike Ninjas Break into Ray’s MTB, Steal Odd Couple Video Title

rays mtb odd couple

The 2015 Ray’s Odd Couple video competition has come and gone, and Team Kali snuck in for the win. Combining the mountain bike talents of  Nicholi Rogatkin, and the BMX skills of Nick Bruce, with Danny Mizicko behind the lens, the team walked away with the winning edit with their ninja-style break in at Ray’s MTB Cleveland. All taking part over the course of two and a half days, Team Kali’s winning video combined a creative intro with the duo absolutely destroying the biggest jumps inside Ray’s complete with fog machines and creative lighting.

You definitely want to check out the full edit, next…


New For 2015, éclat BMX Jumps In On New Forks, Hubs & Cranks


Launching a few new products for 2015, éclat BMX is pushing the envelope on their parts, making them simpler and more durable. The new Stevie Fork was built for sponsored rider Stevie Churchill, when he needed a fork that can hold up to huge drops. Built with strength in mind, it gets a full immersion heat treat to the 4130 chromoly body. Also featuring a CNC machined steerer tube, and peg-friendly investment cast dropouts.

Check out more details on the fork, and other new 2015 hubs and cranks from éclat after the jump…


Shredits: Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade Defy Gravity, Plus the Making of ‘The Ridge’ with Danny MacAskill and Cut Media

No easing into this week, we’re blasting into the weekend with this insane clip featuring Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade. The RedBull production was filmed in the Dark Woods, or South Wales specifically. This proves that they are both magicians with a bike…


Sneak Peek: Louisville Mega Cavern will House World’s Largest Underground Bike Park

Louisvill mega cavern bike park mtb bmx underground cave  dirt jump (5)

Beneath the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, there lurks a monster. But this is no horror story, it’s one of dreams. Specifically, the wild dream to turn the largest cavern in the state of Kentucky into a multi-faceted business park that will soon be home to the largest underground bike park in the world. What sounds like an absolutely insane idea comes to us from co-owners of the Louisville Mega Cavern, Jim Lowry, Tom, and Don Tyler. After all, as Jim told us, their motto is “you have to be a little crazy.”

Crazy doesn’t begin to describe the Mega Cavern itself. Opened in the 1930’s by Ralph Rogers as a limestone mine, the man-made structure had been mined 24 hours a day for 42 years straight. When the digging was complete it had left a massive cavern with 4 million sq. feet and over 17 miles of passage ways. Considered to be the largest building in the state of Kentucky, the decision to turn the Mega Cavern into a business park required the creation of new building codes due to the out-of-the-ordinary circumstances.

After purchasing the cavern in 1989, Jim and his partners began a recycling operation inside in 1992 which still runs to this day. It wasn’t until 1999 that they started building offices inside for local businesses to lease, which now accounts for a half million square feet inside the cavern. Before any businesses moved in, the owners were faced with an interesting dilemma. The ceilings were so high -more than 90ft in some spots- that prospective customers came in and couldn’t picture the space being utilized, so they left. Eventually, enough dirt was brought in to raise part of the floor 62 feet, leaving a 24 foot high ceiling which was standard for warehouses at the time. Above the 24 foot high ceilings, there is another 26 feet of solid limestone – enough for geologists to call it one of the safest places in Kentucky. So safe, in fact, that it was one of the largest fall out shelters during the Cuban Missile Crisis capable of housing 50,000 people, and still acts as a safe haven for vaults and other storage today.

Even though the cavern has a massive heating and air conditioning system, Jim said it’s never used. With a nearly constant 58º F temperature, body heat and heat radiating from computers and equipment is enough to keep it comfortable. That makes it ideal for an indoor bike park as well as the zip line and ropes course since it remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Considering how little we actually saw of the cavern, it’s hard to process just how big it really is. One of their biggest attractions this time of year is the Lights Under Louisville – a 1.2 mile drive through the cavern in the family vehicle to see an expansive display of 2 million Christmas lights. Even though they are adding a 385 thousand square foot bike park, it seems like they are just starting to scratch the subterranean surface…


Found: Mongoose BMaX – the Mutant WalMart Offspring of BMX and Fat Bikes?

Mongoose BMaX fat bike bmx  (3)From the same company that brought you the Beast fat bike and the smaller, yet somehow better equipped 20″ Massif fat bike, we present the BMaX. Part BMX, part fat bike, all bizarre. Truthfully though, as far as entry level BMX bikes for kids go, it does look pretty fun. Built with 20″ wheels wrapped in 4.25″ wide rubber, if junior can’t turn the pedals at least the bike will turn some heads…


The Curse 20 Rolls In On 20″ Wheels From WETHEPEOPLE

Wethepeople from Germany builds a full range of BMX bikes, and their Curse 20 is a 20″ starter bike, decked out in great parts for a great deal. Taking cues from its 18″ wheeled little brother, it packs a great value.

Rider Jason Colledge shows that despite its affordable price, the Curse is a ripper. Watch him take a rip around, then click “more” to see the new color choices and spec list..


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • The Red Bull Signature Series continues this Sunday on NBC at 12:30 PM EST with the Red Bull District Ride. 80,000 people witnessed a unique urban slopestyle course designed by freeride legend and previous District Ride winner Aaron Chase. The course starts with a drop from Nuremberg’s castle walls and then makes its way through the city center and five different districts that offer varying obstacles for the world’s top freeride bike athletes to master and trick off.
  • One Day Only Sale on Small Business Saturday – 30% off of Complete Handsome Bicycles – Join them for a one day pop-up shop at Martin Patrick 3 in Minneapolis for an event that’s not-to-be-missed!
  • Decorate your bike with festive crap contest – It’s another great year for Magnolia BMX’s Holiday Bike Check Contest, minus the bike check! They’ve got really great sponsors and unlike last year, it’s open internationally!
  • Stages Power meters will be available in South Korea starting January 2015 through Welltuned. The Stages Power meter, which was launched in North America in 2012, is sold factory installed — by Stages Cycling, in Boulder, CO USA — to aluminum crank arms throughout the Cannondale, FSA, Shimano, and SRAM ranges.
  • Hermes Sport handbuilt competition wheels are now available worldwide through The Aftermarket. Founded in July 2009 by Alex Webster, Hermes Sport was born of a general, lifelong obsession with high-end bike parts and a particular fixation on wheels.
  • Scott Sports USA and Deer Valley Resort Announce Multi-Year Partnership. Starting this 2014/2015 season Scott Sports USA will be the official goggle, pole, helmet and bike sponsor of Deer Valley Resort.
  • Bianchi and Thomson Bikes Tours have joined forces to offer exclusive new cycling trips in 2015. The first destination is Lombardia, a cycling paradise in northern Italy, and is open for booking on either company’s website.