Weekend Round-Up: Nisnas’ Brompton fenders & giveaway; ERG! energy bars; Zeal Optics Photochromic & Polarized Power

Nisnas Industires Introduces Limited Brompton Fenders, Commuter Give Away: Looking for a gorgeous way of pimping out your ride? Nisnas Industries has, for a limited time, a run of Black Night Brompton fenders available through its website for fans of the 16″ wheel. The fender is made from exotic, dark Wenge wood, and features racing stripe […]

Nisnas Industries’ Dunstan Grips – Wood for the Concrete Jungle

If you’ve got it good for wood, you’ve probably seen some of Nisnas Industries’ other wooden grips and fenders. Or perhaps their stylish line of wood and leather cargo bags. Nisnas acknowledges that wood isn’t about to force foam/rubber grips out of the cycling marketplace, but for the urban rider who likes the feel and aesthetic […]

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Supports Arab and Palestinian Youth Of Israel

Nisnas Industries of Israel does astounding woodwork. Already well versed in multiple products for both on and off the bike use, including wooden fenders and leather/wood bags, recently Nisnas turned their craftsmanship toward a gorgeous wooden bicycle grip. But Nisnas is not primarily focused on the bottom-line like most companies. Rather, with all designs and […]

Found: Gorgeous Nisnas Steel Toe & Steel Inlay Wood Bicycle Fenders

We’ve featured plenty of Nisnas’ beautiful, handcrafted wood fenders and other items before, but these latest designs may take the cake. Above, the upcoming Steel Toe fenders use a folded steel tip to cap the 700c fenders. Below, stainless steel inlays inspired by street art polish off their Brompton-ready and 700c mahogany models. Look for […]

Nisnas Industries Introduces Wood-and-Leather Kul Rex & Kul Porter Bike Bags

Nisnas has shown us some pretty amazing wood fenders before. And some gorgeous leather messenger bags and accessories. Now, they’ve combined the two classic materials with their new bike bags. The Kul Rex handmade wood and leather bike bag, 23cm high by 34 cm across, fits most frames size 56 and larger, $339.00. For smaller […]

Kickstarter Project: Nisnas Industries Mudguards, Leather Framebags & Quality Accessories

With all this NAHBS and Frostbike coverage, we almost forgot about Kickstarter! In case you remember, we featured some excellent Nisnas Industries fenders on our pic of the day. Specializing in quality leather goods and wooden fenders, we’re happy to see Nisnas’ new Kickstarter project get off the ground. Titled the St. John Street Project, […]

Nisna Industries Whittles Away at Daily Wooden Handlebar Grips

Nisna Industries have sent over some gorgeous wooden bicycle accessories in the past, and their latest is no exception. The new Daily grips are made from mahogany and maple woods with an aircraft grade aluminum core and brass fasteners. They’re meant to last a lifetime. The project has been in the works for quite a […]

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Sweetlines has announced it’s second annual Sugar Showdown Seattle, a two-day freeride mountain bike event for women and girls, to be held at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah, Washington, on July 6-7, 2013. Nisnas Industries are excited to announce that they are now shipping their gorgeous wood inlay bike bags, fenders, and  iPad cases. Orange Mountain Bikes have launched a […]

Wooden Aero Bicycle, Wheels & Cockpit by Tokyo Design Student Yojiro Oshima

We saw quite a few wooden bicycles at NAHBS this year (here, here and here), plus some sweet wooden fenders and bags from Nisnas on Kickstarter. The most recent tree-sourced bike comes from Yojiro Oshima, a student at Tokyo’s Musashino Art University. The pictures come from BicycleDesign.net, where you’ll find more of them (though we […]