LOV Bikes’ Colors Astound – You Dream It, They Paint It

LOV Bikes Six Custom Colors On Carbon Full ProfileAlways game for something new and pretty, spotting these custom-designed carbon works of LOV from the Vail valley of Colorado was a treat. If you wanna stand out from the Giant-Trekalized crowd with a whopping pop of custom colors, look no further. Dazzle the eyes with more pics ahead…

LOV Bikes Six Custom Colors On Carbon stem bar combo

A Very Blue One Piece – Personal Property of Owner Nate Picklo

LOV Bikes is playing a similar game as many others in their geometries and builds, but they are managing to do so to the beat of their own drum.

LOV Bikes Six Custom Colors On Carbon rear disc

The LOV Boys Love Their Valley – The Vail Valley

Owner Nate Picklo stated his vision for LOV Bikes is simply to build ‘em the way he likes to ride ‘em. And apparently Picklo likes full electronic groups with disc cuz that’s all he’s interested in showing off. (Although, I didn’t hear too many people complaining.)

LOV Bikes Six Custom Colors On Carbon

Emeril Would Be Proud

Clearly, LOV’s core competency is paint. I doubt you’ve seen many manufacturers be so bold with color. As Emeril would say, “Bam!

LOV Bikes _The_MacQueen_ Four Custom Colors On Carbon

Lovingly Titled the “MacQueen” in Honor of Steve and the Porsche 917k Gulf Racing Livery

For the bold and proud — frame/fork/headset/seatpost:
Three colors: $2,499
Six colors (you know you want to): $2,999

LOV Bikes _The_MacQueen_ Four Custom Colors On Carbon v2

And because I know you will ask — full DuraAce Di2 builds come in right at 17.0lbs for a 56cm, with Ultegra Di2 at “sub” 18lbs.

LOV Bikes Custom Painted Carbon - Paint Room

From the LOV Archives – Where the Magic Happens

For more: lovbikes.com


Terry - 09/04/14 - 7:29pm

Bam indeed!

edd - 09/04/14 - 8:27pm

Those are actually beautiful! I haven’t seen anything like that before; top marks.

Rico - 09/04/14 - 10:56pm

Great paint!

Flop - 09/05/14 - 1:26am

Great paint, nice marketing. But, I feel like this is the result of an artist actually talking to those Asian dudes in the back of inter bike and slapping his credit card down. “I will take 50 frames from china bikes direct and put a nice paint job on them.” You cannot pretend that he competes with real companies. Nate should offer custom paint to consumers and leave the bike sales to true brick and mortar shops who can make their customer happy with out hanging the highest end parts of frames to make customers think they are getting their money’s worth.

Terrafire - 09/05/14 - 2:34am

Wait, @flop, are you trying to stifle creativity? Do you want angry commenters? Because this is how you get angry commenters.

CDG - 09/05/14 - 7:19am

I remember seeing some of their bikes at CX races here in CO last…and always taking a double-take or two…or three. Good stuff for sure!

CDG - 09/05/14 - 7:20am

*last year… (too early, too little coffee)

brattercakes - 09/05/14 - 9:05am

Dream job. Right there.

PeterReid - 09/05/14 - 10:18am

Here’s my type-A bike personality coming out…. Thats a horrible finishing tape job on the second picture…. Great paint job….horrible tape job

jmoney - 09/05/14 - 11:25am

Those are the coolest bikes ever. I saw the bikes at the Pro Cycling Tour in Colorado Springs and at the VIP tent in Vail. (deleted)

Jones - 09/05/14 - 11:37am

$2000-$2500 paint job?
Good luck with that.

RockyMtnCross - 09/05/14 - 11:44am

Where do I sign up?!? Sick paint jobs!! I see a bright future for this company. (No pun intended) What a great business model, considering nearly half of buyers buy their bikes based off of what factory paint jobs look cool to them anyways. The other half buy based on the build kits they want. The other 2% can keep thinking a $10,000 Trekalized is going to make them pro.. :-)

Dave - 09/05/14 - 12:09pm

That pink and black one in the paint booth is the bomb diggity.

codyish - 09/05/14 - 12:22pm

@Jones – that’s the price for the frameset with that paint job, not the price for the paint job alone. Reading comprehension fail.

Nate - 09/05/14 - 12:43pm

Got view these at the Pro Challenge, pictures don’t do them justice..Gorgeous

Nate - 09/05/14 - 12:53pm

Beautiful bikes,got to view them at the Pro Challenge. Pics don’t do them justice..

Jones - 09/05/14 - 1:06pm

Codyish- no failure to comprehend here. I’ll do the math for you:
$2499-$2999 painted frameset minus $500 ish chinese frame and fork equals $200-2500 (ish) paint job. You’re welcome 😉

lov bikes - 09/05/14 - 8:49pm

Thank you BikeRumor.com for the great write up and helping us spread the LOV. We appreciate all the comments as well, we can only improve what we are doing, so every person’s perspective is helpful. We will be out at CrossVegas racing in Wheelers and Dealers. Stop by our lov bus in the team area, say hi, and take a close up look of some of our rides. If you would like to discuss our bikes further, please contact us at nate@lovbikes.com.

ceebee - 09/06/14 - 8:21am

Colour is nice as long as it is black

Ajax - 09/06/14 - 1:16pm

I love the paint! But the price? No thanks.

Joon - 09/11/14 - 2:31am

Love the Gulf paint job. Took a gander at their website but nowhere can I find any information regarding geometry. Not very confidence inspiring :(

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