Project 24.2 Review: Lezyne’s tenacious Flow bottle cage

Bottle cages have a pretty simple remit: to hold waterbottles.  Sure, it’s nice if they’re good looking, high tech, or reasonably priced- but all of this is forgotten the moment a bottle goes missing.  Lezyne know this and have built what may be the most tenacious bottle cage I’ve come across.  Is it the cage […]

Project 24.2 Review: Shimano RD-M985 XTR Shadow Plus rear derailleur

See all of our Project 24.2 reviews here! First introduced just about a year ago, Shimano’s XTR Shadow Plus rear derailleur represents one of the first major advances in rear derailleurs that the mountain bike market has embraced in a very long time.  Starting with their low-profile XTR rear mech, Shimano have added (Plus!) a […]

Project 24.2 Review: Hydrapak’s lightweigt Selva hydration pack

See all of our Project 24.2 reviews here! Just right.  It’s always subjective assessment, but finding a hydration pack that’s just right for racing has been hard for me.  Sure, most racers wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pack on race day, but when facing 24 hours’ worth of riding, being able to fix mechanicals, […]

Project 24.2 Review: Roval’s do-it-all Control Trail SL wheelset

See all of our Project 24.2 reviews here! If you could only have one wheelset, what would it look like?  Every rider is different, but for me, it would sport sturdy rims wide enough to handle true 2.3in tires, have a proven freehub, be compatible with several hub standards, freakishly light, and not too expensive.  […]

Project 24.2 Review Update: Road ID’s lightweight Wrist ID Slim

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! While it has worked so far, I decided to go in a different direction when it came time to update the contact information on my Road ID Wrist ID Elite.  As temperatures have gone from wintery to downright hot, the wide silicone band has been on the […]

Project 24.2 Review: Keeping our soft parts soft with Okole Stuff

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! Every cyclist has spent a good day in the saddle feeling happy and loving life- only to sit down at work the next day realizing that more than a unpleasant amount rubbing and chapping has occurred. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take until the next day.  Shaving, years […]

Project 24.2 Review: Smith’s all-but-invisible Pivlock V2 sunglasses

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! In my Project 24.2 kickoff post last winter, I said that if Smith’s second generation Pivlock V2s were even a little bit better than the super-light, super-comfortable Pivlock V90s, then they’d be my new favorite sunglasses.  Though an adjustable nosepiece has been added, the Pivlock V2s are […]

Updated Project 24.2 Review: Vittoria’s made-to-order Supra MTB shoes

See all of our Project 24.2 reviews here! Made in Italy.  That little phrase- though increasingly hard to find- is almost magical in the cycling world.  Not only does it signify a high-end product, but those three words evoke a land where food is enjoyed, style is effortless, and cycling is a part of culture.  […]

Project 24.2 Review: Specialized’s Comfy Henge Expert Saddle

See all of our Project 24.2 posts here! With Specialized providing the aft contact points for our Project 24.2 race bike, I suspected that my happy parts would be in good hands.  Falling under their Body Geometry aegis, Specialized’s saddles were developed in conjunction with one Dr. Roger Minkow to “eliminate numbness and soreness normally […]