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Publicly Crashing Bikes Safely, with Hövding

Remember that “invisible” helmet that we’ve posted about a few times? In an effort to get the word out to the streets, Hövding is hosting a number of guerrilla marketing events – basically two users haplessly crashing their bikes, to illustrate the helmet’s effectiveness. Essentially the Hövding is an inflatable airbag that is concealed in a collar that you wear around your neck. When the control unit senses an impact, the helmet inflates in a split second, faster than you can hit the ground. The safety isn’t cheap though, with invisible helmets going for $600 at last check and the airbags being one use only.

Check out the back-to-back crashes after the break.


Fancy Invisible Helmet by Hövding is Now Available

Unlike the emperor’s new clothes, the Hövding “invisible helmet” isn’t a wacky con. The unique CE certified helmet was designed by a pair of women who wouldn’t be caught dead in a typical helmet. Not even these ones. The collar, which can be color coordinated with your outfit via replaceable shells, deploys an airbag when onboard sensors detect a crash is imminent.

The entire package retails for $600. So what do you get and how does it work?


Video: Bicycle Airbag Helmet… Seriously

From Hovding (translated here) comes the Chieftain, an airbag-like bicycle helmet that’s worn as a collar rather than above on your head.

Designed to enclose the head in an accident, the “helmet” is a durable nylon airbag that’s inflated with a helium gas generator in 0.1 seconds. The covers are soft and can be removed and washed, and a variety of prints and colors are or will be available to match your outfit. Inside it all are accelerometers and gyrometers that sense an impact and inflate before your head hits anything.

Another video and more details after the break…