Yuba Mundo Lux Goes CVP with Nuvinci

As the latest bike to go CVP, Yuba’s Mundo Lux joins a growing list of bikes donning the continuously variable hub. For a bike like the Mundo which is designed to carry heavy cargo, the hub makes a lot of sense offering the ability to perfectly dial in the gear ratio that best suits the […]

9:ZERO:7 Puts a Belt on a Fattie, Along with NuVinci N360 Hub

Having some fun with the name, 9:ZERO:7’s new fatbike is named the Tusken. As in the Tusken Raiders, or Sand People from that famous movie where Luke is looking for that droid in the desert. How does that have anything to do with their new fatbike? Well, thanks to the Tusken being the first fatbike […]

Found: Chappelli Cycles Bicycle With NuVinci Internal Hub, Fixies Too

Bikes and bike components shot on a black background look prestigious. The newest build by Chappelli Cycles is no different. Scheming the bike black and chrome, they’ve incorporated a NuVinci infinitely variable rear hub for gearing, leather grips with red bar-end lights, and a chromo lugged steel frame with custom Chappelli cranks. The wheelset is chrome […]

NuVinci N360 Harmony Electronically Thinks, Shifts For You

NuVinci’s new N360 Harmony is an electronically controlled, auto shifting internally geared hub that gives you two modes of control. Unlike Shimano’s Alfine Di2, the NuVinci system “shifts” for you to keep your cadence at a preset RPM. And, because their hubs are a type of planetary gear, there’s no actual stepped gears, so it […]

NuVinci Adds Quick Release Axle Option for Internal Gear Rear Hub

NuVinci has just added a quick release axle option/upgrade for their internally geared rear bicycle hubs. On the surface, it may not seem like huge news, but here’s why we’re excited: First, it eases flat changes simply because it doesn’t require a wrench to remove the rear tire. One less worry and tool for commuters. […]

2012 Novara Gotham – Combines Gates Belt Drive with NuVinci Gear Hub

The Novara Gotham is said to be the first urban bicycle to pair the NuVinci’s N360 Hub with a Gates Centertrack belt drive. We have coverage and explanation of both of these, the N360 hub here and the Gates Centertrack belt drive here. The significance of this pairing is that the Gotham will (hopefully) require much less […]

Jamis Shipping Commuter 4 with Nuvinci Continuously Variable Drivetrain

If your New Year’s resolutions involve riding to work more often, we say get on your bike and ride. If you’re one of those particular people that likes to have the right tool for the job, you’re in luck. More and more brands are releasing purpose driven (ridden?) bicycles for the commuter crowd that make […]

NuVinci’s New N360 Internally Geared Hub – Lighter, Smoother, Quicker

NuVinci’s new N360 takes their original planetary gear hubs and drops three to four pounds depending on the model, coming in at about 5.4 pounds. That’s still a little heavier than Shimano’s Nexus hubs, but close, and the real difference is in the ride quality. The planetary gear design allows for an infinite range of […]

Limited Edition Nuvinci Equipped Buddy Bike Family

In an attempt to make cruising with the family even easier, Buddy Bike is now offering a special edition Buddy Bike Family complete with a Nuvinci N360 CVP rear hub. If you’re not familiar with the Buddy Bike, it is an interesting alternative to a tandem where the shorter stoker actually sits in the front […]