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Eurobike Awards 2014: Road, Tri, Mountain, City, and of course, E-Bikes

eurobike awards bike (10)

If there was one bike in the awards area at the show that epitomizes the idea of a design award, it would probably be the Rafael r-023 Ueberbike. From the driveside it may be easy to overlook if you’re not into tri bikes, but as soon as you take a glance at the non-drive side of the bike it stops you in your tracks…


2014 Eurobike Awards: Clever Clothing, Accessories, and Gear

Eurobike awards (10)

Eurobike has come and gone leaving with a flood of new products and more content than we ever could hope to publish. Much like the Taipei Show, each year Eurobike puts on a design competition and this year awarded 56 manufacturers with either a Eurobike, Gold, or Green award. Judged by a panel of 6 experts from different corners of the cycling industry, the awards are always a good source of at least a few new and interesting products like the Drink Clean system above.

Perfect for those that hate mud and dirt on their water bottle valves, the rotating nozzle hides away to keep the part you drink out of clean. Made in Germany out of eco-friendly, food grade plastic, the bottle seems like it could be a hit when it becomes available.

There is plenty more where that came from next…


Eurobike Round Up: The Beautiful, the Odd, and the Curious

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Eurobike is an interesting place, chock full of nearly everything you could imagine that is related to the bicycle even in the smallest ways. Among the numerous hangers, biergartens, sausage stands, and fashion shows, there are also quite a few one-off displays and oddities to lasso your attention and draw you in.

Explore some of the more beautiful, odd, and curious next…


Brooks Reinvents The Wheel…Er, Saddle, & Wins GOLD At EuroBike


Last April we published a teaser on the new Cambium C17, Brooks’ groundbreaking non-leather saddle. After seven years of product sourcing and engineering, Books was releasing a very limited number of C17 saddles for real-world testing. Well now the Italians (all Cambium C17 saddles are Italian made) are back from summer holiday and back to hand-crafting these beauties for production. For an inspiring look into this remarkable venture from such a stalwart of the industry, join us past the break…


Stan’s Enters the Carbon Wheel Game, shows Valor at Eurobike


Stan’s view on the production of carbon wheels seems to ring true with discretion is the better part of valor. Before showing off their first ever carbon, tubeless wheel, Stan’s CTO and Co-owner STan Koziatek said, “The truth is we could have made a carbon fiber rim years ago, but it wouldn’t have been a genuine NoTubes rim.  High Spots of extra resin, ragged seams and overlaps, and shape and width deviations have somehow become acceptable on wheelsets costing several thousand dollars, but we require much higher tolerance. It took us years to find a technology and manufacturer able to consistently produce this rim”

Apparently, the time is now for a carbon wheel that is up to Stan’s standards with the introduction of the all new ZTR Valor Carbon. The wheel claims a more precise and consistent manufacturing process that results in the highest quality rim that is to their specifications.


FSA To Launch Hydraulic Disc Brakes at Eurobike

FSA Hydraulic Brake K Force

After surprising the bicycle world with the announcement of their forthcoming hydraulic disc brakes at Sea Otter, FSA is set to officially launch their new stoppers soon at Eurobike. The brakes will be initially offered in the super light XC K-Force and Trail oriented Afterburner models. Both brakes feature tool free stroke and reach adjustability with a flip flop lever with an integrated asymmetrical reservoir to keep them compact and easy to service.

An interesting feature is the mention of front and rear specific hoses that is supposed to result in a more balanced brake feel – something we’ll be sure to get more info on during the launch. Built with magnesium castings, carbon composite levers, and ti hardware on the K – Force, individual wheel weights should be around 300g, with pricing set at $369 for K-Force and $289 for Afterburner. Availability is set for early 2014.

Kinetic to Unveil Reworked Trainer Line at Eurobike

New Kinetic TrainerCome Eurobike, the famous green machines are getting a face lift. Marking the first revamping of their trainer line since 2007, Kinetic will be revealing a host of improvements to trainers like the new Rock and Roll above. Design changes will focus on better compatibility for 29ers, improved ergonomics, and to make the trainers lighter weight. Additionally, the trainers will be shipped fully assembled, so all you need to do will be to remove them from the box.

Until Eurobike, check out the press release after the break for more info.


Manitou Teases Trail Suspension, Coming at Eurobike

2014 Manitou long travel trail suspension forks and shocks teaser

It’s been quite a while now since Manitou has had a long travel single crown fork, and there’s nothing in the current range to compete with modern trail/enduro offerings like the Pike or Float. Currently, the range is mostly 100-120, with a couple 140 options, but all with 32mm stanchions. Until you get to the Dorado. No more Stance, Nixon or Sherman in the line. Not for long, though, if our spidey senses are correct!

Meet the Fliz – A German Engineered Inverted Scoot Bike We Didn’t See at Eurobike

Because pedaling and coasting is sooo much harder. While we applaud innovation and outside-the-bike thinking, this video pretty sums it up. Click through for pics, official website is here.