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EB15: Birzman Guards Against Spray With World’s Most Aero Fender?

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We’ve come to expect an array of beautiful tools from Birzman, but fenders? That’s a new one. But of course it’s not just any fender. No, that would be way too boring. Instead it’s a fender that tackles a problem most people don’t even consider. As soon as you slap a fender onto your bike, the aerodynamics take a huge hit. If you’re going to run a fender, why not use something that actually makes your bike faster?

Sounds crazy right? But it’s true – Birzman’s new fender is not only a faster fender, but it’s also proven to be faster than certain deep dish aero wheels and they have the wind tunnel testing to prove it…


SOC15: Random Roundup with TRP, Beyond Coastal, Birzman, Wahoo Fitness, and More

roundup trp electronic shift kit

Whether indicative of Sea Otter’s growth as a launch pad for new products, or a positive health report of the industry as a whole, it seems like everyone had something to show in Monterey. Even those who didn’t have a big product launch had at least something to show. For TRP that meant their new Hylex Di2 Adapter kit which was shown in retail packaging for the first time.

First Spotted on Ben Berden’s cross bike, and then shown at NAHBS in prototype form, TRP’s Hylex Di2 Adapter kit will have you running electronic shifting with hydraulic brakes for the price of a pair of Climber’s Shifters plus the cost of the kit…


TPE15: Birzman teases 5Nm torque mini tool, new L-valve mini pumps

We all (should) take plenty of care to use a torque wrench at home, but when a trail side repair becomes a necessity, that precaution often can’t be taken. Until now, anyway.

Or, rather, sometime soon. Birzman’s upcoming mini tool with integrated 5Nm torque gauge won’t be out till later this year, but it will provide the common tightness measurement for both 4 and 5 mm Allen keys. The measurement is built into a small thumb button that clicks when the desired torque is reached.

On the other end of the tool is a T25 and flathead screwdriver, giving you the basics, but only the two allen wrenches are tied to the torque button.


Review: The lightweight, eensy-teensy Birzman Zacoo Macht shock pump


Considering shock pumps come with any new air suspension equipped mountain bike and with any air shock or fork purchase, most riders that aren’t a pro team mechanic give little thought to an aftermarket pump until the freebie fails.

Should that happen, or your just looking to lighten your load, the Birzman Zacoo Macht is the smallest full featured shock pump I’ve seen, and it’s held up really well to a year of regular use. It’s not only small, but it’s light. And it works great, with well thought out features and shapes that make it a joy to use. Things like their Air-Lock valve head that prevents air loss when threading it on or off, which is more than just an annoyance on other pumps – it can actually hurt performance if you’re not getting it right.

Ready to get pumped?


Review: Birzman Maha Apogee MTB High Volume Floor Pump

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Earlier this year we started hearing about fat bike specific pumps. On the surface that sounds ridiculous, until you consider the mechanics. Bicycle tires offer a crazy range of volumes and pressures from 200 psi track tires to 5 psi fat bike tires. Yes, there are pumps that will do both, but if you’re the kind of person who wants the right tool for the job there are better options.

The Birzman Maha Apogee MTB is a mountain bike specific pump. What does that mean? It means the pump is purposely designed to push a lot of air as quickly as possible. Placing the focus on high volume instead of high pressure, the Maha Apogee MTB and pumps like it becoming more and more useful as tires continue to trend larger.

After getting our hands on the Maha at Eurobike and proceeding to inflate fat bike tires on the show floor, and even a flat tire on Cory’s car, we’ve had the pump long enough to give it a thorough review….


EB14: Birzman Reinvents the Pump Head (Again) with the new Snap-It Apogee

Birzman Snap It apogee new pumps tools (20)

Birzman first gained a lot of attention when they introduced their Snap-It pump head at a time when many screw on heads were causing presta valves to blow their tops. While the Snap-It was certainly good, it wasn’t perfect as we found with certain valve styles. Looking to remedy that situation, Birzman has introduced the latest version of the Snap-It, the Apogee. Not only does the new head make it even easier to inflate presta valves, it also requires less work to inflate schrader valves in what looks like a winning combination for pumps.

Snap into the details next…


Review: Birzman Zacoo Tiny Tanker Floor Pump

Birzman Zacoo Tini Tanker review  (10)

Size doesn’t matter, right? Well in the world of bicycle pumps, it just might. Meet Birzman’s Zacoo Tiny Tanker, a tiny floor pump that acts like it’s full sized. As the smallest member of Birzman’s Zacoo floor pump range, the Tiny Tanker promises impressive performance in a compact package that will still fit in your bag, car, or luggage.

What’s it like to live (pump) with? Find out next…


Mike Steidley Checks in with the Birzman Travel Tool Box

Mike Steidley Checks in with the Birzman Travel Tool Box

Since I started carrying a portable tool kit in my car it has saved a lot of rides. To date, I’m not sure it has ever been used on one of my bikes, but saving the ride for someone else can be just as rewarding. Birzman introduced their new tool boxes earlier this year at Frostbike with both the mega Studio, and the more portable Travel kit.

Equipped with the 20 tools most used for quick repairs to building a new bike, the Birzman Travel kit is ready to save the day.  Birzman sponsored rider, and 11 time Trials National champion Mike Steidley opens up the heavy duty PE plastic Travel case, to break down what’s inside., next… READ MORE ->

Review: Birzman T-Bar Wrench Set

Birzman Allen Wrench Review (2)

Ask any mechanic, and they probably have a favorite set of allen wrenches they immediately head for when working on a bike. Having the right tools can mean zipping through a repair, or struggling to get it done, even when it comes to allen wrenches. The Birzman T-Bar could be considered more of a prosumer product due to the price, but if you’re looking to outfit your home workshop, the set is worth a look.