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ENVE Rigid Carbon Mountain Forks Now Shipping, Thru Axle, Adjustable Geometry, and Mini Fender Come Standard


You won’t just find ENVE carbon forks on the skinny tire bikes anymore, their all new carbon Mountain fork is now shipping. With the cat out of the bag at NAHBS, ENVE jumped into the rigid MTB fork market with a pretty sweet option. Not content to offer multiple forks with different rakes, ENVE designed an axle chip system that allows a single fork to run both 44mm and 52mm rakes. The rake has a slight effect on Axle to Crown with the 44 setting coming in at 470mm, and the 52 setting adding 2mm more at 472mm.

When designing a new carbon fork, why not add the option for a carbon fender? That’s exactly what ENVE did with their removable mini fender. Using the same clips as the brake hose retention, the fender snaps into place easily allowing for you to cut down a bit on the spray – at least the stuff that typically ends up right in your face. When not running the fork, carbon clips snap into place and hold the brake hose on the inside of the fork leg without the need for additional hardware.

The ENVE Mountain fork might not be as advanced as the latest suspension forks, but if you subscribe to the KISS principle, the ENVE fork looks extremely well though out. Details, weights, and pricing next…


New Niner ROS9 Plus 29er Fat Bike Crushes Trails, Special IMBA Edition Helps Build Them

Niner ROS9 plus 29+ steel hardtail mountain bike

The new Niner ROS 9 Plus is like the ROS 9, only bigger, making room for 29×3.0 (aka 29+) tires.

The frame is 4130 chromoly steel, just like the original ROS9, and all of the key features carry over. They wanted the same all-mountain “fun” geometry of the standard ROS, just with bigger tires.

One key difference is the non-suspension corrected steel fork. It’s the same 4130 material as the frame and gets tapered legs to provide that classic, comfortable steel feel. It uses the Maxle thru-axle at the bottom and a tapered steerer tube, the latter a rare feature on steel forks. Axle to crown is 470mm, same as their carbon and RDO forks. Niner’s product manager Barrett James said they kept the fork legs shorter (as in, non-suspension corrected) for a couple reasons. First, longer steel legs would have meant a much heavier fork to keep them strong enough to pass testing. Second, the geometry of the bike is actually built with suspension in mind, so the ROS9 Plus is ready for the Rockshox Bluto (or any other fat bike suspension fork that may be coming out). Head angle will slacken by about a degree with the taller front end. Out of the box, though, you’ll get a snappy handling, terrain crushing rigid bike.

Read on for tons of close up pics plus images of the very special IMBA edition paint job on the bike you can win!


Domahidy Designs Wraps Kickstarter, Starts Pre-Orders for New Hardtails


After passing the Kickstarter test, Steve Domahidy’s namesake new mountain bike brand has opened their online store to accept pre-orders from anyone else looking to get a steel or titanium hardtail from the former Niner designer.

Ti frames  are $2,299 and steel $1,099 and uses Reynolds 853 DZB tubing. Both are available in either 27.5″ or 29″ wheel sizes. The frames feature A sliding dropout, allowing them to be run as a single speed or fully geared. Golden Bike Shop in Golden, CO, has become the first shop dealer for the new brand. If you’re not nearby, you can order online it’ll ship to your favorite bike shop until they’re able to set up a full dealer network. This keeps our LBS in the loop while expanding availability.

Check them out at,  more pics below…


Jones Adds Carbon to the Loop, Introduces New Ultralight H-Bar

Jones carbon loop h bar

Weight conscious fans of Jeff Jones’ non-traditional handlebars rejoice – the beloved Loop H-Bar will soon be available in carbon. Designed to offer more comfort and hand positions than a traditional handlebar, Jones claims they result in more power and control. Previously offered in titanium and aluminum, the carbon model will make three versions of the Loop. The bars allow for standard trigger shifters or grip shifters to be mounted along with additional aero positioning or extra mounting space for lights, bells, GPS, etc. at the front of the bar.

Prices and availability are coming soon, but we have weights and more details after the jump…


2015 Marin Mountain Bikes Preview – New Linkage Yields Lighter Frames

Marin Attack Trail Frame

For 2015, the big news on the mountain side is that Marin has largely moved from their Quad Link 3.0 suspension platform to the lighter weight IsoTrack system for some models. This design utilizes flexible seatstays to eliminate pivots and bearings at the rear axle, which helps reduce weight and maximize stiffness.

Essentially a linkage driven single pivot, Marin explains that the revised suspension platform is not quite as progressive as the outgoing Quad Link, but that a new shock tune that has been optimized for the IsoTrack leverage rate ensures solid pedaling performance and mid to late stroke progressiveness.

In other big news, Marin will now be offering framesets alongside complete bikes. The 140mm Mount Vision XM Pro frame now utilizes the IsoTrack suspension platform and comes equipped with a custom tuned Float X shock. UK Pricing for the carbon goodness is £2,200.


All-New Orbea Alma Hydro Alloy Hardtail Follows Carbon Model w/ Two Wheel Sizes

Orbea Alma H10 - no dropper

When the carbon-framed Orbea Alma hit the Texas cross country circuit in 2006, it quickly became THE bike to have. A full year before Julien Absalon devastated the World Cup circuit, racers in the Lone Star state were quick to recognize the advantage of the lightweight, big wheeled bike on courses defined by high speed cornering on loose-over-hardpack singletrack, tons of  square edged hits, and countless steep, punchy climbs.

The Alma went fast, looked sweet, and, as carbon went anyway, it was way cheaper than the handful of options coming from boutique builders. Nearly a decade later, carbon wagon wheelers have become lighter and more esoteric, as the racer niche proves willing to shell out top dollar for speed. Meanwhile, once coveted alloy frames have been largely relegated to entry level bikes. As a result, journeyman racers on a budget are often forced to choose between carbon bikes with very un-race worthy components, or the proverbial lipstick on pig: a drivetrain and brakes that can handle a season of hard racing, dangling off a heavy frame with recreational geometry.

With the launch of the new 2015 Alma Hydro, Orbea is now offering a more affordable aluminum frameset that integrates all of the features of the carbon Alma, giving budget minded XC racers – as well as ultracross and adventure riders – a competitive option.


Review: WTB’s Traction Enforcing Vigilante Tire

WTB Vigilante 650B Tire Tread (2)
No matter how nice the build kit, a bike’s performance can be undermined by tire selection. Too little tread and you’ll push in corners, too much and you’ll push uphill, so finding that happy medium is essential.

We’ve learned this lesson time and time again unboxing review bikes. Consumers want light, so many manufacturers skimp on grip, in order to claim a weight on their website.

In order to get accurate impressions of these bikes, I frequently swap out at least the front tire for something more aggressive, and recently the tire I’ve been reaching for has been the WTB Vigilante. Find out why after the break.


r2bike Builds a 15.2 Pound OpenCycle 1.0, with Pedals!


r2bike Open cycle 1 0 15 pound 29 mountain bike (1)

In a world where 10.2 lb production road bikes are a thing, super lightweight mountain bikes aren’t far behind. Just what does a mountain bike have to weigh to be considered light really light? Along with 29″ wheels came slightly heavier weight weenie builds, but at this point I think it’s safe to say that anything under 16 pounds would be considered really light. Especially if it has pedals. That makes r2bike’s Opencycle 1.0 build impressive at just 15.2 lbs/6.9kg with pedals.

To get the weight down the company enlisted the help of some fairly exotic parts – get the build after the jump…


2015 Trek Bikes Sneak Peek 2 – Superfly FS, Plus More Farley & Session Mountain Bikes

2015 Trek Superfly 100 29er full suspension race mountain bikes 9_9 SL XX1 and XTR

In Part One of our TrekWorld gallery, we covered a much wider collection of new road, cyclocross, gravel, adventure and other mountain bikes. Here, we’ve snagged a few more pics of the Farley 8 fat bike and Sesson DH 27.5″, plus a lot of different Superfly 100 (er, Superfly FS…we still like the ’100′ moniker better) full suspension race 29ers.

Above is the new top of the line for the model, available in your choice of full XX1 or full XTR, each with a loverly powder blue paint scheme…