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John Cobb Gets Randee with New Long Distance Road/Tri Saddle


While it may look like a triathlete’s perch, the Randee is designed for long distance riders looking for a bit more comfort while resting toward the nose of the saddle.

It’s John Cobb’s second JOF design, meaning “Just Off Front”, and is certainly inspired by the multisport crowd who tend to have their seats pushed farther forward and bodies situated in a TT position. The Randee, however, is aimed at gran fondo, all day riders -its name is a play on Randonneur- that still want to hammer. The nose is 48mm wide, which they say strikes the balance between supporting you when riding on the nose but not chafing the thighs.

Rear width is 155mm, and weight is claimed at 306g. Retail is $169.99 and they come with a 90 day comfort guarantee. Check ’em out at

Javelin’s Wing-Shaped, John Cobb Designed Aero Front Hub, Plus a New Road Frame

Javelin just sent over some photos of their crazy looking new Zero front hub. As the photo suggests, it’s carbon fiber and wing shaped. The wing is fixed in position, presumably by clamping the hub with the (carbon fiber!) quick release once you have the wing where you want it…we’re double checking with them on how to set it up and will update.

The design comes from aerodynamics go-to guy John Cobb (search “john cobb” to see some of his other cycling related projects) and is patented in the U.S. The design is available in both 18 and 20 spoke configurations and ready to be built up with your favorite spokes and rims.

But wait, there’s more! Like their very nice looking, honey-combed Cortina Evo carbon road bike frame. Check it out after the break…


EB13: Cobb Designed Rudy Project Wing57 TT-Triathlon Aero Helmet Bends Air, Shell


Triathlon helmets aren’t typically something I get super excited about. But the new Rudy Project Wing57 time trial helmet has some really innovative features that really stood out.

It’s a progression from the Wingspan they introduced a while back and was developed with aerodynamics guru John Cobb. At first glance, the biggest difference is the lack of an extended tail section. Instead, it uses a central fin on the exit port that has a magnetic extension to fit different rider back/neck shapes. It’s called the Vortex Killer, and it’s designed to reduce turbulence while helping pull more air through the helmet and balance out the high pressure zone typically created at the front of a helmet.


Just in Time for Easter, Flourescent Rudy Project Wingspan TT Helmets

rudy project wingspan tt triathlon aerodynamic helmets designed by john cobb in flourescent colors

Rudy Project’s Wingspan TT helmet, released last year after testing by Team Milram in the 2009 pro race season, is now available in flourescent green, yellow and pink…just in time for spring.

Designed by aerodynamics expert John Cobb, the Wingspan has a number of hidden features to customize it to the event, rider and even ambient temperature…and it’s only 349g, pretty good for an aero helmet. It also comes in normal colors. Check out the full specs in this post.

What a Drag: Why Your Non-Dimpled Water Bottle Makes You Slow


Racers spend ridiculous amounts of money, time and energy to drop seconds, and Rocket Science says their water bottle will save 53 seconds over standard smooth bottles in a 40k ride at 30mph.

Sure, you’re probably not crushing 30mph for more than a few minutes at a time…on downhills…but for $12, you can get their dimpled water bottle that’s actually been wind tunnel tested by aerodynamics guru John Cobb to reduce drag by 16%.

Rocket Science’s round, 21-ounce bottle uses the same dimples found on golf balls–and some aero race wheels–to reduce drag. Quick science lesson: As air flows over the bottle, it separates; the turbulence in its wake causes drag. Delay the separation with dimples, and voila: less drag.

That should save you enough time to fill it with bubbly before 2nd place crosses the line.

Interbike 2009 – Wilier Imperiale Aero Road Bike

2010 wilier imperiale aerodynamic road bike designed by john cobb bicycles interbike 2009

INTERBIKE 2009Wilier Trestina introduced their new aerodynamic road bike, the 2010 Imperiale, designed to minimize the effects of crosswinds and maximize aerodynamic efficiency.

In the past, Wilier (pronounced vee-lee-air) worked with reknowned aero guru John Cobb (type his name in our search bar and you’ll find some other brands he’s worked with, too) on their Cento Crono and Tri Crono TT bikes, and the Italian brand brought him on board to design the Imperiale’s frame and fork.

Cobb points out that making a bike aerodynamic requires more thought and research than simply ovalizing tubes or attempting to “hide” or integrate components. It’s all about managing airflow,” he explains. “If you try beat or cheat the air, you’ve already lost the battle.”

Pics, specs and our ride review after the break…


Rudy Project’s New External Skeleton Sterling Helmet


Rudy Project has upped their lid game with the new Sterling bicycle helmet.  It’s feature packed and comes in at around the same price as (or just lower than) the top-level helmets from other manufacturers.

Shown here on six-time consecutive Tour de France Green Jersey winner Erik Zabel, who helped design the Sterling, it uses a composite skeleton that’s made into a functional style element, and it’s functional in more ways than one.  First and foremost, it provides a strong platform to build the helmet around, helping to protect your head when other helmets might shatter.  Second, it actually serves as a sunglasses holder that’ll fit pretty much any sports shades, whether they’re from Rudy Project or not.

There are lots more great features to show, plus pricing, weight and colors, right after the break…


New Wingspan Aero Helmet from Rudy Project


After being put through its paces in the 2009 Tour de France by team Milram, Rudy Project has just released their new Wingspan aero helmet for time trialists and triathletes.  Designed by aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the Wingspan features a unique rear end houses tall vents to keep you from getting all hot headed.

Available in matte colors Black/Silver, White/Silver and Red/Blue/White, the Wingspan weighs in at just 280g, exceeds CPSC requirements and is lighter than Rudy Project’s previous model, the Syton. It includes Rudy Project’s R.S.R. 7 Disc retention system for single-handed on-the-fly adjustments and has ear covers incorporated into the helmet’s shell for maximum aerodynamics.

rudy-project-wingspang_white rudy-project-wingspang_black

Cobb, who has worked with Greg LeMond, Simon Lessing, Wilier Bicycles and many other pros and top brands, put the Wingspan through extensive wind tunnel testing and came up with the unique tail design to work well for all TT positions and back profiles, specifically the “flat” and “U” shapes most people display when tucked into an aero position.

Click on pics above to enlarge, or hit ‘more’ for detail photos…