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Hump-Day Randoms: Self-Sealing tubes from Slime, AMS’ animal-themed frame guards and Delta’s Shop Rack

AMS cheetah print PVC frame guard

It’s midway through the week and your brain is probably going full tilt with work-related junk, so here’s a roundup of a few random bike products in easily digestible, short chunks that you can quickly absorb on your lunch break…or when the boss looks busy hounding the office laggard into action.

Slime has just announced they’ve released 27.5” sizes for their self-sealing inner tubes, All Mountain Style plays to your animal instincts with some cool new patterns for their PVC frame guards, and Delta Cycle has crafted a simple but clever floor rack that can be daisy-chained for storing multiple bikes in a shop showroom or your home garage. Boss still busy? Click below the break for all the details…

Ridley Lightens and Stiffens up their Ignite SL Carbon Hardtail


The new Ignite Carbon SL takes last year’s carbon hardtail and updates it once more to bring it up to par with a thru-axle rear and an even higher modulus lay-up. The update proved to greatly improve rear-end stiffness and overall handling, while dropping weight. And for 2016 the builds get higher-end with top level single ring setups from either SRAM or Shimano on tap. Hop past the break with us for a closer look and full pricing and availability…


Biketoberfest Roundup: Custom Zipp Wheels, Dirty Kanza Cannonballs, Fat Bike Hub Adapters, and 11 Speed Road from MicroShift

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07740

While considerably smaller than their other dealer shows, QBP’s Biketoberfest still had some new stuff if you knew where to look. While some of the goods were completely new, others were new to us. Things like the ability to order custom, pre-built Zipp wheels from Quality Wheels. One of the only distributors authorized to build custom Zipps, if you have a certain preference for hubs your local bike shop should be able to help you out…


A Week in Review: An E-bike that Will Make You Drool, What & Why Specialized Reinvented Spacing, and New Hoops from Enve

Charlie-600x400 2016-Specialized-Crux-disc-cyclocross-bike02

2016 SR Suntour Durolux R2C2 enduro mountain bike suspension fork tech details Italian Trash-3

We had some fantastic items come across our desk this week as well as some meaningful fundraisers for a couple of pretty awesome guys that need our help. From the best looking, as well as the strangest looking e-bikes from Italjet and Gi FlyBike, new fork and technology from Suntour, what Canfield Bros just whipped up, and a glimpse at Boeing’s new “lightest materiel” which could make its way down to our more grounded needs.

Take a step back in time to take a gander at what we brought you last week, because if my calculations are correct, you’re about to see some serious sh……


UK retailer Go Outdoors debuts several new High-value, Low-price Calibre bikes


Our readers outside of the UK probably don’t know Go Outdoors, but they put together several bikes under their house Calibre brand that offer a lot of bang for your buck, so are definitely worth a look, especially for entry-level bikes. Plus from their online shop, international delivery to a very long list of countries is just £10 extra. Outside of the EU taxes and import duties come into play, but have a look if you are in the market for a high value bike. Pretty much everything is made of workingman aluminum, but with some decent spec across categories. There is a fat bike, kid’s bike, a women’s road bike, a 27.5″ hardtail, and even a cross bike. Hop past the break for details and pricing…


Seven rolls new Ti Treeline Fat Bikes from their Custom Shop, plus more build options


Seven Cycles just broadened their custom program with a pair of new titanium fat bikes. They kind of developed the bikes to serve their own need, as the long New England winter is fast approaching, and with it snow to cover the trails until the wet and muddy melt of spring. Seven’s founder Rob Vandermark says they were looking for a better solution to get around in the depths of winter “whether commuting through snow storms or riding snowy trails” and found the ever growing fat category to be a perfect solution that still can be flexible through the warmer months. To be ready for the snow covered winter trails, Seven expects to turn out about 20 Treelines by the end of the year, after which they will be available for all seasons at their standard full custom 6-8 week turn-around. Hop past the break for pricing and more details on the frames, plus new build options for all of Seven’s custom complete bikes…

Corsair Teases Prototype Kraken All Mountain 27+ Hardtail, Atomlab Shows Super Wide SL Carbon Rim

ATOMLAB corsair eurobike (2)

Corsair might not be a name you would expect to jump on the 27+ bandwagon, but that’s precisely why they are. Seeing an opportunity to create a plus size hardtail built around a long travel fork, the Kraken seeks to fill a void in the mid fat market. Add in a ton of all mountain type features, and the Kraken might just put those big tires to their full use…


Haro Shifts into Full Suspension with Standard and Plus Size Tires

Haro mtb mountain bike plus shift subvert  (2)

When most people think Haro, they think BMX. While there were still plenty of BMX bikes on hand at the trade shows, what was most surprising were their new mountain bikes. Over the years, Haro has strayed from their BMX roots to test out the mountain bike waters to varied success. Now, Haro is charging back in with the Shift, Shift Plus, and Subvert plus size mountain bikes to add to the collection.

Designed to offer high levels of performance at prices that are within reach of the average consumer. The Shift will be offered in standard 27.5″ wheels, but more surprising is Haro beating many companies to the punch on a 27+ full suspension bike…


Week In Review: Euro/Interbike Coverage, Biggest Crash/Balls at Rampage, Lots From Poc & Lupine, and The Bike You Never Wanted

Lupine IB15-12POC (29)Rampage Crash-9Bird of Prey-9

To wrap up another exciting week, we’re bringing you a easy to scan round up of last week’s massive amount of coverage. Included are some crazy cool stuff coming from POC, Lupine takes us up another step or two with more tech & lumens, Redbull Rampage’s biggest fall/finish, and see this week’s most viewed and commented on train wreck of a….. err, bike.

Skip back in the past to see what you missed……