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Just In: Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump Skips the Compressor for Tubeless Tires

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor pump air compressor tubeless ready tire (3)

Even as bicycle tires trend towards tubeless for mountain, road, and now cyclocross, seating tires still remains a barrier to entry for some. Depending on the tubeless set up, getting the tires to seal up and seat on the rim can be a challenge without an air compressor at your disposal.

Enter the Bontrager TLR Flash Charger floor pump. Thanks to its built in high-volume air chamber, the pump is capable of seating tubeless tires without the need for a compressor or electricity. We just got our hands on the new pump and immediately started deflating and unseating tubeless tires around the office to test the pump’s capabilities.

How well does it work? Find out next…


IB14: More than a Big Deal, Hed Introduces Aluminum Fat Bike Rim, 27.5 and 29″ Wide Carbon Rim, More

Hed carbon fat bike 29+ aluminum rim wheels (4)

Probably one of our most visited during Interbike, Hed’s booth seemed to have something new every time we went by. What started with Andy showing us the new 100mm BFD fat bike rims out at Dirt Demo, continued with a new aluminum fat bike rim and finished with Steve Hed himself showing us their new 29″ carbon rim inside. What started with a single 85mm wide carbon rim has exploded into a number of fatter options for fat bikes and 29ers alike.

Details on the new hoops next…


EB14: New Stevens Whaka 140 Enduro, Arcalis Disc Aero Road, and Super Prestige CX Update


Stevens bike introduced several new bikes at Eurobike from some fancy touring and commuting bikes to e-bikes, but a couple jumped out at us. First the 140mm Whaka above is a nice looking 4-bar enduro bike that offers a pretty broad range of affordability in an aluminum platform. Then there was an aero disc-brake road bike called the Arcalis that Stevens claims to actually be a comfortable, almost endurance type bike. Lastly as euro cross season approaches and the top riders are soon to be making their way back from Cross Vegas, some updates to the World Cup level Super Prestige look to make it even more capable on the race circuit.

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EB14: e*thirteen Lightens Wheels, Improves Chainguides, Introduces Tire Sealant, more

e13 trs new chain guides tubeless sealant bottom brackets wheels (1)
While many companies have a few new products for trade show season, but in the case of e*thirteen almost everything in the booth has at least changed. From chain guides to wheels, to completely new products like their tubeless sealant, e*thirteen is bringing the goods. After integrating the Hive hubs into their wheels, the product story has always been about placing the mass where it matters the most which is usually around the hub. In order to demonstrate their wheel design, the company had a pretty interesting display which you can see in action after the break…

IB14: Van Dessel’s New Carbon Road, Cyclocross & Mountain Bikes Debut – Plus Actual Weights


We’ve teased some renderings (here and here) from Van Dessel’s 2015 bikes that showed a few of the new features, but nothing beats seeing them in the shimmering dust of Interbike’s Outdoor Demo. On hand were the new Full Tilt Boogie cyclocross bike, the Jersey Devil hardtail 29er and the Motivus Maximus disc-or-rim brake road bike.

The new FTB gets Van Dessel’s new interchangeable dropouts on the rear. They allow for either 130mm or 135mm QR, or a 12×142 thru axle. Just switch the dropout and you’re good to go.

Being a traditionalist when it comes to ‘cross, owner Edwin Bull lamented that it’s now disc brake only. He likes cantilevers, but nine out of 10 frames he sold were for disc brakes.


EB14: New Intense Cycles Factory Models Sample Top Shelf Components

Intense Factory Models 2015_1

For 2015, Intense Cycles is once again resurrecting their top of the line Factory Models for three specific bikes. These dream builds will be available on the Tracer T27.5, Carbine 29er, and Spider 29er, and feature Enve wheels, Cane Creek rear suspension, a SRAM XX1 drivetrain, and Shimano XTR stoppers.  READ MORE ->

EB14: Break the Bank w/ 2015 Cannondale Black Inc Scalpel, FSi & Trigger Mountain Bikes


By now, we’ve covered the Cannondale Scalpel, FSi and Trigger in great detail. Hit those links for the technical details. What we’re showing here are the flagship models for their 2015 lineup. You know, the kind that top $10,000. Each. I’m thinking of a joke, something like “You’re Broke Black Mountain (Bikes)”…working on it…had something…bah, here’s the pics and prices…


EB14: Formula Introduces Budget Friendly CR3 Brake, New Fork Sizes, and Clever Light Weight Lockout System

formula 33 35 forks long travel cr3 brake lockout (4)

Now with over 25 years of Italian Racing heritage, Formula continues to refine their product line and offer a number of components with impressive designs. For 2015 the company has introduced a new brake that is essentially a more affordable version of the RO along with changes to their suspension forks which probably don’t get the recognition they deserve. We’ve seen much of the new tech out at Sea Otter, but there are few new details after the break…


EB14: New Banshee Phantom No Longer a Figment of Imagination, Plus One Ride Review

2015 Banshee Phantom 29_4

Ever year at trade shows people always ask me what the coolest or best thing I’ve seen is, and last year at Sea Otter, the answer was a short travel 29er prototype from Banshee. Long, slack, and mean, it had XC travel, and all mountain attitude.

After an additional year of development, the Phantom has finally emerged. READ MORE ->