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Just In: Brooks Cambium C13 Carbon-railed racing saddle


At the end of the summer, just before and during Eurobike, we previewed a carbon-railed saddle from Brooks, a pretty dramatic move for them. The new Cambium C13 builds on the other vulcanized rubber and cotton topped saddles in their Cambium range, but ditches the aluminum structure and steel rails to shave off more than 100g from their next lightest saddle. We’ve apparently been added to the pool of early testers, so one of the new narrow saddles showed up on our doorstep this week. I’ve thrown it on a cross bike that I’m getting around town on this week and already have some thoughts on the new perch…


Review: 3T Discus C35 Team Carbon clincher Road and Cyclocross wheels – First Impressions & Actual Weights


We chatted with some of the Tech team behind 3T at Eurobike a couple of months back and they were keen to introduce us to their all new Discus disc-brake road line-up. To address the leap over the last year or two in the number of disc brake bikes in the road, gravel, and cyclocross markets, 3T wanted to develop some wheel solutions that would combine the better stability of wider rims and a bit of an aero boost from mid depth profiles. With five wheelsets on offer ranging from the 32mm deep, 575€ aluminum C35 Pro to the 58mm deep, 2600€ carbon C60 LTD, we settled on the mid range C35 Team carbon wheelset that we could put to the test as a set of cross clinchers with some autumn training and a bit of racing, and then throw on some fat slicks for gravel and endurance riding come spring. Roll past the break with us to see our first ride impressions and get the details like actual weights, and compatibility…


Just In: Syntace 6-bolt Disc Brake Rotor Shim Kit


After grumpily complaining to myself about rotor alignment for the past couple weeks, a friend and the master wheel builder behind Light Wolf in Dresden reminded me that Syntace had my back, at least when it comes to 6-bolt hubs. Testing different cyclocross tires and wheelsets means a lot of swapping back and forth this season, and we’ve been reminded very quickly of the high tolerances required to keep disc brakes running smoothly and quietly, and of the wide variation from one hubset to the next. While there is a standard that defines where the rotor is supposed to sit in relation to the end of the axle, there is enough variation that almost every time we swap a wheelset I end up adjusting calipers. Conventional wisdom in cross has been to use the same hubs (and previously the same rims) on all wheels, but that is one luxury I don’t get while I am reviewing wheels for our readers. So to break down some of the hassle, hop past the break and see how Syntace’s shims can help center up braking across multiple wheelsets…


Review: Hutchinson Black Mamba CX tubeless-ready cyclocross tires rip through dry conditions

Hutchinson Mamba tubeless ready cyclocross tire review

Hutchinson has been a first mover in tubeless-ready tires for both road and cyclocross, and that experience shows through. On both the pavement and grass, we’ve seen them seat easily, sometimes even on rims that have been challenging with other tires.

We’re testing several of their cyclocross tires this season, the fastest of which is the barely-there treaded Mamba. It’s a dry conditions tire that’s lightweight, supple and very quick. Mostly, we really like it, putting two sets under two riders in two different locations. But, like everything, there are tradeoffs for making something so specific…


CX Review: SKS Airchecker Digital Pressure Gauge – Updated


With cyclocross season in full swing, the weather in Europe has been cycling back-and-forth, all over the place. One race weekend has been be warm and sunny, then the next was frosty and gray. That’s makes tire selection and tire pressure choices even more important as we try to squeeze out the last bit of grip from a wide range of tubulars and tubeless tires that we have on test. We already raced on everything from dry hardpack and grass, to slow and slick muds, to wet and frost covered grasses. To get tire testing right, we need accurate and repeatable tire pressure measurement, and for the last couple of seasons we have begun to rely on the Airchecker, a small handheld digital pressure gauge from SKS. Jump past the fold to get the details and our thoughts…


Review: Genesis Equilibrium Disc 20, from Roads and Commuting to Trail Riding


From our European base of operations in the Czech Republic we have a bit of an affinity for steel road and cross bikes, maybe even at times to a fault. But dealing with regular travel, rough European roads, mixed riding surfaces, and never being all that concerned whether we finish first or just off the podium, having a bike that can take a lot of abuse and still deliver a good ride quality takes precedent. So while riding the latest plastic wonder-bike is always nice, we love to spend long days in the saddle on more everyman’s bikes cruising quiet roads and wandering off onto dirt and gravel tracks.

And the Genesis Equilibrium Disc 20 is a perfect bike for that. It has a bit of back country roads in its genes (or rather its UK steel tubes.) We’ve spent the better part of a year with this bike in our test line-up, and while it was never the fastest or lightest bike we rode, it was very likely the most versatile, and definitely the one we devoted the least time to cleaning. As a result it probably got the most saddle time of any single test bike over the last year. Come past the break with us to see why…


Surly Lands new Extraterrestrial 26+ Touring Tire, Front Racks, Plus Actual weights of My Other Brother Darryl Fat Bike Rims

surly extraterrestrial front rear racks actual weight fat bike rims my other brother darrylsurlyDSC07804

In conjunction with QBP’s newest dealer show, Biketoberfest, Surly is hoping to outfit the Trolls. No, not the internet experts, but their own Troll bicycles or any sort of city, touring, dirt bike that has clearance for monster tires but would benefit from something a little more tame in the tread department. According to Surly, the brand has a number of bikes that could benefit from large, durable tires, but at the same time will benefit from something with better rolling resistance.

Perfect for all of the Trolls, Big Dummys, and other bikes out there, the new Surly Extraterrestrial 26+ tires will have you phoning biking home with room for your beverages using their new 8 or 24 pack racks as well…


IB15: Velo Introduces Lightweight Angel Glide Saddles, Embraces Feng Shui, Thrones The Monkey King


Velo was, for me, one of the really fun surprises of Interbike this year. They have pushed the level of their upper-end product with their new, lightweight Angel Glide saddle, the pinnacle of their Angel series. Utilizing their “Artech Suspension” system, Velo boasts that this new saddle offers a comfortable ride through the unique structure of the rear saddle undercarriage at a verified weight of 115g.

But while they have pushed upper limits of their development and process capabilities, they have also been cooking up some fun house projects embracing their heritage through their new Chinese New Year and Feng Shui concept saddles to “help balance your destiny and make your life fuller,” according to Sheila Lin. Meet the throne fit for the Monkey King after the jump… READ MORE ->

Review: Lupine Rotlicht Auto Brake Light and Neo Headlamp

 Lupine_Rotlicht-Redlight_high-power-LED-taillight-with-smart-brake-sensor_illuminated Lupine_Rotlicht-Redlight_high-power-LED-taillight-with-smart-brake-sensor_off

A few weeks back we wrote about Lupine’s new App-based setup of their headlamps which takes away the chore of adjusting your light with a single button and a convoluted series of clicks. While that is certainly a helpful move for their high-end trail riding lights, we spent last fall/winter testing some of the more everyday/commuting products that we saw last year at the show.

Now with the days getting shorter in the northern hemisphere, we’ve started to ride home from the office in the dark again, so thought to get some reviews out on the Rotlicht and Neo for those gearing up for the darker months. We have been quite happy with the Rotlicht to the extent that it has been on or near a bike all year, and now with evening commuting and riding the Neo has been charged up and is back on a helmet. Follow us past the break to see how the two have gotten us through the nights…