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Trek Gorges on Fatter Tires with All New Mid Fat Stache and New 26×5″ and 27.5×4″ Wheeled Farley Fat Bikes

Trek stache mid fatIMG_6324

After all the buzz around wider boost hubs leading up to Sea Otter, we weren’t surprised to see a new bike from Trek to take advantage of the added tire clearance. What we weren’t expecting from Wisconsin was an entirely new range of plus/mid-fat/and fat bikes with (even) more new tire sizes.

It’s getting to the point that just calling a bike “fat” doesn’t really mean that much. What started as basically just a 3.7″ tire has morphed into an increasing number of sizes that now will include even a 27.5″ fat. The way trek sees it, tire sizes from 2.8-3.25″ fall into the plus/mid-fat category while 3.25-5″ tires qualify as fat. Then there is the wheel size itself. Originally limited to 26″ hoops, now riders have the choice between 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheels with varying rim widths.

Why so many? Well, as the fat bike continues to evolve, so does the manner in which they are ridden. While the Stache is what Trek thinks of as the “trail hardtail perfected,” the Farley gets broken down into different groups depending on the intended terrain. The stratification of the fat tires is intend to ultimately provide the most fun bike possible…


SOC15: Norco testing prototype Revolver full suspension 29er XC race bike

Prototype Norco Revolver full suspension xc race mountain bike

For the pro men’s XC race at Sea Otter this year, Norco’s team riders will have the choice of the existing Revolver hardtail 29er or this prototype Revolver full suspension.

They were tight lipped on details other than to say this was the first time any of the athletes would be throwing a leg over it, and to discuss a bit of their development process for making new bikes.

To state the obvious, it’s a Horst Link design, likely getting 100mm of travel, with a shock layout that’s a departure from the upright positioning found on their longer travel Sight, Range or the new Aurum Carbon DH bike. Instead, a small but stout rocker link pushes the shock forward just under the top tube. Beyond that, they’d only say that they were doing things a bit differently with this bike…


First Look: Rocky Mountain Sherpa Overland Bike

Rocky Mountain Bikes Sherpa Porcelain Rocket

Last year, in the true spirit of one-off show bikes, Rocky Mountain created a stunning hand built concept they called the Sherpa. Designed around a prototype WTB rim, the bike was designed to take you the kind of places where you’d probably need a GPS beacon.

Based upon all of the media attention and consumer feedback, Rocky spent the past year refining the concept, and will be making it available to consumers starting next month. Head past the break to see how they did it:


New Shimano 11-Speed XT 8000 Brings a 42T Cog, Plus More Crank & Axle options

2016 Shimano XT 8000 11-speed mountain bike component group details

Lots of new shiny parts today as Shimano has updated its workhorse Deore XT groupset to the same new 11-speed standard we’ve seen in the current XTR group. Plenty of tech makes its way into the new 8000 group, while still keeping the Trail and Race options that have helped make these upper level Shimano groups successful even as mountain biking specializes itself. Like XTR, the new XT offers 1×11, 2×11, and 3×11 setups with Shimano’s Rhythm Step progression aimed at keeping gearing steps smooth and consistent to maintain ideal pedaling cadence.

Shift past the break for all the trickle-down update details, new crank spindle options and expected availabilities…


Bosch’s Improved eBike Performance Line System, Opinion on eBike Technology

Bosch eBike PerformanceLine lifestyle

Bosch, after only beginning its eBike technological journey in 2009, has released a refined and improved electric system in their eBike Performance Line. The battery lasts longer. The Drive Unit now comes in multiple flavors to better integrate with the bicycle frame as a static chassis and in motion under different types of riders. The sophisticated controls are highly integrated on a level you don’t often see in the product of this industry and are highly user focused from a conscious and unconscious interactive standpoint. There is a reason why it won the Red Dot award for design excellence.

Let’s dig into this new system after the jump…


TPE15: Closeup on new goods from WTB, Powertap, Novatec and Samox

WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims

Two of the brands shown here, WTB and PowerTap, announced their new products just before the Taipei Cycle Show, so we used our time with them to take a few detailed shots and ask more technical questions (of WTB anyway).

WTB’s products were announced just days prior to the show, but all have availability dates this summer. The rims have an interesting production story. They say they’re still playing around with different materials in different places and different manufacturing partners based on where the rims are going to be sold.

The 27.5 rim shown here has a more UD finish (left) on the inside and it’s made in Taiwan. The 29er has the woven top layer and is being made in China. Apples to apples, it’s coming out lighter, hence the eerily close claimed weights for different size rims. They’re still in testing, but Chris Feucht, product development manager, says all aftermarket rims will likely ship from the China factory and that the 27.5″ is likely to see a weight reduction by the time they’re available. The Taiwanese made rims will likely be reserved for OEM customers. So, build your own wheels and they’ll probably be lighter.

The reason for the difference is basically just dealing with the different capabilities and methods used by different manufacturers.


TPE15: Wheeler’s Thirtysixxer towers over slick 29er, cyclocross & other bikes


Wheeler is a Taiwanese brand with distribution throughout much of the world, including a U.S. agent despite the limited presence here. Most of the bikes on their website are mid-level, with a few slick looking full suspension mountain bikes and aero road bikes topping things out. For Taipei, they had several new models across new-for-them categories that featured some nice details.

The Thirtysixxer was rightly placed at the corner of their booth, suckering me in for a closer look…


RockShox Updates Monarch RT3, Introduces Oneloc Remote, Maxle Stealth, and RS-1 27.5!


It may not be the new Bluto based on a 34mm Pike chassis you were hoping for, but RockShox has a number of smaller additions that are sure to make a number of riders excited. Starting with the Monarch RT3, RockShox’ popular air shock receives a number of internal improvements to make the ride even better. Meant to give the shock more control, adjustment range, and better traction and lockout feel, RT3s will see a new compression piston, poppet valve, and rebound circuit. Thanks to the new piston, compression forces are lessened at high speeds allowing better control over the oil flow. Rebound is improved as well with an additional shaft port for the beginning of the stroke and a dual taper rebound needle which again increases the oil flow for more adjustment over a wider range. The new poppet valve includes an o-ring and riveted shims which makes a better seal and results in a more positive feeling lockout.

Available in May in all standard Monarch RT3 sizes and air cans, the new RT3 design is just one of a number of new additions…


NAHBS 2015: New Builders, Ventus and Vlad Cycles


Ventus Custom Cycles of Ames, Iowa – If the name sounds familiar, BikeRumor’s Anna Schwinn featured Ventus in an article during her series, Road to NAHBS: Ventus Custom Reinvents. The bike pictured above is the finished product by builder Mark Kargol, the man behind Ventus. Mark not only specializes in unique frame designs, but is also renowned for custom paint. READ MORE ->