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Ridley Unveils Thru Axle Disc Brake Oryx Cyclocross Cork, Plus 2016 Noah SL, X-Night SL & More

Ridley Oryx thru axle disc brake cyclocross fork Noah SL x-Night 4za carbon wheels (5)

If you’re going by what is most popular on the European cross scene, cantilever brakes still look like the way to go. But times, they are a changing. As more an more pros make the jump to disc brakes (for personal or sponsorship reasons), it’s getting harder and harder to find new cross bikes equipped with cantis here in the U.S. After moving largely to disc brakes for U.S. cross bikes in 2013, Ridley is making their next disc related move with their new Oryx fork for 2016. To be found on all of their cyclocross race bikes (X-Fire, X-night, and new X-Night SL), the Oryx fork adds a 15mm thru axle plus few smart little features that will make CX racing with discs a bit easier.

Along with the fork, Ridley showed a number of small changes and improvements plus new paint jobs, and of course the new X-Night SL and Noah SL…


2015 Ridley Fenix Road Bike Gets Disc Brakes, X-Night SL Cyclocross Racer Starts Shipping

2015 Ridley Fenix endurance disc brake road bike

Ridley’s endurance-oriented Fenix road bike gets a new disc brake model for 2015. It’s an all purpose road bike, like the original Fenix, in that it can be raced or commuted, ridden in fast group rides or all day adventure rides. Now, it gets disc brakes, along with a few changes to make the disc models a bit more versatile.

“We really wanted a road bike that could do some dirt since we already had some dirt bikes (aka cyclocross) that could do some road,” said Richard Wittenberg, Ridley’s VP of International Operations.

To do that, the chainstay length grows 5mm, which let them add clearance for larger tires – up to 700x28c – along with a stronger braking side. The longer chainstays also improve chainline, a concern when stretching the dropouts from 130mm to 135mm wide. Chainstays for the disc version are 410mm to 413mm depending on frame size.

Up front, the fork gets a different layup to handle the different braking stresses. They’re spec’ing 140mm rotors front and rear, and they stick with quick release axles on both ends to keep it simple. In testing, they were able to get the stiffness they wanted without going to thru axles.


Limited Edition Ridley X-Night Superlight is too Light for the UCI


Giro di Turchia 2013

Creating runs of limited edition rides decked out with incredible build kits seems to be turning into something of a habit for Ridley lately. Not long after announcing their limited Campy 80th anniversary Helium SL builds, the bike builders are at it again – this time with a super light cyclocross build. Helping to celebrate the launch of the new 2014 X-Night carbon crosser, the X-Night Superlight comes in under the UCI minimum weight requirement of 6.8kg, at 6.46kg (14.24 lb). In addition to the high spec build, the frame has another super light paint finish minimalist graphics.

Glamor shots and full build list after the break!


Ridley X-Night Cyclocross Frame Drops 500 Grams, Bikes Now Disc Brake Only – Plus Team Issue Fenix Road

2014 Ridley X-Night disc brake cyclocross bike

Ridley’s multi-time World Cup winning X-Night cyclocross bike is completely new and now comes with SRAM Red 22 Hydro-R Disc in top form. They’ve also completely redesigned the Fenix, making a more cobble-capable Spring Classics racer.

The new frame was introduced to their team racers in December as a canti version, but for the first time will be sold with disc brakes. Actually, for 2014, all complete ‘cross bikes will be disc only. Every model will still be available as a frameset with canti options.

The new X-Night was designed to be lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than the prior model. To do that, it swaps the seatmast for a standard 27.2 seatpost. This makes it a bit easier to travel with, but also combines with the slimmer seatstays to improve comfort.

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Racy New Ridley X-Night CX Bike Sheds 500g, Adds Disc Brakes

It’s less than a week before CX Worlds in Louisvile, KY, and Ridley has just taken the wraps off their all new X-Night carbon crosser. The prototype was underneath Klaas Vantornout as he rode his way to become the new Belgian CX Champion, one of 3 victories Klaas has tallied on the bike.

With 7 of the last 11 World Champions of Cyclocross winning on a Ridley, there is no question they are deeply rooted in cross. Continuing that heritage, the X-night, their flagship cross bike will receive a major overhaul for 2013. Namely – a new monocoque frame devoid of a seat mast, modernized geometry, and disc brakes.

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4ZA Introduces New Line of Cirrus Pro Carbon Wheels, Includes Belgian Built Tubular, Clincher, Disc and Rim Brake Options

Ridley Oryx thru axle disc brake cyclocross fork Noah SL x-Night 4za carbon wheels (24)

Along with the launch of 4ZA’s new Cirrus Pro wheel line up, consumers will have a number of additional options when it comes to carbon. Much like their parent company Ridley Cycles, 4Za seems focused on high performance products that are just as happy on the race circuit as they are a fast ride with your friends. Representing the highest level of 4ZA wheels, the Cirrus Pro line use full carbon wheels almost exclusively and are all hand assembled in Belgium to offer a premium ride at an impressive price.

Combining options for tubular, clincher, disc, rim brake, and multiple rim depths, the 4ZA Cirrus Pros are worth a spin…


FrostBike 2013: First Look at the Actual 2014 Ridley X Night Disc

FrostBike 2013: First Look at the Actual 2014 Ridley X Night Disc

Sitting quietly in the back corner of the show, was Ridley’s all new X Night Disc carbon cross bike. You may remember at the time of the launch, we were the first to report that the new X Night would be going disc only for complete bikes in the US, though the press photos that were sent out were of the cantilever equipped frameset. Until Frostbike, the X night had only been seen in the cantilever form so we were a little surprised to find the Disc model in the Ridley booth.

Detail wise, the display bike appears to have no major differences other than what appear to be new disc specific versions of Reynolds Solace and Solitude alloy wheelsets. While the disc version of the X Night on display was set up with the Solitude disc wheels, the specs listed on the display specified Solace wheels for the Ultegra and SRAM Red disc builds.

Continue on for a photo tour of the new bike.


Video, Photos – 2012 Ridley Noah and Cyclocross Bikes

While the new Noah RS stole the show at PressCamp, Ridley did actually have some other newness hiding in its shadow. The plain ol’ regular Noah got some love and attention for 2012, too, with updated chassis standards and some trick wiring/cable ports that pull double duty for electronic or mechanical drivetrains.

They also showered some love on their cyclocross bikes, giving the full range PFBB30 bottom brackets, tapered headtubes and more. Video above is for the Noah, make the jump for the ‘cross reel and a non-moving picture show, including frame and complete bike weights…


Carbon Handlebars for Cyclocross? The Pros Do It, So Why Not?

Jonathan Page runs a carbon handlebar on his Blue cyclocross bike, however Blue's stock builds only offer alloy bar options.

As we’ve previewed and written about a lot of the cyclocross bikes that have popped up over the year, we’ve noticed one thing: Whether their price points are in the hundreds or pushing past $5,000, all of them have alloy handlebars.

But, looking around the races (and acknowledging our own weight weenie tendencies), it seems like many of the pros opt for carbon fiber bars. So what’s the story?

Having run carbon handlebars on most of our road and mountain bikes for years, there’s no doubt they’re strong enough. And they’re light, and unless you’re going super high end, they’ve become somewhat affordable. So why not spec them as a selling point on mid- and high-end bikes?  And should you make that one of the first upgrades after you catch the ‘cross bug (and you will catch the bug…just try it once, we guarantee it)?

Jump past the break and hear the opinions from three of the top carbon fiber handlebar manufacturers: Easton, Ritchey and FSA, then decide if the weight savings and other benefits are worth what seems to be just one major concern…