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SOC 14: Metropolis Shows Seatpost Saddle Quick Release Prototype, Plus New Gravity Gradient Carbon Components

FSA Metropolois Gravity seat post handlebar carbon (2)

This next one goes out to anyone who has ever worried about leaving a saddle on their bike when locking it up or loading it on a car rack. Instead of using a saddle cover or a plastic bag and locking it up, what if you could easily remove the saddle in seconds without messing with your adjustment? That’s what the company is wondering with their prototype Metropolis seat post. The design is sound, but Metropolis is wondering how many people would take advantage of the seatpost design. Find out how it works after the jump…


Specialized 650B Evo StumpJumper Photographed & Weighed, Geometry Chart, Plus Q&A!

Specialized Stumpjumper 650B CompLast week, Specialized quietly announced two 650B models after having spent the last year sitting on the sidelines watching the wheel size battle playout. The company’s lineup in the recent past has had been decidedly 29er centric, with only the Enduro, Stump Evo, and Enduro Evo models holding down the small wheel fort on the trail side.

This middle sized announcement comes as no surprise, since the company recently released several pairs of new 650B tires. The long wait for the new models was likely due to the fact that Specialized spec’s it’s own tires and wheels on the majority of it’s bikes. Unlike smaller manufacturers, they couldn’t rush to market without developing the supporting products that help keep the bang-for-your-buck value high.

This week several of our local shops started receiving their first shipments of the new bikes, so we stopped by two of the best Specialized Dealers in town to take a look a closer look at the new offerings. Head past the break for close up pictures, weigh ins, and a short Q&A with Global PR Manager Sean Estes! READ MORE ->

Exclusive First Photos of The New Santa Cruz Nomad, Plus Weigh In!

Santa Cruz Nomad2 and Nomad 3

When we arrived, the mean green Nomad 2 C was sharing its last few moments on the showroom floor with the new Nomad 3.

After staying up late to glean through a press release and bring you detailed coverage of the new Nomad, I woke up bright and early to visit the Santa Cruz Factory and take some pictures of the bubble gum pageant queen. While at HQ, we had the opportunity to discuss the bike with both Marketing Manager Will Ockleton and Sr. Engineer Nick Anderson.

Drop past the break to check out some pretty pictures and learn even more about the new bike! And in case you missed it, here’s our initial coverage with a Q&A from Engineering and Quality Director Joe Graney.  READ MORE ->

Taipei Show: SRAM X01 DH Actual Weights

SRAM X01 DH Actual Weight (2)

It’s hard to believe that the last time an X0 DH group was introduced it didn’t even have a clutched rear derailleur. Since then, a lot has changed with the new group gaining a clutched X-horizon rear derailleur and losing gears – if you want to, that is. Offered in both a race specific 7 speed option based on the 11 speed spacing, and a more versatile 10 speed option. Even though it is based on the 11 speed spacing, the 7 speed X01 DH group will likely be paired with the new X-Dome Mini-Block Cassette which uses the XD driver body and has a built in chain plate in place of the additional gears. With a claimed 136g weight, the cassette came in over 10g less at 125g on our scale.


NAHBS 2014: Abbey Bike Tools Continues to Impress with new HAG, Pedal Wrench, Crombie Team Issue, Prototypes and more!

Abbey Bike Tools Hag crombie team issue sl prototype (6)

So far, every tool that has come out of Abbey Bike Tool’s Bend, OR production facility has left us impressed, and the latest round of tools looks just as good. At the heart of development would have to be the new HAG derailleur hanger alignment gauge which has been in the works for some time, but definitely worth the wait. In typical Abbey Bike Tools fashion, the HAG is built to meet the exacting needs and precision of pro race mechanics, but includes clever features that any shop mechanic will appreciate.

Align yourself with the new HAG plus check out one of the best pedal wrenches we’ve seen after the break!


Review: The Suntour Auron 27.5″ Enduro Suspension Fork

Suntour Auron Santa Cruz BronsonCycling is an expensive sport and few components are as important to the feel of full suspension mountain bike as the front fork, so we’re always eager to test new products that promise to save of us some cash without sacrificing performance.

The new Auron fork is Suntour’s premium offering in the burgeoning 150/160mm 650b trail/race/enduro market. It’s reasonably priced, weighs less than some of the ultra premium offerings by competitors, and there’s even an option with both high and low speed compression, so how does it perform on the trails?


Kickstarter: The Infinity Pedal Revolutionizes Clipping In

The Infinity Pedal

The Infinity Pedal was designed to make clipping in easy whether smashing up technical hill climbs or taking off from a green light. The majority of clip pedals on the market today need to be oriented before engaging, but the round shape of the Infinity Pedal offers infinite engagement positions.  READ MORE ->

Review: Veloheld IconX, a Modern Steel Disc-brake Cyclocross Frameset

Veloheld's IconX disc-brake steel cyclocross frame is well suited to sand, mud, and snow

The IconX is the newest bike coming out of Dresden-based veloheld over this past fall/winter cyclocross season. Although it is a cross bike and its racing season has finished for the year, we see its potential as more of a multi-purpose bike than just a race bike. It is definitely the kind of bike one can pull out for year round adventure.

Read on for a detailed look at the bike…


Specialized’s New 650B Tires On The Scale

Ground Control 2.1 Specialized Tire Actual Scale Shot Weight

Just last week, Specialized quietly released several new tires for the 650b wheel size. While they haven’t announced any intentions of offering bikes with the happy-medium hoops, customers and shop monkeys should be stoked on the new rubber. The Big S has a long history of offering quality tires and excellent prices.

Several of the new tires just reached our friends at Mike’s Bikes and they where kind enough to send over a few scale shots. First up is the new 2.1″ Ground Control tire, which at only 602 gm, came well under Specialized’s claimed 630 gm!