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New Collapsible Stash Bottles From Hydrapak

Hydrapak stash-blue Collapsible Bottles

Designed with camping, adventuring, and everyday use in mind, the new Stash bottle from Hydrapak conveniently collapses for easy transportation.

Currently available in 750ml size, the bottle is built from a soft walled TPU plastic that is BPA free. The bottle collapses from 7.2″ to 2″ via a molded top and bottom which snap fit for storage. When used in conjunction with other Stash bottles, they easily nest for mutli unit storage.  READ MORE ->

IB13: Hydrapak Flows New Blaster Valves, SoftFlasks, and High Capacity Bishop Hydration Packs Get Official

Hydrapak jet valve flask bishop (2)

Of all the new items in the Hydrapak booth, one of the smallest also happens to be one of the biggest – as in the highest flow of water from a bite valve. That’s what Hydrapak is claiming anyways with their new Blaster valve. The valve is a direct replacement for any 1/4″ line hydration pack and will come as standard equipment on all 2014 packs – including the new Bishop which is finally getting official after the jump.


SOC13: Spotted – Prototype Hydration Packs from Hydrapak

SOC13: Spotted - Prototype Hydration Packs from Hydrapak

Hidden up high in the back corner of their booth, Hydrapak had what looked to be a new premium hydration pack in two attention grabbing colors. The only information we were able to glean from the source is that it is likely to be called the Bishop, and will sit at the top of Hydrapak’s line. We’ve reviewed a few of their bags now, and each time they have gotten better and better. Details are scarce, but it looks like the Bishop could take Hydrapak to the next level.


Review: Hydrapak’s Back Hugging Tamarack

Review: Hydrapak’s Back Hugging Tamarack

We have reviewed quite a few Hydrapak hydration systems in the past, and with each generation there has been nearly constant improvement. In their line of packs, the Tamarack sits right below its larger sibling, the Laguna, which Marc reviewed back in December. At 2.8L of gear storage smaller, and $10 cheaper ($109.99), the Tamarack looks like a great option for those looking for a smaller pack that still carries a full 3L of water.


Hydrapak Unveils Two New Soft Flasks, Wins Award Instantly


Hydrapak unveiled two new soft flasks this week, the .35 liter (12 ounce) SF350 and the .5 liter (16 ounce) SF 500 which instantly won ISPO’s Performance Accessories category.  Expanding on the already successful five and eight ounce soft flasks,  these add versatility via a larger filling port,  shut off valve, and optional hand strap.  The larger capacity also adds a little extra utility as they are designed to deliver liquid, gel, or a mix of the two and will surely fit nicely in a jersey pocket .   The SF350 and 500 won’t be available to the public until summer and will range in price between $15 and $25.

Initial Review: Hydrapak’s lightweight, versatile Laguna hydration pack

Billed as an “all day pack,” Hydrapak’s Laguna is a well-organized pack that has plenty of room for a well-equipped day on the trail.  The company’s excellent baffled Shape-Shift reservoir and trademark lightweight construction are in evidence- but can a 1 1/4lb pack hold 3L of water and 10L of gear comfortably, or manage smaller loads without becoming a floppy mess?  Hit the jump to find out!


Project 24.2 Review: Hydrapak’s lightweigt Selva hydration pack

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Just right.  It’s always subjective assessment, but finding a hydration pack that’s just right for racing has been hard for me.  Sure, most racers wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pack on race day, but when facing 24 hours’ worth of riding, being able to fix mechanicals, carry a light battery, or grab an emergency snack makes the fashion faux pas worth my while.

Hydrapak’s 4L (plus a 2L bladder) Selva aims to be just right for quick rides and longer races.  Is this the little bag that could?  Or did it leave me wanting for a bit more (or less)?  Pass the break to find out!


2013 Hydrapak Line Up

For 2013 Hydrapak has updated several of their best selling bags by introducing more pockets and adjustability, increasing ergonomics and comfort, and keeping overall weights down.

All bags this year were updated to included an internal dedicated bike pump pocket. The majority of the new bags will now utilize a plastic clip to affix the drinking tube to the shoulder straps instead of magnets. Older Hydrapak bags all utilized magnets to quickly and easily clip the drinking tube to the backpack straps. If you’re an aficionado of the magnet-strap interface, all the new bags can be retrofitted, and the hardware is included with new reservoir purchases.

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Project 24.2 Review: Hydrapak’s cozy Wolly Mammoth bottle

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Why did I move to the desert again?

What I was told would be a “dry winter” is shaping up to be anything but- and judging by the state of my woodpile and the number of rides starting in the 20s, it’s been a very cold one.  Now, I’ve never really been one for insulated bottles.  Even when temperatures top 100 degrees, I tend to value hydration volume over hydration temperature.  But when it’s cold enough for hydration bladder hoses and bite valves to freeze, I’ve been reaching for Hydrapak’s Primaloft-insulated Wooly Mammoth.  Hit the jump to find out why…