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Second Coming: Santa Cruz Relaunches Stigmata Cyclocross Bike, Updates the HighBall with New Wheelsize Flavors


After a protracted absence from the road market, Santa Cruz has returned with the second coming of the Stigmata. This time, the model has been redesigned from the ground up from the company’s favorite space age material.

They’ve also dropped a completely refreshed Highball 29er and a 27.5 version into the mix as well.

Head past the break to learn all about the new models…


Exclusive Sneak Peek: New 747 Carbon 27.5 + Rim About to Land from Kuroshiro

Kuroshiro 747 275 plus 650b rim carbon wide (2)

It was this time last year when we were hearing about Kuroshiro for the first time. After meeting the man behind the brand, Mauro Bertolotto proceeded to show us their impressive new Enso 685. A carbon fat bike rim that took advantage of Alchemist’s skills with carbon fiber, the single wall rim combined light weight with a tubeless design that didn’t require tape to seal.

Since then, the company followed the 685 with their 29+ Enso 950 rim at Eurobike and Interbike. Along with the new 950, Mauro promised us another product in the near future. Judging by the amount of 27.5+ products we’re starting to see, it should come as no surprise that Kuroshiro’s newest rim would qualify. Called the 747, the current naming structure would indicate a 27.5″ rim that is 47mm wide. Details are still pretty scarce, but we’re told weight should be under 400g per rim, and there will be a wheelset available that is Boost 148 compatible.

We will have the full report from Mauro at Frostbike later this week!


Just In: Custom WTB Scraper 27.5+ Wheelset with Industry Nine Torch Fat Bike Hubs

WTB scraper 27.5 + mid fat wheels i9 industry nine torch hubs (16)

Depending on your point of view, 27.5+ is either an intriguing new size, or a terrible half measure that doesn’t provide any real advantages. The latter is a little hard to back up given that most of us haven’t actually ridden any of the 27.5+ products yet. We would be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little interested in trying out the new size, especially as it pertains to fat bikes. While many riders have already been building up 29+ wheelsets to convert their fat bikes for summer duty, the added girth usually results in a higher bottom bracket and noticeable changes in handling.

Will a 27.5+ set up be the perfect wheel swap for fat bikes? Will all Enduro wheels and tires eventually fatten up so that 27.5+ will become the new middle ground? We’re not sure, but we are excited to do some experimenting starting with the WTB Scraper rims…


YT Industries’ DH, Enduro mountain bikes come Stateside w/ Consumer Direct Sales


When first announced, YT Industries’ sponsorship of Cam Zink raised a few eyebrows. Why would a company that’s not even available in the U.S. go after such a big name in the American freeride scene? For starters, it’s safe to say that Zink is well known worldwide, not just in the U.S., but YT knew what they were doing. It wasn’t long until the relatively unknown company at the time announced that they had plans for North American distribution. After scoring some serious face time with a huge portion of their intended audience as Zink broke the world record for a dirt to dirt backflip and Andreu Lacondeguy won the 2014 Red Bull Rampage, YT Industries is ramping up to ship their bikes straight to your door.

Starting with an enduro, a downhill, and a dirt jump model, they’re joining the trend of trying to cut out the middle man to deliver well-equipped bikes at prices that may be hard to beat…


Spotted: Prototype KHS Enduro Monster, Plus New Road and Mountain bikes for the Extremely Tall

KHS prototype DH  BNT 29 Flite 747 tall people bikes (12)

When you have talent at the level of Logan Binggeli and Kevin Aiello on your DH team, it comes as no surprise that they are almost continually testing new product. It seems that every time we’ve crossed paths with the KHS team they have been testing something new and always happy and willing to strike up a conversation. Recently while at Winter Press Camp in Westlake Village, CA we had a chance to do some riding with the Logan, Kevin, and Quinton, as well as check out what was new at KHS.

At first glance, the bike above looks fairly inconspicuous since it actually looks like a production bike. However, once you realize the frame lacks the typical graphics of a production bike you get the feeling that it may be something new…


Atomik building unique, single-wall foam-core carbon fat bike rims

prototype Atomik Carbon fat bike rims with foam core

Atomik Carbon’s rim lineup continues to grow, this time with an interesting new process taking cues from things like hockey, skiing and even helicopter blades. What is that tech? Why foam, of course.

“We knew we wanted to produce a strong and light rim and decided it would have to be a single wall design,” said company co-founder Wayne Lee. “The problem with single wall rims is they tend to not be very rigid. We looked at different ways to accomplish this and decided that the foam ‘core’ would be the way to go. The foam core adds damping characteristics while also becoming a integral part of the structure, increasing rigidity and strength overall. This technology combined with the 12k weave outer layer works together to yield a light yet extremely strong rim. This process is much more difficult and time consuming to produce, but won out as the best method to produce a high quality, high performance product at a decent price point.”

Wanna see the inside? Join the foam party…


Orange’s Long-Running Five Is New Again, Longer, Slacker & Stiffer


The Orange Five has been around for over 10 years, and continues to run in all of its simplistic, single pivot glory. Updated in 2013 for 27.5 wheels, it also received a through-axle update at that time. Now, the front end gets an update, moving from a bent top tube, to a straight one with a jump brace that will increase front end stiffness by 15%.

Available mid-February, they are just showing it off now at Silverstone. The British brand’s best selling model keeps going strong since the mud-prone country loves to keep their bikes simple and easy to repair.

It will be available in three colors and builds, check out the pictures and geometry of the new model after the jump


Commencal Meta SX Rolls Into the USA with Limited Edition 650b Wheels

Commencal meta sx 650b 27.5 26 pink mountain bike enduro (1)

Judging by Ergon’s choice to offer Bikini Pink as their limited edition color, we’d say they know something about the colors for Enduro in the coming season. By the looks of things, EndurBro blue will soon be replaced by Enduro Pink (Endurink?) and seems to be the color of choice for the new range of Commencal’s Meta SX.

Up until now, the Meta SX remained a 26″ hold out which it still is – mostly. Along with a full offering of 26″ models, the smaller wheels will be joined by a limited edition Essential version that rolls on 27.5″ wheels. Limited to just one model for us here in the U.S., Euroupe will have a second color option which is more black than pink as well as frameset options for each.

Designed specifically with Enduro in mind, the Meta SX will have you gunning for that stage win assuming you like pink…


Are you a Surly Superfan? Spread the Love with $150 Off Your Next Bike!


Surly bikes are a bit of an anomaly in the bike industry. Never ones to follow the trends of the next “game changing” bicycle design, Surly has simply stuck with quality steel bikes that are fun to ride. Whether it’s a cargo bike, a fat bike, or just a mountain bike, you could say they are a fan of the KISS principle and are well, kind of surly about it.

Even with numerous high end bikes flowing in and our of the Bikerumor offices, a Surly Pugsley that I bought years ago is still hanging on the wall. You could say I was introduced corrupted at an early age while working at the shop of Yafro’s father, but there has always been at least one Surly in the collection. But I know I an not unique. Surly has built their brand on legions of devoted followers who also like simple, fun, steel bikes that don’t cost a fortune.

As a way of saying thanks to their Superfans, Surly is offering an impressive $150 off any Surly complete bike at your local bike store, or in stock at QBP. Unfortunately, the deal is only valid in the United States, and you have until April 1st, 2015 to cash in. Check out the coupon after the break.