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SO14: Sub 20 pound Carbon Dirt Jump Bike from John Cowan

John Cowan WIth Carbon Dirt JumperRiders of a certain age might remember earning their scars and sharpening their skill set on a rad little hardtail from Kona called the Cowan. Designed by legendary John Cowan, both the original Cowan DJ and DS bikes where some of the first jump specific models ever created.

Ever the visionary, John recently built a new bike company around a ground breaking new entry into the same market he helped create. The star of the product line is the American made carbon dirt jumper pictured above.  READ MORE ->

Specialized 650B Evo StumpJumper Photographed & Weighed, Geometry Chart, Plus Q&A!

Specialized Stumpjumper 650B CompLast week, Specialized quietly announced two 650B models after having spent the last year sitting on the sidelines watching the wheel size battle playout. The company’s lineup in the recent past has had been decidedly 29er centric, with only the Enduro, Stump Evo, and Enduro Evo models holding down the small wheel fort on the trail side.

This middle sized announcement comes as no surprise, since the company recently released several pairs of new 650B tires. The long wait for the new models was likely due to the fact that Specialized spec’s it’s own tires and wheels on the majority of it’s bikes. Unlike smaller manufacturers, they couldn’t rush to market without developing the supporting products that help keep the bang-for-your-buck value high.

This week several of our local shops started receiving their first shipments of the new bikes, so we stopped by two of the best Specialized Dealers in town to take a look a closer look at the new offerings. Head past the break for close up pictures, weigh ins, and a short Q&A with Global PR Manager Sean Estes! READ MORE ->

Taipei Show: Titanium Blades, Plastic Pedals with Metal Pins, Bottom Brackets, and more from VP Components

VP Components Pedals BBs Steel cup bottom bracket (9)

As is sometimes the case, the VP Blade Titanium pedal started simply as a design exercise. While it was never meant for production, consumer demand was high enough that they made it happen. The result is a handmade titanium pedal with a spidery body that is meant to flex slightly and help absorb impacts. Now in its 3rd revision, the shape has changed slightly but the result is still a sand cast titanium pedal that is finished by hand with a full titanium axle.

Weight on the Ti beauties? Find it, and the answer to metal pins in a plastic pedal after the break!


Taipei Show: Vee Rocks Vans Waffle Tread for New Cult BMX Tire

Vee Rubber Taipei show Vans BMX tire (17)

In our haste to get the latest fat bike treads from Vee Rubber posted, we missed one other exciting new offerings which has nothing to do with fat bikes. This one goes out to the 20″ crowd, and likely those already sporting the ODI Van’s grips. As a perfect companion to said grips, Vee has teamed up with Vans to offer a new Waffle Tread BMX tire that’s sure to be a hit. Aimed at more of a BMX race tire, the model shown was a 20×2.35″ casing. Details were limited but expect this to hit stores later this year sold as a tire through Cult BMX.

Close up of the tread pattern after the break.


Darwin Mini Brings New Wheelsize to the Fore

2014StM-bike-Mini-Darwin-green-sideJust when I was starting to get comfortable with all the different wheelsize religions, a little brand named Darwin had to tip the boat. Just like the gap for adults between 26″ and 29″ wheels was crying out for a mid size solution, the deeply unsaturated children’s market has a new savior. If your future Gwinny is too tall for a 12″ and to small for a 16″, you can now procure a 14″ BMX bike to prepare them for their pursuit of the rainbow stripes.

Jokes aside, the Darwin appears to be a well thought out pixie racer kids bike. The company claims to have spent 6 months extensively testing the bike under numerous kid athletes to ensure the best balance, and no expense has been spared in the pursuit of ultimate playground cred. The Mini Darwin 14″ has  an integrated headset, cassette hub, 4 alloy pegs, and a 1pc seat/seatpost combo. They’ve also optimized the gearing to work with the short kid approved crank arms they’ve spec’d.  READ MORE ->

Must Watch: Danny Macaskill Gets Inspired in Barcelona

Danny’s riding more than speaks for itself, so just head to the ~1.30 minute for the actual riding, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Long Term Review: The Unbelievably Light & Affordable Xpedo Spry Platform Pedal

Xpedo Spry Platform Closeup

Early last year Xpedo quietly released a new pedal that managed to offer a ton of value for literally hundreds less than what many boutique companies were charging. Their Spry hit all the right marks by weighing next to nothing, offering a good size platform, and being offered at a price that’s within anyone’s reach.

We’ve had our heart broken before by other extremely thin and lightweight pedals, whose good looks were fettered by poor reliability. So did the Xpedo Spry pedals delight or disappoint?  READ MORE ->

Friday Features: Lines on a Map, Fixies on parade, and the most Creative BMX tricks Ever?

We’ll start off the Friday Features on a different note this week. Instead of the latest video game tricks played out in real life by two wheeled dare devils, Mavic brings us a clip of a ride. An incredible ride. One that defines us as cyclists and what we love to do. Go farther, push harder, discover ourselves. Deciding to take on a 230 mile epic across the state of Colorado, Mavic’s Zack Vestal brings us along on his journey. One things for sure, if Zack ever gives up riding and working for Mavic we think he could find a job as a narrator.

Details and more films, next.


Big in BMX, Box Continues to Hone in on Mountain – Shifter, Derailleur Closer to Production


If you haven’t heard of Box by now, chances are you’re not into BMX racing. While the company has been working on some very intriguing mountain bike parts, like the shifters above and some hydraulic disc brakes that we saw at Interbike, Box has introduced a number of new parts for BMX race bikes that make up some of the stiffest and lightest bikes out of the gate. As the high-end arm of Promax, Toby Henderson (formerly of T.H.E.) took over the Promax brand about 3 years ago and with the help of senior designer/brand manager Michael Gamstetter, and Engineering product developer Colin Esquibel, new products have been designed in California and are being produced with all new tooling. After the early focus on BMX, Box is on a mission to enter the world of mountain biking with some refreshingly innovative components like the push-push shifter.

Open the box for more after the break.