First Look: ANVL Components Expands Lineup with Carbon Handlebars and Composite Pedals


Despite having only launched last year, ANVL Components is already hard at work expanding their current product line. Having nailed down the aesthetics, geo, and tech for several products, they’re now playing with different materials.

Their Mandrel handlebar, which we reviewed earlier this year,  is now available in carbon. At 227 g, it’s ~70 g lighter than it’s aluminum counterpart, while still sharing the great ergonomics and graphics.

Anvil Components 2015 Carbon Handlebar_1

The handlebars are only available in the newer 35mm standard.

Anvil Components 2015 Carbon Handlebar_0

Like the alloy bars, they’re 800 mm wide and feature a 6 degree upswep and 7 degree backsweep. Pricing has TBD, but the bars should be shipping by late Fall.

Anvil Components 2015 Plastic Pedal_0

ANVL is also introducing a composite version of their Tilt pedal. The alloy pedal weighs 375 g and retails for $129.99, while the new Nylon Fiber Composite pedal weighs 300 g and is now shipping for $69.99.

Anvil Components 2015 Plastic Pedal_1

Currently the pedal is only available in black, but if you’re a fan of this hi-viz or another color, let them know in the comments!

ANVL Components



Terry - 08/29/14 - 12:40pm

how thick is that pedal? i’m liking the new thinnies like the VP-001.

MidwestEnduro - 08/29/14 - 1:44pm

Everything looks sick! the Hi-viz would be a sweet colorway if everything was available in it!

Al Boneta - 08/29/14 - 5:29pm

Transition and Anvl are really bringing the goods for 2015, I hope I have them in my store this fall

stratosrally - 08/30/14 - 4:56pm

@Terry, their website shows pics from other angles and states 14mm at center for the pedal thickness. Not bad at all, IMHO.

Ian - 09/05/14 - 9:32am

Anyone ridden the pedals yet?

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