Whistler Wednesday: Claire Buchar Summer of Summit, Remy Métailler Burns Whistler Bike Park, & A Whole Lot of Stoke

As a woman, I take an active interest in the various edits starring female riders that stream through my inbox. Almost always though, they’re disappointingly cutesy. Relying more on smiles for a sponsorship than a banger, so viewers are left with the bad taste of poorly used slomo instead of stoke.

Women like Casey BrownManon Carpenter, and Micayla Gatto, have been holding it down, but Claire Buchar just raised the bar. Hulk smashing through roots, an epic no hander, with a touch of classic Kovaric, make this one of my favorite edits of the year.

But wait wait, there’s more.

As one commenter on another site put it, why would Remy Métailler hit one jump when he could gap three. If you’ve ever ridden any of these trails, you know just how insane some of his lines are.


David - 08/27/14 - 5:50pm

Awesome vids! Lots of ladies rip, and it’s great to see more women featured.

Note to self: never follow Kovaric’s line.

Mazza - 08/30/14 - 11:33am

That first video.. oh sh*t, stoke.

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