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EB15: Canyon leads several mountain updates with new Exceed CF SLX hardtail, plus a Speedmax Tri prototype


Canyon had several new bikes on hand at Eurobike, with most available outside at the Demo Day. While the Connected Bike concept looks like it is on the way and its Smart Bike Computer will be available in the spring, most of the new offerings that are available now are on the mountain side of things. The newest on the list is this carbon hardtail, the Exceed CF SLX which the Topeak-Ergon Team has been racing this summer, and on which Alban Lakata won the 2015 UCI XCM World Championship. Add to that a new aluminum Nerve trail 29er, the full-suspension slopestyle Stitched 720, and a lightened up alloy Grand Canyon AL SLX. There was even an interesting aero-at-all-costs triathlon bike inside the show that had already won a European championship. Join us after the break for a close-up look and some actual weights.


Niner RKT9 full suspension race 29er is a real boost-er rocket to their future

2016 Niner RKT 9 rocket 29er race full suspension mountain bike

This isn’t just a new bike. The Niner RKT9 is the culmination of the past five years of component, tech and rider changes. Bear with me – the development story for it does more than just explain why the RKT9 came to be.

Spec options and standards have changed rapidly over the past couple years, making it both exciting and vexing for anyone looking to upgrade their bike or major components like suspension forks or wheels.

Take suspension forks, which have trickled big fork stiffness to weights of traditionally less stiff XC forks. Think RS-1, or using a Fox 34 and Rockshox Pike with just 120mm travel. Out back, the new Fox DPS shocks have added actual, discernible change to its compression damping.

And 1x drivetrains have simply taken over thanks to wide range cassettes, clutch rear derailleurs and narrow/wide chainrings making them work exceptionally well for a wide range of conditions and riders. It’s also let frame builders to do things they simply couldn’t do with double or triple chainrings.

Even more than 1x drivetrains, Boost 148 opens up a lot of options on the frame, letting designers use shorter chainstays and bigger tire clearance. It also means drastically stiffer wheels, making 29er wheel deflection equal to a 26” wheel.

Put it all together and you get something that represents the future of Niner’s mountain bikes…


EU CX Review: American Classic Aluminum Tubular Disc Wheels – Weighed & Raced


Cyclocross season has once again descended upon us here in Europe, and we’ve been out pre-riding our training courses and pre-season races. Some of the first things we think about with #CrossIsComing are tubular wheels and tires. For almost a year we have been cross racing, trail riding, and even climbing Alpine passes with a set of American Classic disc-brake aluminum tubulars. They have turned out to be the tubular wheelset we have trusted the most over the widest range of conditions, be it changing weather or swapping from bike-to-bike. Join us after the break to the low-down on the everyday tubulars that we would be happy to glue up with some new rubber for another season of racing…


IB15: Up Close with the Turner RFX Plus Actual Weight

turner RFX carbon all mountain bike (2)

After years of crafting fine bicycles in aluminum, Turner started a new journey with their first carbon bike in the Czar. As much as we all love the made in the USA aluminum rigs Turner has been turning out, the allure of carbon is hard to resist.

After setting the stage with the XC oriented Czar, Turner aimed their sights at something with a little more travel. Specifically, the rebirth of the legendary RFX. First introduced in 1999, a lot has changed since the RFX helped to redefine what was possible on a mountain bike. Now built with 160 mm of travel and 27.5″ wheels, Turner’s bigger carbon bike turns out to be pretty light on the scales…


Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #2: Chosen goes for 12 Speeds, Cippollini Gets Aero, DT Swiss & HED Get Wider and MORE!

2016 Cipollini NK1K aero road bike2016-Trickstuff-Direttisima-lightweight-powerful-disc-brake-lever012016-Maxxis-DD-double-down-aggressor-enduro-mountain-bike-tire01Haibike_Noon-8-50_carbon-cyclocross-bike_complete

Welcome back to Eurobike coverage part deux! With more categories to cover than ever, this year’s show was huge and kept us on our toes more than ever. Pour yourself a well deserved scotch, kick your feet up, and travel into this week’s coverage of Eurobike 2015.

And in case you missed Week 1’s exciting coverage, check it out!


77designz Lays Claim to World’s Lightest Adjustable Chain Guide

CG 3

With the popularity of chain grabbing narrow-wide chain rings, chain guide design has been more focused on assisting in rather than preventing dropped chains in medium to extreme conditions. Because of this, they have become simpler and much lighter than some of the “systems” used just a few years ago.

77designz has what they say is the lightest adjustable ISCG chain guide available. This, as well as some beautifully done crash plates and a fender made on the coolest machine ever! Guide your way past the break and see just how many grams the device will add to your rig…


EB15: One Ride Review Centurion Crossfire Carbon Team, Actual Weight


With cyclocross season having just gotten underway in the US this past weekend and on the horizon here in Europe, we’ve been looking at cross gear again and what new European bikes are in the pipeline. Earlier in the summer we had a chance to take a look at the new bikes from German company Centurion, one of which was the new Crossfire Carbon Team. At Eurobike we took the opportunity to take the bike out for a test ride on the mix of forest roads and trails just off from the fairgrounds to get a feel for the bike that will also be available under the Merida brand.

Join us after the break for some updated details, and our first impressions…


EB15: Ritchey Hits the Trail with New Timberwolf Hardtail and Ascent Tourer; Plus Pedals and More – UPDATED Pricing


Ritchey had a few new off-road toys waiting for an adventure at the Eurobike Demo. We were immediately drawn in by the bright orange Timberwolf, a steel trail hardtail designed for a 140mm fork. But there was also an all new touring bike that can be setup with 700c wheels or 650b tires making it a pretty versatile bike for exploring any kind of terrain. In addition to the two new bikes, there were two new trail tires, a new on/off-road drop bar, and two new WCS pedals.

Hop past the break for pics and details, and a teaser of what else we might expect to find when the show goes inside….


Review: Suplest SupZero Entry-level Cross Country Bike Shoes


Having seen some of the high-end carbon-soled road and XC shoes from Suplest last year, we wanted to look a bit deeper into their line-up. The young Swiss-designed shoe company spreads most of the features of their top shoes all the way down, with differentiation primarily an issue of different sole constructions (and a bit with upper materials.) With a lot of cyclocross racing here in Europe, we wanted to look at something with a bit more flex for all of the running; so we passed on the full carbon soles, for a pair of good old fashioned reinforced nylon soles. Suplest does a pretty solid job with even this mid-level SupZero mountain bike shoe, and I was never really left wanting for a stiffer shoe during a wide mix of cross, road, and mountain riding and racing.

Follow me past the break for a look at how the shoes help up to 4-season riding, some of their details, and pricing…