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Chris King Debuts New XD Driver ISO Hub for SRAM 1×11 systems

Chris King XD Iso HubFor high engagement hub aficionados, the long wait for XD driver compatible Chris King hubs is now at an end. After nearly two years of development, the American manufacturer is now producing XX1 compatible hubs in a wide variety of sizes – from 135QR to 157×12, and everything in-between.

The hubs still spin on the legendary in-house made bearings and will utilize their Ring Drive system to provide 72 points of engagement.  READ MORE ->

Ibis Introduces New Ultra Wide Carbon Rims

Ibis-Wide-carbon-fiber-mountain-bike-rims-wheels1There’s a new industry trend afoot that won’t send you into an apoplectic fit of new-standard-itis. It’s called wider is better and Ibis Cycles wants you do adopt it as the New Normal for a variety of compelling reasons. We’re sure having an OEM spec option for their phenomenal Mojo and Ripley mountain bikes is part of that equation, but we can’t overlook their desire to follow the tenants of the ancient mountain bike proverb - “You can’t have too much traction.”

In their pursuit of this higher commandment, they looked to their elders and discovered that in a past not long forgotten rims used to be wider. In those earliest days, the defacto rim of choice was the Araya 7x. A rim born for BMX and adapted to 26″ cruiser bikes. They were wide by modern standards (they had a 25mm internal width), but their method of construction was lacking. So early shredders soon discovered the channel section rims were neither light nor strong.

Our distant cousins known as road bikers had already discovered that a box section design offered superior ride dynamics and soon mountain bike legend Keith Bontrager was cutting down Mavic MA2 700c to OG dirt size. While this process brought lightweight rims and the benefits of lower rotational weight to the forefront of mountain biking, the rims began their lives destined for the road and were designed for racing slicks and not big knobbies. Weight being king though, mountain bikers sucked it up and pumped up their tires for the next thirty years.

Today, the proliferation of new materials promises to bring an end to years of compromise. So jump past the break to learn more about why wide rims are better…. READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2014: Tandem 36er and Other Incredible Ti bikes from University of Iowa Students

University of Iowa bikes Josh Van Stippen 36er tandem (3)

How many classes in college would you have voluntarily taken multiple times? For students at the University of Iowa, one class in on that list for sure – Steve McGuire’s bike building class. Blending students from engineering and art backgrounds, the class teaches individuals how to design, cut, miter, bend, weld, finish, and ultimately ride hand built bicycles using the latest technology along with classic frame building skills. In addition to Steve’s tutelage, class mentors include frame building greats like Tom Teesdale and James Bleakley (Black Sheep).   Not your average lectures then. Together the class sent 9 students and 14 frames and bikes to NAHBS with some impressive builds in the mix like the 36er tandem above…


NAHBS 2014: Reeb Gets Rad with 650b Dirt Jumper, 29+ Pinion, Alfine Di2 Cross, and Ti

Reeb Oskar Blues Brewery Pinion Gates belt drive (14)

Ride bikes, drink beer. That sums it up pretty nicely right? Especially when your bike company is the side project of the beloved Oskar Blues Brewery. Known for strong beers that come in a can, their show bikes at NAHBS were also beautiful creations made out of metal, welded up by Chris Sulfrian. Each equipped with a Gates Belt Drive, Reeb had 4 impressive show bikes that all were pretty unique. However, there was one bike that we were most interested in…


Taipei Show Randoms Pt. 2 – Huge Gallery of the Interesting, Crazy, and Peculiar

Bikerumor Taipei Show Random parts weird oddities (6)

In addition to all of the products you know and love, there was another side of the Taipei show to catch your attention. This jersey is a pretty good example. Most likely a tongue-in-cheek jab (we hope!) at the state of professional cycling, at the least, it was certainly eye catching. Sometimes you would find genuinely innovative products, other times you would leave shaking your head. This is a collection of some of the best, the most humorous, and just plain weird. Enjoy.


Must Watch: Curtis Keene Chased by a Helicopter, plus more from Cedric, Peaty, Smith and Jeep

In a film with cinematography worthy of Hollywood, it’s fitting that Curtis is flying down a mountain in LA aboard his Specialized Enduro 29er. The RedBull film captures him from the helicopter, the ground, and from his bike as he rips just 5 minutes from downtown LA. Want to see the footage from his bike? Sure you do. Find it after the break…


Spy Shot: Prototype Specialized Slaughter 29″ Tire

Detail© Marv Watson/Red Bull

Spotted over on Redbull Media’s website, the new Specialized Slaughter is currently being tested on Curtis Keen’s Enduro 29er. With an aggressive outer tread pattern and a semi slick center tread, the new tire has a similar appearance to one of our favorite rear tires – the Schwalbe Rock Razor.

We have no further details at this time, except that the American Dream likes to run his 2.3″ tire with one cup of Stan’s sealant at 33 PSI.

Taipei Show Randoms Pt. 1 – Cool Stuff from Gates, X-Fusion, Jones, and Much More

Bikerumor Random Parts Taipei Show 14 (27)

Everywhere you looked in Taipei, there was something cool to see. The Taipei Show is quite a bit different from your average trade show, as it is geared almost exclusively to OEMs and distributors which makes it a cross between showing what’s new, and showing what is possible. In the case of Gates Belt Drive, for them it was a perfect opportunity to showcase what is possible with the Pinion Gear Box. Between the sealed gear box and a Gates belt, it may be the closest thing to a maintenance free drivetrain that we’ve ever seen.

While gates didn’t have a lot of new product, they did have a display showing just how many options you have when it comes to a belt drive. Check out the options plus a whole lot more, next…


On-One Writes a Prescription for Rad Trails with the new Codeine 29er


Ok, enough waiting, the new On-One Codeine is officially hitting the shelves. The bike is billed as the mountain bike they wanted to build – a suspension bike in true On-One style because “nobody made one that was quite right.” Big claims then, but by the look of it and the video they put together it does look like a super fun bike to ride. As their first suspension frame ever, On-One built a 130/140mm travel 29er  with short chainstays, clearance for big tires, and no front derailleur. This isn’t your typical XC 29er, and that’s the point.

Self medicate with the new Codeine after the jump…