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Review and Interview: PAINCAVE Streaming Trainer Videos

We previewed PAINCAVE back in October, but in case you missed it, PAINCAVE is a subscription based online interactive training tool offering streaming videos that combine race and workout studio footage.

Now that they’ve launched we’ve had a chance to try them out and talk about some forthcoming additions to their training videos.  Partnering with an ever expanding cadre of bike brands like Cycle Ops, Fuji, Go Pro, Verge, and Walton Endurance, PAINCAVE brings high quality training videos to just about any web enabled device with nothing to download.  The videos are offered in both SD and HD formats and consumers have reported success with computers, phones, Apple TV, and various tablets from iPads to Nooks and Kindles.  As co-founder Michael Egan notes, “It’s not 2008 anymore.  We had to have high quality video to match current times.”

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PAINCAVE: Get More out of Your Trainer

Coming soon (January 1st to be exact) to a winter trainer session near you: PAINCAVE, online interactive training.  Let’s face it, keeping motivated and intentional in your training through the winter months can be hard, especially if, like me, you’re still trying to get miles out of the same three workouts you cut out of a magazine years ago or watching the same tired out videos.  PAINCAVE hopes to cure us of complacent or ineffective training by offering 20-120 minute programs combining race and fitness studio footage for cycling or running.  Additionally, users will have access to nutritional guides, coaching, member forums, race planning, and athlete interviews.  PAINCAVE will operate under a number of subscription levels.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as details unfold.