Another Hubless Bicycle Concept, Except This One Rocks

There are lots of hubless bike concepts that we’ve posted, but this one was actually made, has a belt drive, was ridden and has a cool video to prove it. Plus, just based on looks, it could ever so easily be made into a folding bike for campus and city livin’. Here’s the blurb on […]

Futuristic Hubless Bicycle Design

Designer John Villarreal, from Wisconsin, has come up with this futuristic concept bicycle.  Intended to offer a peak into the future, as advances in material technology and manufacturing techniques allow the creation of structures that would currently be impossible, this bike was created by paring away everything non-essential to its function. The hubless wheels appear […]

Actual, Real Life Working Hubless, Spokeless Bicycle

Forget those road and bmx hubless prototypes, these guys from Yale have built a working bicycle with no hub, spokes or anything else in the middle of the wheel. Posted on Reddit, they said only the rear wheel is bare in the middle because they ran out of time in the semester, but that a […]

Hubless Concept Road Bike from Bradford Waugh

Right on the heels of the hubless BMX bike concept we found, here’s a similar set up in a road bike by designer Bradford Waugh.  The hubless wheels are driven by geared rollers, but check out the crankset! More pics after the break…

Hubless BMX Bike Concept

Found this on Minimalissimo from Russian designer Nikolay Boltachev.  It’s pure concept, built around hubless wheels and magnetic bearings, and apparently he’s looking for help developing those ideas.  Leave some comments with any ideas, and hit ‘more’ to see additional photos…

Sada: No Hubs, No Spokes, No Worries, Collapsible Italian Style

Until now there have been no obvious benefits to a “hubless” design. We have shown you multiple iterations in past years here and here. But beyond the novelty factor they served little practical purpose. Enter Italian engineer and designer Gianluca Sada. Sada has successfully created a folding bicycling with “spokeless wheels,” making this hubless design […]

Hack! Homemade “Swinger Bike” with Transparent 3-Speed Gear Box

Tinkerer and bicycle lover Champx has created a transparent three-speed gearbox for his homemade “swinger” bike. Constructed with cogs pulled from other internally geared hubs, the mechanical design is inspired by old tractors. The cranks drive a spindle with three different size cogs, and a brass slider engages keyed teeth inside the cogs one at […]

How to Break Into the Cycling Industry – Reynold’s Aerodynamics Expert Paul Lew

I had the good fortune of sitting next to Paul Lew on the long flight home from Eurobike, and he’s a very interesting man. An expert in aerodynamics, his story follows along the American Dream pretty well: Find the intersection of your passion and a need, in this case his own needs, and make it […]

Concept Bike – Designer Jose Hurtado’s Tandem For a Utopian Future

My cycling buddies and I pledge at least once a month that we will finally buy the tandem bike.  But we never do.  Why don’t we?  Because if we buy the bike, we will in fact be riding tandem.  By all means, tandem riding is a skill and involves complex maneuvering, planning, and coordination, but […]