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Scott Sports Expands Mips Helmet Line for 2015

Scott Helmets 2015 Mips road mountain ARX (3)

Elevate your safety. That’s Scott Sport’s motto when it comes to helmets for the 2015 model year. In addition to a number of common design goals for their helmets to optimize impact protection, Scott is investing heavily in Mips Brain Protection with 6 different models that include the special yellow liner. Primarily geared towards mountain biking, Scott also offers an urban Mips helmet along with what they believe is the first road helmet to bring Mips to riders who prefer skinny tires.

Utilizing a low friction layer that is built into the helmet, Mips is said to prevent serious brain injuries by reducing the force of angled impacts to the head. Working with Biokinetics in Canada as an independent test facility, Scott recorded anywhere from a 9-34% reduction of impact forces when comparing identical helmets, Mips and non-Mips. In the event of an impact, the low friction layer works within 15 milliseconds and moves less than 15mm.

In 2015, Scott has expanded their Mips line to include 6 different models including the all new ARX Plus road helmet. While increased options for Mips is the big story, Scott has also made a few improvements to other helmets including updated fit systems with better adjustment.

Read on for more on Mips, plus actual weights…


First Look: Big Ed Fat Bike brings Big Tires for Scott 2015

Big_Ed_Close Up Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT_Sports-1

There was a bit of talk about horses for courses among the Scott Week presentations, since bikes that may work well in one area of the world, might not be ideal in others. The horse analogy may have continued in the naming of Scott’s new fat bike, but instead of Mr. Ed, meet Big Ed. We expected to see a number of impressively light, super capable mountain bikes among Scott’s 2015 offerings, but a fat bike? That was surprising.

Fortunately for Scott, being new to the fat bike scene means that they are able to jump right in with a RockShox Bluto equipped bike. Built with suspension corrected geometry and modern axle sizes, Big Ed looks like it will be another popular option in the world of fat bikes.


First Look: Mavic Lightens Up with new Crossmax SL Wheels

Crossmax SLR 275 29 mavic mou (6)

Until now, Mavic’s updated Crossmax Wheel Tire Systems on the mountain side have been geared towards the ever popular buzz word, Enduro. However, each successive launch has brought lighter and lighter wheels, and the all new Mavic Crossmax SL is the lightest yet. Not only are the wheels the lightest in the new WTS range, the wheels are the lightest mountain bike specific wheel system Mavic has produced. Designed specifically for cross country riders, racers, and fast trail riders, the Crossmas SLs certainly aren’t the uber wide wheels that have become so popular lately. Instead the wheels offer impressive durability with a new rim profile to create an impressively light aluminum wheel at an affordable price.


Review: Magura TS8 eLECT Suspension Fork – Electronic, Brains Free Lockout For the Win!


Last summer, Magura introduced their eLECT suspension fork with built in sensors to automatically stiffen the fork up for climbing. It also gave the rider manual control over lock out by way of a Bluetooth remote button.

Where the Rockshox/Lapierre collabo utilizes outboard sensors and the Fox iCD is simply a manually controlled electronic lockout lever, Magura’s system is both simpler and smarter. It’s simpler in that it only has a lockout mode, not a multi-mode like the Rockshox system with variable levels. It’s smarter in that it does the lockout on its own, not requiring the flick of a switch. As such, it makes for a very efficient, lightweight system that (in it’s best configuration) requires absolutely no thought from the rider, leaving you to focus on racing. That’s good, because this fork and the eLECT system is itself entirely focused on racing as far as I’m concerned. For now anyway – there are a few changes and some interesting product testing going on at Magura, which I’ll recap at the end.

Check out the tech, weights and ride review to see how it all works…


Review: Bontrager Velocis Road Bike Helmet – Sleek, Light & Comfy w/ Built-in Visor

Bontrager Velocis lightweight bicycle helmet

With all the hullabaloo about helmet aerodynamics these days, you’d think no one was making regular lids these days. Fortunately, they are, and the Bontrager Velocis is a fantastic example of a “normal” helmet.

Prior to the Velocis, Bontrager’s top of the line helmet was the Oracle, which is also very comfortable and very good looking if a little on the heavy side. The Velocis manages to drop about 80g while keeping a ton of safety features and adding in a nifty integrated (and removable) roadie-style visor that provides sun protection without trapping heat.

The Velocis’ claim to fame is it’s oversized vents and heavily designed air channeling, which headlines the dual-material interior cage for protection and various fit features for comfort. So, did it breeze through our tests in the hot, humid southeast?


Sunglass Roundup: Shades from Smith, Uvex, and Jet Black

Sunglass round up Jet Black Smith Uvex (3)

Whether you’re looking for style or protection, there are a ton of choices these days when it comes to cycling glasses. Ideally the perfect cycling glasses should be comfortable on long rides, resist fogging and sweat, protect against various objects thrown towards your eyes, and of course shelter your eyes from the sun’s rays. At this point, protection from UV rays is pretty much a given so the question becomes how well does each pair react to the changing conditions found in cycling.

Our latest roundup focuses on two brands you’ve probably heard of, and one you probably haven’t. Read on to see the latest from Smith, Uvex, and Jet Black….


Ibis Launches New 29er Tranny Hardtail – Exclusive Photos & Actual Weights

Ibis Tranny 29er Glamour Shots (9)

As with any industry, there are several different approaches to selling a product. Some companies ooze cool, others try to undercut their competitors, while some actually try producing products their customer base actively desires. For Ibis, their brand new Tranny 29″ hardtail was the result of customer demand.

In development for a number of years, the bike incorporates a number of new features, which make it one of the most versatile hardtails available. READ MORE ->

Mongoose Rallies for 2015, Selling New High End Bikes Consumer Direct in US

Mongoose Rallies for 2015, To Start Selling High End Bikes Consumer Direct in US

Chances are good that if you’re into bicycles you know the name Mongoose. The brand has a long history in the US though after being sold to Pacific Cycle in 2001, the brand has wrestled with the reputation that comes when bike that bear your name are on the floors of Walmart. After a bit of a disappearing act, Mongoose is coming back for 2015 with an impressive line of bikes that will be sold consumer direct.

Offering a full line that includes all mountain, downhill, fat bikes, even gravel bikes, Mongoose may be making a comeback. Details next…


Santa Cruz Pricepoint Carbon Weights Compared, Plus Closer Look at New 2015 Colors

Santa-Cruz-Bronson-Carbon-Frame-WeightCycling is an expensive sport and Santa Cruz Bikes is one of it’s prime instigators. Between the candy colored carbon and the exotic builds, the company has almost single handedly normalized the ten thousand dollar mountain bike.

Yet for everyone who can only dream of affording the pedal bike equivalent of a Ferrari rally car, Santa Cruz is now offering several new budget minded builds. At the heart of these more affordable offerings are new carbon frames.

These frames weigh more than the top of the line models, but are produced in the same molds, and offer the same  performance as their premium offerings. Well, at least that’s what the press release said. To verify these claims, we headed to the Santa Cruz Factory to get a closer look….