Publicly Crashing Bikes Safely, with Hövding

Remember that “invisible” helmet that we’ve posted about a few times? In an effort to get the word out to the streets, Hövding is hosting a number of guerrilla marketing events – basically two users haplessly crashing their bikes, to illustrate the helmet’s effectiveness. Essentially the Hövding is an inflatable airbag that is concealed in […]

Fancy Invisible Helmet by Hövding is Now Available

Unlike the emperor’s new clothes, the Hövding “invisible helmet” isn’t a wacky con. The unique CE certified helmet was designed by a pair of women who wouldn’t be caught dead in a typical helmet. Not even these ones. The collar, which can be color coordinated with your outfit via replaceable shells, deploys an airbag when onboard sensors detect a crash is […]

Video: Bicycle Airbag Helmet… Seriously

From Hovding (translated here) comes the Chieftain, an airbag-like bicycle helmet that’s worn as a collar rather than above on your head. Designed to enclose the head in an accident, the “helmet” is a durable nylon airbag that’s inflated with a helium gas generator in 0.1 seconds. The covers are soft and can be removed […]