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Must Watch: World’s First Front Flip Front Bike Flip

When there’s a new trick landed that previously only seemed possible in a video game, there is a good chance the Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus was involved. On their recent European tour, Ryan Williams pulled off an amazing front flip, front bike flip on a BMX and stuck the landing. More impressive? Ryan Williams is more known for his scooter riding being called one of the most talented scooter(ers?) on the planet.


Friday Features: Crazy Bridge BMX, Game of Bike with Chase and Voreis, trail dogs, and more

Come on – with all the people involved in designing that bridge no one thought, “hey, this could be really fun to ride on a bike?” Yes, the Seventh Street bridge in Fort Worth, Texas needed plywood transitions between the arches for pro BMXer Mat Olson to clear the whole thing, but that didn’t keep him from what looked to be a pretty fun ride. After the bridging the gap, local media was on it, trying to keep anyone else from having the same idea. We’re guessing there will be some sort of barricades at each end of the bridge in the near future.

Want to see the whole ride from Mat’s perspective? Check it out after the break.


Video: Ratboy Hits The Town on his Santa Cruz Jackal

For many years the Santa Cruz Jackal has remain unchanged for a simple reason. Whats there to improve on? With a great geometry and one of the best adjustable dropouts in the business, it’s versatile enough to cruise the streets, hit a set of dirt jumps, or race some slalom. So just in case you’ve forgotten what fun a dirt jumper is to ride, here’s a video of Josh Bryceland and Logan Peat doing what they do best.

For the car buffs out there, the shorts star is a 1949 GM 4101 Union Pacific Streamliner which is powered by it’s original super-charged two-stroke straight-six Detroit Diesel power plant!

Press info after the break…

Friday Flicks: Daniel Dhers Rides in Traffic (Like on a truck that’s moving), More

If you’ve ever seen a truck moving down the highway that was carrying something that looked fun to ride, this video is for you. Daniel Dhers takes riding in traffic to a new level with some death defying riding on a ramp, on a truck, on the road.

More BMX action plus a killer new trail in NZ after the break!


Friday Shredits – Trials from the Old West, More Trials, Greetings from Commencal and more!

Trials and the Old West by way of 3 Czech riders? Sure, why not! All We Together 2 is an entertaining clip with trials motorcycling, bicycling, and unicycling!

Check out All We Together 1 after the break!


Bright Idea: Phantom Frames Combines Safety and Style to Create the Coolest Kids’ bike


Kids love things that light up. Parents hate the idea of their kid out riding their bike, and drivers not seeing them. That’s why Phantom Frames’ bright bicycle frames seem like an incredibly cool idea. The story of the Phantom Ice and Ghost frames starts with the owner’s son Jack. When Jack’s bicycle light stopped working, he said he wished the entire bicycle would light up. That was the proverbial light bulb, or in this case, Light Pipe. Working with local bicycle designer Ken Spaulding, prototyping led to using polycarbonate tubing fitted with LEDs. From there, the frame evolved into the bike you see here with a front triangle machined from polycarbonate mated to a steel rear end.

Phantom Frames are almost ready for production, light it up after the break.


Video: Is the Superman Double BackFlip the Craziest Trick You’ve Ever Seen?

With Travis Pastrana at the helm and a heap of talented riders in tow, the television show Nitro Circus has been pushing the limits for several seasons. In this latest clip, rider Ethen Godfery Roberts spins his way into youtube fame with this crazy double backflip superman combo!

Video: Hotwheels meets Dirt Jumps, BMX Rider lands first BMX Dirt Loop

The full loop is a an impressive stunt that rarely materializes due the the lack of naturally occurring full pipes of the right size. So Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark teamed up with RedBull and the rest is on tape.

POV after the break

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Cool video footage of last week’s Morvelo CityCross2 above. Sticks and stones? More like Cobbles and rain…
  • Early registration has begun for the 2014 Subaru Sea Otter Classic race to be held April 10-13th. Get 10% off registration with code EARLYBIRD.
  • BuddyBike is billed as an alternative tandem bicycle that lets you ride along with a person with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. As a small company, they cannot support as many programs as they’d like with donations, but have a great list of suggestions for how to get funding for their bicycles.
  • The University of California-Davis has been awarded Platinum level status as a Bicycle Friendly University from the League of American Bicyclists. It’s only the League’s second Platinum level university, with Stanford taking honors as the first. Click here to find out how to move your school towards becoming a bicycle friendly university!
  • Factor Bikes has teamed up with The Prince’s Trust to help raise £20,000 for the charity. They’ve donated a Limited Edition Vis Vres (size 56cm) worth £10,000 for a raffle. Tickets are £10 and raffle closes April 14th, or when they sell out all 2,000 tickets.
  • The Gran Fondo Super Prestige calendar has been released. To obtain “Super Prestige” status, riders must ride 3 of the 8 events. What is this new series? According to GFNY magazine: “GFSP provides cyclists in North America a new challenge. The series follows the success of the Italian ‘Prestigio’ series put on by Cicloturismo magazine. In Italy, thousands of riders aim to become ‘Prestigioso’ but only a few hundred achieve to complete seven out of ten Gran Fondos. A select few even do all ten races.
  • The Adventure Cycling Association is working towards better bike service on multi-modal travel options – taking your bicycle with you on airplanes, trains, and by bus. Click here to find out about their travel initiatives and some helpful information about traveling with your bike.
  • Found while perusing the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog, a video about a revolutionary new information system…
  • The Florida Department of Transportation has announced that it plans a U.S Bicycle Route following US1 from Jacksonville to Key West. It is one of four routes planned that will connect to future routes in Georgia and Alabama.
  • MissionMission has posted about a simple, streamlined bicycle map of SF. More info here. Image after the break.
  • If you live in the city of Santa Cruz, CA, here is a link to an online petition to replace a temporary BMX park with a permanent BMX plaza.
  • Bokos has announced their new color lineup of comfy après-cycling sandals. Perfect for holiday gifts!
  • NBC will premiere the 2013 GoPro Ironman World Championship on November 16th.
  • Spy Optic have announced they will donate $30 for every pair of sunglasses sold on their website to the Philippine typhoon relief efforts provided by Waves for Water. This offer runs through tomorrow, Nov. 16th (get on it!). All they have to do is sell more than 3,334 sunglasses and this company will donate more than the country of China.
  • The official tourism website of Sufferlandria has opened and is now taking citizenship applications.
  • Bikerumor is looking for an expert web developer. Must be proficient in WordPress and CSS at a minimum, but a good understanding of and experience with social media integration, forums and HTML5 is a big bonus. Email an introduction and links to work samples for consideration.