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First Look: Felt Developing New Plus Sized 27.5″ Hardtail, The Surplus

Prototype Plus Size 27.5 Felt Hardtail

Plus sized bikes are here and like many manufacturers, Felt has been testing and evaluating the new platform. Their experience lead them to design the upcoming Surplus model, which is apply named, as it offers a little something extra between the stays (and has the word plus in the name).

The new model should be available later this year and will be spec’d with a 120mm fork and 3.0″ tires.  READ MORE ->

2016 Rotwild X1 all mountain bike changes geo, 27.5 tire sizes & can even add a motor

2016 Rotwild X1 27.5 140mm all mountain bike for standard and 275-plus tires with adjustable geometry

The 2016 Rotwild X1 is a new all mountain/trail bike with 140mm front and rear travel and a few tricks up its sleeve.

The idea was to build a new frame concept with compatibility for both 27.5 and 27.5+ on the same bike without compromising performance in either setup. Add to that switchable chainstay lengths and headset angles, and you’ve got a bike can be tailored to the ride at hand.

Rotwild’s reps say the characteristics of the different tire widths is significant, with the plus size offering massive traction and more comfort over rough stuff, but the thinner, lighter tires being more agile and responsive. Makes sense, and they didn’t want the rider to have to make a one-time choice between the two since we all ride trails of different types.


World Cup DH, Pro Bikes Check: GT Furys of Gee and Rachel Atherton


The guys on the GT Factory Racing team all ride the Fury World Cup in this super bright yellow team edition. Reigning World Champion Gee Atherton has ridden this bike to two World Cup podiums so far this year, while his sister and teammate Rachel Atherton placed second in the first World Cup, before going on to win the next three rounds. The teams’ frames themselves are pretty much the 2015 stock 6069 aluminum 27.5″ production units, but suspension duties front and rear are handled by new model year 2016 bits from Fox.

We sat down with the team and mechanics for a little inside look at Gee and Rachel’s World Cup setups. Jump past the break for an up close look at what sets their bikes apart…


Interview: Advocate Cycles Founder Tim Krueger Talks Advocacy, Business Model, and Bikes, Plus Hands on with Hayduke 27.5+ Frame

Advocate Cycles hayduke 27 plus 650b+ steel hardtail tim kreuger interview review  (2)

We get pitched a lot of new products, but it isn’t often that the company’s business model is unique as the product. When Tim Krueger told us he had something in the works that he was really excited about, we didn’t quite know what to expect. As the former Product Manager for Salsa Cycles, Tim is pretty much a bike industry lifer so there was little surprise that he couldn’t stay away from the little world of bikes for long.

What was a bit surprising was the business model that the aptly named Advocate Cycles would use. Taking advantage of a specific set of rules valid in his home state of Minnesota, Tim and his wife and business partner Odia started a Special Benefits Corporation. The goal? To donate 100% of their after-tax profits to bicycling related advocacy non-profit organizations. Sound far fetched? That’s exactly why we spoke to Tim to pull back the curtains and try and figure out how Advocate plans to make this a reality, and what they have planned for the future…


Fox Factory Tour Part 1: Headquarters & Machine Shop

Fox Factory Tour HQ

Glancing at the modern carbon wonder bike, there are few if any parts that are still made here in the United States. Among those items are usually things like pedals or chain rings, but surprisingly enough, Fox produces its golden coated bits in the golden state.

The company is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, a small town just outside of Santa Cruz proper, that can claim its fair share of epic road rides, mountain bike trails, and old growth redwoods. We recently visited their facility to check out their production setup…  READ MORE ->

New Production Ohlins TTR Air Shock Spotted & Ready For Production

2016 Specialized with Ohlins Air Shock


While we were busy drooling over the new Specialized Camber, the German version of the Specialized website was quietly updated with the latest 2016 models.

Buried amongst dozens of product pages was a new shock from Ohlins, which will be available on the new Enduro.  READ MORE ->

Centurion brings back Trailbanger enduro MTB & Crossfire cyclocross bike, makes Backfire 29er lighter


The 2016 Centurion Crossfire puts them back in the game with a carbon cyclocross after focusing on alloy all-purpose ‘cross/allroad bikes for the past four years.

Merida is sharing the same frame, but it and the fork was developed by Centurion. Centurion has been made by Merida since the get go, but Centurion was doing a lot of interesting development. Over the years, they started working together more and more, and this is the latest collaboration.


Juliana Introduces the New “Carbonized” Nevis Hardtail

Juli Furtado 2When the Juliana Brand launched in 2013, the Nevis was one of the four new models that helped kick start the women’s mountain bike market. At the time, it was a simple aluminum hardtail, which utilized 26″ wheels on the smaller sizes, and 29″ wheels on the bigger sizes.

Today, they released a new Nevis, which has been carbonized and imbued with a more racing oriented pedigree.  READ MORE ->

PC15: Bike Check with a Legend – Hans ‘No Way” Rey’s GT Sensor Carbon

GT Mountian bikes 2016 Hans Rey Bike CheckGT mountain bikesIMG_7923

Some of the biggest news from GT at PressCamp was the fact that the Zaskar was nearing its 25th anniversary. One of the longest running production bikes has also proven to be one of the most versatile having won World Cups in DH, XC, Slalom, and Trials. While 25 years is impressive, more impressive is the fact that GT’s sponsorship of the legendary Hans ‘No Way’ Rey is entering its 30th year. Likely one of the longest running sponsorships in the world of mountain biking, Hans was there for the launch of the very first Zaskar just like he was for the 25th Anniversary LTD.

While still perfectly capable of schooling most riders in trials, these days Hans is more likely to be found on incredible adventures across the globe promoting his Wheels 4 Life charity. When adventure calls, Hans reaches for his tricked out GT Sensor Carbon…