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Whoa! 2016 Sea Otter Classic Stirs Things up by Adding an eMTB Race to Their List of Events!


No joke. The organizers of the Sea Otter have added an eMTB race event to their traditional lineup of Downhill, Dual Slalom, Cross Country, Short Track and Enduro events to the upcoming 2016 event in April. Taking place in and around Laguna Seca’s race track, the eMTB race will be a time-based race that lasts 60 minutes and is said to be a sort of hybrid of short track and cross country racing with a few road descents, single track trails and a bit of climbing. It is listed a non-sanctioned event so no race license is required, but there is prize money to be had. There is no list of restrictions as to the equipment you can use which might make it even more interesting.

Given the controversy of whether e-mountain bikes even belong on trails or not, organizing an eMTB race is a big move by organizers at such a large event. Is the charge being led by e-bike manufactures trying to edge their way further in to acceptance? How will this go down? Will we hear cheers…. or boos from the crowd? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.


Subaru Blends Automotive and Bike History for 25th Sea Otter Classic


We often joke that if you’re trying to find a bike event just follow the Subarus and Elements. Judging by the number of people stopping by the Subaru display at Sea Otter for their free coffee for Subaru owners, there were quite a few in attendance. As the title sponsor of the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the Sea Otter Classic, Subaru brought out the history books to display not only some noteworthy vehicles, but an awesome display of two wheeled machinery. In addition to a walk down memory lane Subaru was giving each show goer who stopped by a $1 token that they could choose to donate to the National Park Foundation, Leave No Trace, or International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Sea Otter has come and gone, but if you’re a car buff or a bike buff, you’ll want to see the collection after the break…


Comes With Baggage | Blackburn to Celebrate 40 Years with Sea Otter Film Premier

Blackburn Sea Otter Launch

It’s a bit hard to believe, but Blackburn is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2015. After four decades of making bags and products that allow cyclists to get out there and explore the world around them, the company decided to put together a film on the history of bicycle travel. Comes with Baggage tells the story of bicycling nomads from those first boneshakers to the bikepacking we know today…


SOC13: Sea Otter Randoms, Asylum Cycles, KMC, Knog, Five Ten, more


If you had something new to show, Sea Otter 2013 was the place to be. With more vendors than ever, and even more making the rounds with product in hand it seemed that wherever you looked there was something new to see. The Sea Otter was spotted with Asylum Cycles’ new Meuse SSCX cross bike which just met its funding goal through Crowd Supply. That means the bike will see production, but you still have 4 days left to get in on the special price for the frame at $895.

Read on for more on the SSCX, plus a look at some of the best show randoms!


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Best/Worst Preem Ever, Raleigh CX Race At Sea Otter

bikerumor pic of the day raleigh cx race shenanigans at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic

Dollar preems grabbed from a crack in the men’s pro cyclocross race at Sea Otter Classic. Photo credit Keith Cozzens.

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Marin Bikes Teases New Bike for Sea Otter 2013, Also looks Carbon-y

Marin Bikes Teases New Bike for Sea Otter 2013, Also looks Carbon-y

After posting this teaser on their Facebook, it looks like Norco won’t be the only company that will be releasing a new carbon model at Sea Otter. The new Marin is either carbon, or it has a finish that is made to look like carbon – we’re guessing the former. After revealing the new 2013 bikes in August last year, it was reported that the Rift Zone XC 29er and Mount Vision XM would both have carbon versions, though it seems the bikes haven’t materialized yet. With that in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if we’re looking at the new Mount Vision XM carbon. Who knows, maybe both bikes will be there on display. We’ll bring you the details next week!

Update: Thanks to a little birdy, we’ve heard that there is truth to the carbon Rift Zone and XM. Also, in the back of our minds we were thinking it wouldn’t be surprising to see a 650b model as well, and it looks like that may come true as well. If that wasn’t enough, there is also just a rumor that the Cornina CX bike is going carbon and may be offered as a frame set. Stay tuned!

Norco Set to Release New Mountain Bike At Sea Otter, Looks Carbon-y

Norco Set to Release New Mountain Bike At Sea Otter, Looks Carbon-y

As we draw nearer to Sea Otter, there are likely to be a lot of sneak peeks at things to come and it looks like Norco is kicking things off with this teaser on their Facebook page. Judging by the flowing shape, seat collar design, and lack of the seat tube struts found on the aluminum models, we’re guessing it may be a carbon version of their Sight or possibly the Range. Since the introduction of the Sight and Range Killer B 650b models, the bikes have been hard to track down due to how popular they have been. Obviously sales have been good enough to introduce another though we’ll have to wait to see just what wheel size it is…

UCI, USA Cycling Asked to Meet at Sea Otter, Abolish Non-Sanctioned Race Restriction for Pros

We don’t cover a ton of racing news here on Bikerumor, but every once in a while, something is just worth sharing. While the rule in questions restricts which events pro cyclists can compete in, if affects most of us. Say you enjoy “racing” alongside them at your favorite event. If things stay the same, that’ll be much less likely, yet we seriously doubt it’s enough incentive for any promoter to sanction their event. Anywhoo, read on and make your own decision…then let the UCI and USAC know what you think!

ANONYMOUS PRESS RELEASE: Smoke coming from the USA Cycling offices may indeed indicate fire. The recent decision by cycling’s national governing body to begin rigid enforcement of a universally unpopular (and it would seem, arbitrarily enforced) UCI bylaw threatening sanction against professional riders registered on UCI rosters participating in a non-USAC or UCI sanctioned events, has the racing community up in arms.

Riders are calling for a sit-down at this year’s Sea Otter Classic between UCI and USAC executives along with trade team riders and their industry sponsors. At issue is the impact such restrictions place on the earning ability of the riders themselves who have cited the larger cash purses frequently on offer at non-USAC sanctioned events. The negative impact in grassroots development resulting from the prohibition of trade team athletes participating in local races or emerging disciplines such as Enduro are also referenced.


Cool Sea Otter Randoms from Answer, MRP, and Spank

Sea Otter is a spectacle filled with so much awesome the coverage could literally never end. Here’s a few juicy components I wish adorned some of my bicycles.

This new MRP Bling Ring allows you to run an ultra small chain ring. The design utilizes SRAMs spline system to bypass the limited range offered by traditional chain rings. Normal chain rings in the middle position, utilized by the majority of single speed rigs, are limited by the bolt circle diameter to no smaller than a 32. With the bling ring riders can choose from a 28,30,32,34, and 36 tooth setup. The guide is a modified G2 Micro SL.