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…WHY ADVERTISE ON BIKERUMOR.COM? is one of the world’s fastest growing cycling websites, with consistent traffic growth and increasing page views per visit. Why? Simple: We offer sweeping coverage of everything a cyclist cares to see, and we do it in a format that’s easy to read, easy to look at and easy to get hooked on.

Because our content is updated constantly, there’s always something new to see. And, unlike most other cycling sites,’s layout is clean and straightforward. Just scroll down to see what’s new, and click (more) when something catches your eye! We’re not cluttered with a million flashing button ads and tiny text links to every story we’ve ever published…just fresh cycling goodness all day, every day.


Easy, just request our Media Kit by clicking here. We’ll send you the rates and ad sizes. Some spaces are limited and fill up quickly, so if you’re considering a campaign with a time sensitive component, please contact us directly at 336-303-8863.


We can work with you to achieve your goals while delivering a massive cycling audience of addicted readers. Here’s how:

  • FLEXIBILITY – Want to blast out a lot of impressions quickly, or space out your impressions for consistent, repetitive exposure? No problem, we can do both.
  • FRESH CREATIVE – Want to change up your ad for a fresh appearance or highlight special deals? Just send us the new design and we’ll swap it in anytime you want.
  • TEST IT OUT – Want to test different creative? No problem, and we can even run different ads at the same time and let you track the performance of each with custom links.
  • ROADBLOCK – Need to maximize your exposure and create a campaign that can’t be missed? We can set your ads to run in multiple positions at the same time to canvas the sight and maximize your visibility.
  • REPORTING – Every month we’ll provide a full report showing how many impressions your ad(s) received.
  • ADDED VALUE – If you need help creating your ads or guidance on how to maximize your ROI for online advertising, we’ll help you through it and can design a world-class ad for you at no charge.


Aaahhh, we knew you were going to ask that. Well, for competitive reasons, we don’t publish that here, but based on our own corporate spying, our rates tend to be about 20% to 40% less than the other major cycling websites’ published CPM rates. And compared to print, well, it’s like we’re giving it away. Let’s just say you could all but roadblock our site for a year for what you’d pay for two issues worth of full page ads in the major U.S. cycling publications…and you’d get somewhere in the neighborhood of 100x the impressions, more repetition and the ability to change your creative every week if you wanted to.

We also run occasional specials for big events like Interbike and Sea Otter, so it’s best to check directly with us. For rates and options, please email us or call 336-303-8863 and ask for Tyler Benedict.


Well, if you’re not advertising on, you’re missing a very loyal and growing base of cyclists. We offer compelling interviews, awesome coverage and a great user experience. You know, all the things you want your brand associated with. And we Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, comment, email and social network like crazy to continue to build our audience. Which, if you think about it, is building your audience, too.


We’d love to have you advertising, and we love to review stuff, but we keep the process separate. While running some ads with us won’t affect the outcome of the review, it might push your products up the queue a bit, and we can do our best to time product reviews with specific ad campaigns if you’d like. But we absolutely will not let advertising bias our reviews. It wouldn’t be fair to our readers, and it wouldn’t be fair to you or the industry as a whole.

Thanks, and we look forward to having your brand as a partner on our site!

All the best,


Tyler Benedict

Editor / Founder – BikeBoardMedia, Inc.