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NAHBS 2013: True Fabrications’ Steel Road, City & Mountain Bikes

True Fabrications custom steel disc brake road bike

True Fabrications hails from Austin, TX, and has been building custom steel bikes since 2005. They started out just building 29er frames for themselves, but now offer road, cyclocross, mountain and commuter bikes. They also make stems.

The disc brake road bike shown here is for a customer in Dublin. It has all internal cable routing, which is done with super clean execution. The paint ain’t too shabby either!

Click through for closeups and their other booth bikes…


NAHBS 2013: Bicycles from Ground Up, Metrofiets, Paketa & Zullo

Ground Up Cycles custom hand painted bicycles at NAHBS 2013

Ground Up Designs’ Eric Baar brought his brushes and was pinstriping and decorating his bikes at the show. The sparkly racer above caught our eye for the garage-mechanic World of Outlaws motif, but the details made us stay.

The frame uses a reversed sliding dropout placement and unique turnbuckle bar to adjust tension on the belt drive. Click through for closeups of this and some other eyecatching bikes of his, Metrofiets’ crowd-carrying cargo bike, Paketa’s magnesium tandem (and others) and some beautiful paint from Zullo…


NAHBS 2013: Silk Cycles’ Engineering Marvel, Donkelope Goes Steampunk

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike

At first glance, this road bike from Silk Cycles seems to have to many tubes. Upon closer inspection however, I quickly realized the engineering work at hand here.  The bike is a full size folder, and an elegantly designed one at that.

See just how the bike breaks down on the other side, plus a wild steampunk build from Donkelope…


NAHBS 2013: Predator Custom Carbon, Shamrock Cycles & One-Off FSA Singlespeed Disc Carbon Tubular Wheels

Predator Barstem 1
Predator Cycling is known for being one of a very few carbon fiber repair shops in the country (Ruckus being another).  But they do so much more.  At NAHBS they were happily showing off both bikes and components.

The first thing I noticed at the Predator booth was not their full carbon road bike, and it wasn’t their custom carbon belt drive cyclocross racer.  It was, in fact, The Major, their barstem combo that retails at a starting price of $600.  This barstem combo is unique in its construction.  It utilizes an inner joint made of ballistics kevlar that really helps kill road vibration.  The outer joint is then made of high modulus carbon fiber, and can even include an outer kevlar weave for added color like the red pictured above.  Any composite stem and bar can be used, but the stock option starts with an ENVE stem and FSA SL-K bar.

Hit the jump for Predator’s bikes and their pressfit seat mast / saddle combo, plus the bikes from Shamrock Cycles…


NAHBS 2013: Gaulzetti, Generic, Tommasini & Richard Sachs

Gaulzetti Cicli pantone green road bike with new dropouts

In our pre-NAHBS interview this year, Gaulzetti promised a new emerald green color, supposedly the hot new Pantone (17-5641) hue for 2013, and, well, he delivered. It’s a bit brighter in person, and surprisingly good looking.

And that’s not all they showed that’s new. Click through for pics and info on his stuff, plus bikes from Generic Cycles, Tomassini and our usual photos-only coverage of Richard Sachs…


NAHBS 2013: Andy Hampsten, Ellis, Funk Cycles & Yipsan

Andy Hampstens 1988 Giro di Italia Race Winning Road Bike

While lots of attention was placed up on Andy Hampsten’s 1988 Giro-winning race bike, which was indeed branded as a Huffy, there was plenty more to see at his booth. But it was still pretty cool seeing a complete Dura-Ace group from that era, so we nabbed some pics.

Like Hampsten, Ellis Cycles had their take on a gravel road bike, and Funk had a range of titanium mountain bikes to behold. Yipsan, meanwhile, scaled back the flash and only brought customer bikes, but they still had the kind of details we love to see. Click on through for the gallery and notes…


NAHBS 2013: Vendetta, Form Cycles & Don Walker

Form Cycles custom disc brake gravel road bike

Form Cycle’s new disc brake road bike is built from KVA stainless steel and gets internal routing and brazed on small bits (disc brake tabs, cable ports, bottle bosses) for a cleaner look.

They’re also working on a gravel road version that’ll have more tire clearance thanks to S-bend chainstays. It’ll also get a slightly relaxed head angle and use ENVE’s road disc fork, which has a bit more clearance.

For gnarlier terrain, there’s a ti fat bike and stainless mountain bike, plus great rides from Vendetta and Don Walker, below…


NAHBS 2013: DeSalvo, Alliance & Carl Strong

Carl Strong custom titanium disc brake gravel adventure road bike

Carl Strong had but one bike on display at NAHBS this year: Carl’s Personal Blend.

It’s a new concept dirt road bike designed to show his take on a disc brake road bike aimed at rough road, back country riding. Bottom bracket is lower than a ‘cross bike, and head tube is a bit slacker to accommodate the increased rake of ENVE’s disc cyclocross fork. This gives it a bit longer front center/wheelbase and more toe clearance. It’ll handle at least a 37mm tire with knobbies, but he can make more room by fabricating a fork, too.

The geometry is, of course, is customized for each rider, but is a balance between a road and ‘cross bike’s performance with the relaxed geometry for longer days on roads less traveled.

Hit ‘more’ for a detail shot and a look at a variety of bicycles from Alliance and DeSalvo, too…


NAHBS 2013: Mosaic Updates, Categorizes Road & Cyclocross, Adds 650B & DJ Mountain Bikes

Mosaic custom titanium Di2 disc brake road bike

Mosaic has typically just built what people wanted. Problem is, people sometimes don’t know what they want. Or, at least, it helps to give them a starting point.

So, Mosaic has for the first time launched specific models to make “custom” a little less intimidating. Bikes are now given simple letter codes: R (road), M (mountain) and X (cyclocross).

While many builders order their headtubes from a tubing supplier like Paragon, they machine their own headtubes in house. They machine the internals to fit the headset bearings and the butting on the outside. Also, they’re doing more integrated internal cable routing across a range of bikes, and it’s being done very well.

For road bikes, shown above, they now offer a disc brake option. Click through for details and their mountain bike options, including a custom titanium Dirt Jumper…