Factory Tour: Trek Bicycle Company’s Waterloo Headquarters, Part 1

Our visit to FrostBike this year meant braving the Northern snow covered roads from here to Minneapolis, but it also meant that we had time for brief pit stop in Waterloo to check out what was going on at Trek’s headquarters. It dawned on us that we have never done a true “factory visit” with […]

Trek Hands Off Custom Project One Madone to Brett Favre

Later this evening as the American masses gather in front of the TV to digest massive meals and watch the Green Bay Packers host the Chicago Bears, the Packers will have a special ceremony to retire the number of Brett Favre. For those who don’t follow the sportsball, Favre was one of the greatest quarterbacks of […]

Trek Factory Experience lets you visit HQ to order, pick up your new bike

On the one hand, you have Trek’s new online ordering and home delivery program (or shop delivery for complete bikes). Now, you can have the complete opposite, heading to Trek’s Waterloo, Wisconsin, headquarters to get fit for and customize you new bike, or even take it home with you a bit later. The new Trek Factory […]

Trek Introduces the All New Émonda, Claims World’s Lightest Production Road Bike

The title of the lightest production road bike in the world is not one to be taken lightly. So when Trek announced that they were introducing a new bike that would take the crown we were intrigued. Trek has certainly offered some light bikes over the years, but the lightest production bike in the world? […]

Just In: Trek Factory Racing Domane Classics Edition

Bring on the cobbles. Just after introducing the new Trek Factory Racing team on Friday, a special delivery showed up at our door step. One that was painted in Trek Factory Racing colors, and happens to be the very same frame that Trek’s pro racers use for Spring Classics and other rides where comfort and […]

Trek Takes Project One on the Road with the Project One Experience

No longer content to confine their custom bike program to pixels on a screen, Trek is taking Project one to the streets. Of course consumers will still be able to use the excellent Project One website to design and customize their next Trek, but now cyclists will be able to interact directly with the program […]

Trek Factory Tour Part 3: US Based OCLV Carbon Bike Production

Imagine working on something so top secret, that even the person building it didn’t have the clearance to know what it was. That was the reality of Jim Colegrove’s military and aviation composites engineering before he was brought on as part of the team that developed the OCLV (optimum compaction low void) process in 1990. […]

Trek Factory Tour Part 2: Prototyping, Testing, and Product Development

Chances are, if you’ve been to Trek and taken the tour, you’ve probably seen this door – and it’s probably been locked. Like any bike company, due to product cycles being well ahead of current model years, keeping what’s coming secret is key. While the door clearly says no photos, we were allowed to ignore […]

Holiday Gift Ideas: Zach’s Cycling Wish List

Rather than pump out some generic Top 10 list, we decided to put a personal touch on it and each curate our own wish lists of things we’d love to get this holiday season. Each of us has our own riding style, and our lists are made up of things we’ve seen or ridden so […]