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EB14: Birzman Reinvents the Pump Head (Again) with the new Snap-It Apogee

Birzman Snap It apogee new pumps tools (20)

Birzman first gained a lot of attention when they introduced their Snap-It pump head at a time when many screw on heads were causing presta valves to blow their tops. While the Snap-It was certainly good, it wasn’t perfect as we found with certain valve styles. Looking to remedy that situation, Birzman has introduced the latest version of the Snap-It, the Apogee. Not only does the new head make it even easier to inflate presta valves, it also requires less work to inflate schrader valves in what looks like a winning combination for pumps.

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Review: Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker Floor Pump

Birzman Zacoo Tini Tanker review  (10)

Size doesn’t matter, right? Well in the world of bicycle pumps, it just might. Meet Birzman’s Zacoo Tiny Tanker, a tiny floor pump that acts like it’s full sized. As the smallest member of Birzman’s Zacoo floor pump range, the Tiny Tanker promises impressive performance in a compact package that will still fit in your bag, car, or luggage.

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Mike Steidley Checks in with the Birzman Travel Tool Box

Mike Steidley Checks in with the Birzman Travel Tool Box

Since I started carrying a portable tool kit in my car it has saved a lot of rides. To date, I’m not sure it has ever been used on one of my bikes, but saving the ride for someone else can be just as rewarding. Birzman introduced their new tool boxes earlier this year at Frostbike with both the mega Studio, and the more portable Travel kit.

Equipped with the 20 tools most used for quick repairs to building a new bike, the Birzman Travel kit is ready to save the day.  Birzman sponsored rider, and 11 time Trials National champion Mike Steidley opens up the heavy duty PE plastic Travel case, to break down what’s inside., next… READ MORE ->

Review: Birzman T-Bar Wrench Set

Birzman Allen Wrench Review (2)

Ask any mechanic, and they probably have a favorite set of allen wrenches they immediately head for when working on a bike. Having the right tools can mean zipping through a repair, or struggling to get it done, even when it comes to allen wrenches. The Birzman T-Bar could be considered more of a prosumer product due to the price, but if you’re looking to outfit your home workshop, the set is worth a look.


Frostbike: Birzman’s New Tool Kits, Shock Pump, and More


Park Tool has their blue, Pedros has yellow, and Birzman seems to have settled on bright green. Well, that and a lot of black and chrome. Relatively new to the US, and brand new to Frostbike, Birzman had a few new items on display manage to blend style and function in to some beautiful tools. Most of what we’ve seen from Birzman so far has been a hit, so it should come as no surprise that their booth had nearly constant traffic.

If you’re looking for some new tools to stash in your car or a kit to deck out your bike building studio, Birzman’s new tools are worth checking out.


Get your Fix, Birzman Tools Now Available in US Through QBP


Adding another option to the standard US tool and pump choices, Quality Bicycle Products just announced that they will be distributing Birzman products stateside. Tyler has had a number of Birzman’s tools in for review, with great results as the tools offer smart, stylish design paired with functionality. Check out for the full catalog.

Review: Birzman’s Built-to-Last Bicycle Tools & Pumps


When we first found Birzman’s pumps, the quick connect Snap-It valve head really looked appealing. Not only did it seem quick and easy to use, but wouldn’t accidentally unthread a valve core during removal. Fortunately, it’s mostly proven to work just as well in practice as in theory. We’ve been testing the Zacoo Maha II all-alloy road bike floor pump, and the rest of the pump is built rock solid and has some pretty nice features beyond the Snap-It valve.

We’ve also been testing some of their tools after lugging almost 20 pounds of solid metal from Eurobike and provided a quick overview last October. Now, with about 10 months of use on the pumps and tools, here’s how they’ve held up…


Birzman’s Amazingly Solid Bike Tools Will Wrench Your Bike, Heart

Birzman oversized wrenches for bicycle bottom brackets cranksets pedals and chain whip with handle extension

We found Birzman’s killer floor pumps a while back and made a point of visiting them at Eurobike. Much to TSA’s delight, I traveled home with a virtual shop’s worth of tools in my suitcase for review.

I’ve been using them heavily since returning from the tradeshows and will do a full long term test down the road. First impressions are very good though. Having the right tool for the job not only makes it soooooo much easier, it also makes it a helluva lot quicker. Above is the complete oversized wrench set. Four base pieces handle ISIS and Shimano external bottom brackets, pedals and other 15mm bolts and a freakin’ fantastic chainwhip. On the right is a handle extension that slides onto the back of each tool for extra leverage. Sissy bars never looked or felt so good.

The chainwhip’s loose piece has a small clip that holds it to the wrench when not in use. The handles are soft without being mushy and provide a great grip. And this is just the beginning…


Found: Birzman Zacoo Maha Floor Pump with Press-On, Quick Release Valve Head

Birzman’s new Zacoo Maha floor pumps have what looks to be the saving grace for valve heads.

Their new Snap-It valve head simply pushes onto the valve stem, then the gold collar slides down to lock it onto the stem. To remove it, just pull up on the gold bit and it pops off. Easy peasy. And, they say it holds plenty tight to keep from blowing off at high pressures.

If you’ve suffered from pulling removable valve cores right out of the stem as you unthread screw-on pump heads, this should sound pretty good. The true test will be to see how it holds on smooth valve extenders. It’s Presta and Schrader compatible.

Even better, the barrel is angled at 5º to make pumping a little more comfortable, and there’s a high volume mountain bike specific pump that goes up to 120psi and various regular ones that’ll go to 220psi.

Even more better? There’s a mini-pump with the Snap-It valve head, too…