Interview and Shop Tour: Eric Baar from The Ground Up Speed Shop

I became familiar with Eric Baar through his Instagram account (where he highlights welds and brushwork each day) as well as through the high praise of other builders and members of the community. When I found myself buying tickets to Colorado Springs for a conference, Eric’s Ground Up Speed Shop was on the top of […]

Road to NAHBS 2012 – Reynold Yip of Yipsan Cycles

Reynold Yip’s won the People’s Choice award at NAHBS 2010 and his 2011 collection saw a very nice Rambler and Big Mountain bike grace the show floor. For 2012, he’s bringing a show version of the 650b randonneur bike, like what you see here, and some retro-inspired cruisers. Until then, here’s a peek at what […]

Race To NAHBS! ADHD Interview: 11 NAHBS-Related Questions For YiPsan Bicycles

HT Lug brazing POV – YiPsan from YiPsan on Vimeo. Today, in our ongoing interview series: Race To NAHBS! we have Colorado-based frame builder Renold Yip of YiPsan Bicycles. YipSan was the winner of Best City Bicycle Award and the People’s Choice Award at NAHBS 2010. Considering how unique and beautiful YiPsan’s bikes are, it […]

Factory Tour: Bilenky Cycle Works – Custom Bicycles, Repairs and Fabrications

Rather than just show up and drink their beer and race their junkyard cyclocross course, we arrived at Bilenky’s shop a bit early to take a tour and snap some pics of their handiwork. Bilenky Cycleworks does more than just make pretty bikes, they’ve got quite the bustling business repairing and modifying existing bikes from […]

North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2011 – Updates

We’re not going to lie…we really can’t wait for the 2011 NAHBS. Not only is it in Austin, but it’s a great way to kick of the year’s shows by getting a look at the craftsmen and women that pour their heart and soul into building bicycles. If you weren’t a regular reader back in […]

NAHBS – Custom Cycling Badges and Emblems from Poka

NAHBS 2010 – Ever wonder where boutique bike brands get their lovely emblems and head badges?  Poka Cycle Accessories could be the source. They have a range of artsy designs available for purchase, or you can get full custom headbadges, even if you only need one.  Good art’s not cheap, though, and one-off badges from […]

NAHBS – Brilliant Chrome and Lugs on Peter Mooney Cycles

NAHBS 2010 – Peter Mooney Cycles bills itself as having “tradition, performance and impeccable style” and this bike shows it.  Sadly, in my rush through the show, I didn’t get much info or even a complete bike pic.  But, the devil’s in the details, and there are a lot of great details on this bike. […]

NAHBS – Mosaic’s Ti Cyclocross Racer and More

NAHBS 2010 – Drawing on seven years of experience building titanium bikes for Dean, Aaron Barcheck took what he learned and started Mosaic, where he builds custom Ti and TIG welded steel bicycles. Shown above is their 3/2.5av titanium Zealot cyclocross bike, a fairly standard looking ti frame…until you get to the rear end.  The […]

NAHBS – Maietta’s GPS-equipped Road Frame Keeps Tabs on Your Bike

NAHBS 2010 – Maietta Custom Bike’s namesake Anthony Maietta concocted what he believes to be the world’s first internally equipped GPS enabled road bike, allowing you to not only track your rides, but to see where your bike is at all times.  Think of it as a technologically advanced global positioning baby monitor for your […]