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IB15: Aggressive Plus Size Tires Arrive from Vee Tire Co. in All Sizes

vee tire co bull dozer plus  (1)

If you haven’t noticed, Plus size bikes are rapidly gaining traction, both literally and figuratively. Like many new wheel or tire sizes though, the first wave of options were pretty limited as manufacturers attempted to feel out the market. As more riders investigate the curiosities, they’re finding the need for more aggressive tires – something a few companies like Vee Tire Co. are happy to oblige…


IB15: Lenz Sport Cruises in on a Fatillac and More Plus Size, Belt Drive, IGH, Full Suspension Creations

Lenz plus size belt drive rohloff (22)

One of the more influential frame builders out there might also be one of the more unassuming (and humble). Devin Lenz has always had a thing for bikes, but his contributions to the world of full suspension started in 1996 when he built his first fully, with Lenz Sport tooling up the next year. One of the first builders to consider long travel 29er’s a viable option, Lenz’ Leviathan came to life in 2004 which was a while before similar bikes from other builders followed suit.

Lenz Sport continues to crank out new bikes from their Colorado facility, which have started to add plus size abilities. More than just bigger tire clearance, the Lenz Concentrak suspension design lends itself to full suspension single speed, belt drive, and internal gear hub use…


EB15: Bikepacking, Mountainbiking, and Touring bag round-up, from AcePac, Apidura, Miss Grape, and more


Bikepacking is certainly growing as a market segment of its own in cycling. And as in the recent past the offerings were slim, this year at Eurobike we didn’t have to look far to find all manner of bikes kitted out and ready for an adventure. At the extremes there were repurposed triathlon bento bags and then this bike bivouac from Czech outdoor equipment company Pinguin, plus mountain biking adventure and long distance touring gear in between.

There is plenty more to touring by bike than camping on fat bikes and we get the sense that this segment is going to continue to expand, so follow us past the break for more from  AcePac, Pinguin, Apidura, Camelbak, Dark Speed Works, Miss Grape, Ortlieb, and Vaude…


IB15: Rubber Round Up – Maxxis Fattens Up with Plus Size and ‘Wide Trail’ Tires, Panaracer Updates Sizes & Tubeless Ready Options, plus more from CST & Kenda

Maxxis Roundup-1-2

Tires are continuing to grow in size, but nowhere is that more evident than the Plus size tire trend. Well, fans of the girthy tires will be happy to see that not only Maxis, but even CST are rolling out new sizes from 27+ to 29+. Maxxis is even taking large casings a step further with their new ‘Wide Trail’ designation which should be perfect for those gargantuan 35mm rims that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Add in wider tires and more tubeless options from companies like Panaracer and Kenda, and you have an exciting round up of rubber for gravel, road, Plus, fat, and everything in between…


IB15: Jones Lightens up with Ti Plus, Rethinks Aero Bars with the Gnarwhal

Jones IB15-1

Jeff Jones made his mark with his Space Frame years ago and has become a valuable resource to those that want to willingly get lost for a few days. His new Titanium Plus 29er + bike with the Truss fork keeps things comfortable while light and forever lasting.

Pack up and head past the break to see some of Jeff’s new items including the rather unique looking Gnarwhal aero bar…


Interbike Coverage Week 3 & Wrapping up with Week 6 of Eurobike Coverage

IB15_Wheels-Manufacturing_SpacersBasso IB15-10Catlike_Blue-Line_Whisper-MTB-mountain-shoes_Rapid-Tri-aero-triathlon-helmet_Whisper-Road-shoesFourier IB15-7

We’re nearing the end of our massive coverage of Eurobike 2015 and still deep in all that is Interbike. Catlike has you covered head to toe with new helmets and shoes, Dean Titanium Expands line, and all kinds of new light options from Blackburn and Nightrider.

It’s Fall, so reach in the back of the fridge and take out that six-pack of smooth craft pumpkin ale with a hint of nutmeg spice, burn it with fire, and skip over to a worthy dark smoky stout to enjoy our in-depth coverage.


EB15: Light VIAL Evo XC hardtail mountain & Ultra 4.4kg road bikes from AX Lightness, and more


AX Lightness certainly have a tendency to go for  some crazy light components, like their new enduro wheels we featured several weeks back. Now ever since they introduced their VIAL evo series of carbon frames a few years back, they’ve been constantly moving forward with ever lighter bikes. This fall at Eurobike AX was showing two new Vial bikes: the new Vial Evo XC hardtail mountain bike and an updated special layup Vial Evo Ultra that they suspected is the first production road bike where all size framsets, including frame fork, and headset come in under one kilo.

And that’s not all they had to show. There was also a partial prototype of an upcoming road disc Vial, several examples of their light aluminum crankset, and a few new updated rim profiles for road and cross. Check out the details and some close ups of the killer specs of the premium bike builds after the break…


IB15: State Bicycle Co Drops “Missing Link” Pulsar Versatile Singlespeed 29er, Retro Reissues, and GC Fresh Cuts


Not going to lie, State Bicycle Company’s lineup at Interbike last year seemed to be missing a little something. The line leapt from their Thunderbird cyclocross model to their Megalith fat bike with nothing in between. This year, State debuted their missing link, the Pulsar 29er, available complete as a single speed in both fully rigid and hardtail configurations. But that’s not the only thing up the urban brand’s sleeve. State has several new attractive track models, including limited release Retro Reissues of several retired models for those of us who missed them the first time around, and a Le Mans-inspired Undefeated velodrome racing frameset. More after the jump…


EB15: Stevens Goes Big Boosting All 2016 Full-Suspension bikes, Gets a Fatter Mobster, and more on and off-road


Stevens was showing a bunch of new things from city bikes to an e-bike with automatic NuVinci shifting, but what first caught out attention was the fattening up of their mountain bikes (while still churning out a new 9kg carbon hardtail), and some updates to the cross bikes (including the race-winning Super Prestige Disc that we tested last cyclocross season). Not to be left out were bikes for the asphalt, and we picked up on two extremes: a gearbox driven urban monster with 2.4″ slicks over to the Ventoux road machine in either disc or rim brake variants. Get all the details with us after the break…