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End of the Road To NAHBS 2013 – Kirklee Bicycles

End of the Road To NAHBS 2013 - Kirklee Bicycles

Chances are, if you walk through the aisles of NAHBS, very few of the bikes you see will be made from Carbon Fiber. We’ve already covered one builder with Appleman, and now we get a chance to talk to Brad Cason from Kirklee bicycles whose custom carbon creations will leave you wondering how such a small operation puts out such a polished final design.

Our last interview for 2013 NAHBS starts now…


Road to NAHBS 2013: Geekhouse Bikes

Road to NAHBS: Geekhouse Bikes

Photo Credit: John Watson,

Normally, you won’t have any trouble identifying a Geekhouse bike. Known for their bright, candy colored powder coat finishes, it’s no wonder they have an extension of their business in powder coating – known as Sugarcoat. However, the Boston, MA builder isn’t afraid to change things up with darker colors, customer’s needs, or unique bikes all together. Geekhouse was founded by Marty Walsh in 2002, and expanded to a two-man operation in 2010 with the addition of Bradford Smith. Together they continue to turn out unique custom builds, worthy of the Geekhouse name.

Check out Marty’s response to the NAHBS 6 pack of questions, after the break.


Road To NAHBS 2013 – Inglis/Retrotec Cycles

Curtis Inglis started in the hand made bicycle world when he got a job in 1993 working for Robert Seals, the founder of Retrotec and the inventor of the original Cool Tool multi-tool. Three years later, after moving to San Francisco with Jeremy and Jay Sycip, Curtis launched Inglis cycles but continued to build Retrotecs on demand. These days, Curtis continues to build both lines of frames out of his Napa, CA home base with Retrotec continuing to offer modern takes on retro classic styling, and Inglis covering traditional straight tube frames.

Check out Curtis’ take on our pre-NAHBS interview next.


Road To NAHBS 2013 – Cielo by Chris King

Road To NAHBS 2013 - Cielo by Chris King

Born from Chris King, Cielo offers beautifully made bikes worthy of the boutique badge, yet produced on a larger scale. This year, Cielo will be bringing 7 different bikes to NAHBS including the new Cross Racer Disc pictured above. The Racer is built with a PF 30 BB which utilizes King’s soon to be released PressFit bottom bracket, as well as disc specific dropouts, a 44mm head tube, and aggressive race honed geometry. To take advantage of the 44mm head tube, a custom painted ENVE cross disc tapered fork is used and the bike can be equipped with King’s InSet 7 headset, and new R45 Disc hubs and will be offered in two color schemes.

We got a chance to chat with Cielo’s Design Manager, Jay SyCip, about what they have in store for NAHBS after the break.


Road To NAHBS 2013 – Engin Cycles

All studio images c. Charles Uniatowski

After starting Wissahickon Cyclery in 1995 and creating a bike shop beloved by the community with the help of his staff, owner Drew Guldalian turned his sights to the bike building business 11 years later. Today, Engin Cycles operates hand in hand with Wissahickon turning out beautiful and show winning bikes primarily from steel. However, new for 2013, Drew will be offering an option for titanium as a build material and is currently working out the details. We asked Drew about his Ti bikes and plans for the future after the break.


Road to NAHBS 2013 – Appleman Bicycles

Among custom carbon bike builders, there’s no mistaking Appleman’s unique, three-dimensional logo and often creative outer layers of woven carbon and tinted fiberglass. Last year he was tucked along the back wall with the new builders and first time exhibitors and only showed off a single disc brake cyclocross bike. This year he’s got a few more things planned…

BIKERUMOR: What materials do you build with? Which is your favorite and why?

APPLEMAN: I build frames exclusively with carbon fiber. In fact, I ditch aluminum frame parts and make my own carbon fiber parts resulting in a frame that is 99.8% carbon! I’m obsessed with carbon fiber’s strength and inherent beauty. When done properly, the ride of a carbon fiber frame is amazing. Carbon fiber allows me to truly customize the entire frame for a particular rider. Every frame receives custom tubing and layups that allow for a fine-tuned ride.


Road To NAHBS 2013: Boo Bicycles

road to nabs 2013 nick and james of boo bicycles

As if the juxtaposition of thick bamboo tubes connected by glossy carbon fiber wasn’t enough, last year Boo Bicycles introduced a carbon “exogrid” style overwrap for their bamboo tubes. Builder Nick Frey also went with a full carbon seat tube/seat mast design on some bikes, giving one bike in particular a very modern look and feel despite being made of a very old, natural material. Now, he’s mixing the panda food with metals…

Bikerumor: What materials do you build with? Which is your favorite and why? 

Nick: We normally use exclusively bamboo and carbon, and Boo has built a brand around the highest performance bamboo bikes in the world. But we are going out and experimenting at NAHBS this year…we will be showing new bamboo-Ti and bamboo-Al bikes. The bamboo-Ti bike will be called Glissando, and will have a gorgeous split-bamboo top tube that flows seamlessly into the seat stays. It will be a high-design commuter bike, fit for display in a top design studio. The bamboo-Al bike will be called Aluboo, and will be priced at under $1000 for an entry-level fixie! We hope to bring the quality ride and handmade craftsmanship of Boo to a new audience.


Road To NAHBS 2013: Winter Bicycles’ Eric Estlund

road to nahbs 2013 winter bicycles

Last year, we pre-interviewed Winter Bicycles’ Eric Estlund but somehow managed to not post anything from his booth at the show…an oversight we won’t repeat. Fortunately, we sorta made up for it by covering his goods at the Oregon Manifest show, where he had some pretty cool stuff. Here’s what he’s been building and riding since…

Bikerumor: What materials do you build with? Which is your favorite and why?

Eric: I build in steel. There is a huge variety between the different alloys, diameters shapes and butting. With steel I can build modern bikes that are tailored for the individual client and joined in traditional methods.


The Road To NAHBS 2013: Ira Ryan Cycles

ira ryan classic steel lugged cx frame for japanese customer

Last year, Ira Ryan’s booth had one of the best bikes at the show. The red commuter had gorgeous racks and detail work and a matching trailer, all decked out with so much matching red anodized Chris King stuff. It was awesome. We’ve also seen some very pretty hand cut lugs and more from him in the past, so we’re pretty excited to see what he’s got in store for 2013…

Bikerumor: What materials do you build with? Which is your favorite and why?

Ira: Steel is the most versatile and adaptable material for building bicycles period.