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EB15: Brake Force One H2O disc brake trades mineral oil for water

Brake Force One H2O hydraulic disc brakes that use water

Brake Force One has completely redesigned their unique hydraulic brakes to use water instead of mineral oil. The calipers still use their two step system to provide near instant engagement before ramping up the power, just in a different configuration. Still a closed system, too, because it’s a high volume lever system that can handle any expansion.

They say water makes the brake more heat resistant because it has a five times higher heat transfer rate, two times the heat capacity and less expansion under heat than mineral oil. It’s also less compressible, which is why many trials riders have used it. It’s also much more environmentally friendly.

Which begs the question, why doesn’t everyone just use water? “Everyone just imported the tech from cars,” they said, which meant a rethink was in order…


EB14: Euro-Bytes – Lauf Forks, Brake Force One & Schlumpf Advanced Belt Drive

Following the recent announcement if their new 27.5″ fork, Lauf has revised their already really light short travel leaf spring 29er fork to be a bit lighter and a bit stronger.

The revised lower section around the axle is cleaner looking, and it now holds their own bolt-in thru axle rather than being spec’d with the Rockshox Maxle. It’s just 47g, a considerable drop, and ther are new molded axle guides that the wheel can rest on while being installed.

More weight savings come from the full carbon bump stop, which replaces the alloy one on the original. You’re only goin to hit it when you bottom out the 60mm of travel, which is harder than you’d think.

Interbike 2012: Ibex Sports anounce Brake Force One distribution

Green caliper with purple piston caps and orange fluid? With MyBFO program, why not?

Bikerumor have been following Germany’s Brake Force One for some time, so we won’t go into too many technical details here, but Ibex Sports had several sets on hand at Interbike to celebrate their distribution of the much-anticipated wunderbrake.  Brakes will be landing in the US in October and should be available from both Ibex Sports and Competitive Cyclist by the end of that month.  Hit the jump to see one of the nicest post mount adapters yet and BFO’s integrated Shimano shifter perch…


Brake Force One Updates Closed-System Hydraulic Brakes, Adds Glow in Dark Hoses

2013 Brake Force One closed system hydraulic mountain bike brakes with new colors and glow in dark hoses

Brake Force One is an interesting set up on its own, being a completely closed hydraulic braking system. For 2013, they’ve updated just about everything inside and out. The short list is this:

  • New internals for smoother, easier lever feel
  • Colored parts and brake fluid options
  • Glow in the dark brake hoses
  • Customized laser etching
  • Lighter, sleeker mounts

Now, for the details, along with cutaway images on how the system and the dual stage Brake Booster design works…


Meet Brake Force One, a German approach to how you stop

There’s engineering and then there’s German engineering. What sets the two apart? In this case: a few hundred dollars, a unique concept, and unusual brake lever ergonomics. Developed by Jakob Lauhoff, 18, the Brake Force One brakes have a claimed weight of 205 grams (without disc) and retail for 390€ (or roughly $500 USD). Unfortunately, there are currently no American distributors for those with the means.

Their teenage inventor claims his design, which forgoes a brake fluid reservoir, is twice as powerful as current brakes but requires only half the operating power. The levers have been designed accordingly, with only sufficient space to comfortably rest one finger.

Read on to ogle and learn more…



John Siegrist Kicks off New Chapter after DEAN Titanium with VeloSport Imports

Velosport Imports John dean alan guerciotti alchemist zulo german a (11)

While we were checking out the latest creation from DEAN at NAHBS, we were pretty surprised to hear that John Siegrist was stepping down from the helm and letting Ari Leon take the reins. Ari has been welding DEAN bikes for years under the tutelage of John himself, and while John will still be on hand for guidance and consulting, he decided it was time for a change. According to Siegrist, more than twenty years is a long time to be doing anything and while he still gets excited to put on a welding mask and build his own bikes, he was ready for a new challenge.

Like many of us, the siren’s call of the bike industry is too great to resist so John has decided to open his own distributorship. Focusing on “cool brands that I like that aren’t represented in the market place,” John is starting VeloSport Imports with names like Guerciotti, ALAN, Zulo, Alchemist, German A and Sommerville….


EB14: Open Cycle’s 15.12lb Race-Ready Hardtail Mountain Bike

Open Cycle 1.0 ultra lightweight hardtail mountain bike

How do you take one of the lightest complete bikes and make it even lighter? Add a Lauf Fork and THM Clavicula cranks, of course.

Following frame tweaks and a production shift to Germany announced earlier this year, the chassis comes in at under 800g for a size Large. Until now, the lightest complete build we’ve seen from them was a 16.2lb bike with Di2 parts. Now, they’ve pushed more than a pound lighter by running XX1 on one of the lightest cranksets and forks on the market.

Click through for detail shots and the scale’s readout…


EB13: New Tune Blackfoot Carbon Cranks, Ultralight Aero Disc Brake Road Wheels & More


Tune teased out most of their new stuff in recent months, like the wheels and crankset, but now we’ve got details and more photos. And there’s always a little surprise or two lurking in their booth (and it never hurts when the company founder is showing you around to find them!).

The Blackfoot cranks use a removable spider to run a single or double around an aluminum 30mm spindle. Weight is just 375g with their single ring, and 445g with a double, also with their rings.

The carbon panels are stitched together rather than laid into place manually, which lets them curve the sheets and hold them in place before the whole piece is wrapped around a foam core and placed in the mold. This gives them a lot of control over the layup, resulting in a very good strength to weight ratio. The arms are only about 95g each.


FairWheel Bikes’ New Ultimate Big Warp Project

A lot of us have built our own bikes, but what if they sky was the limit? Imagine you had access to every swanky part on the market and were planning to build a halo bike of your own. A while ago, we received a note from Jason over at FairWheel Bikes who had done just that. As purveyors of the exceptionally light, and pricey, Jason had a world of exotic parts within his grasp and it shows in the final build. The result? A 17.59 pound, geared New Ultimate Big Warp 29er with a Lefty. Yikes.

As luck would have it, I happened to be the only writer available who could fit the wonder bike, so Jason packed up his freshly built personal bike that he hadn’t even ridden yet, and sent it off to the Mid West for some Bikerumor Testing. I wish I could say I have quite a bit of experience with bikes of this caliber, but as Jason himself pointed out, typically project bikes such as this are fairly inaccessible except to the owners of course. However, since Jason had built the Big Warp for himself he offered it up for us to get a taste of what a boutique build is like.

Curious how you build a sub 18 pound 29er that is daily driver compatible? Check it out after the break.