Ice Bucket Challenge: Mike Sinyard & Specialized Bicycles Raise Funds For ALS

Everyone from Oprah to Bill Gates has been taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, but I’m pretty sure Specialized did it best. Not only did they raise funds for a great cause, but it looks like they had a great time doing it.

Specialized Dealers, Lululemon, and Team Astana at the Vuelta, you’ve been called out!



Al Boneta - 08/25/14 - 2:13pm

I used to work with some pretty awesome people at Specialized

Equine Master - 08/25/14 - 2:22pm

Please submit all anti-Specialized comments to me. I will compile them all and upload them in one post, so we can all revel in what will surely be some very witty and intelligent snipes at the Big S. Instead of searching 100 or so posts for comedic treasure, you can read all BR’s posters’ original diatribe with one click/scroll of the mouse.

Here is a potential gem: “Huh huh, are they going to sue other companies for dumping ice on their CEOs!?” and this zinger will definitely find the light and make it to the top of everyone’s list: “Is Sinyard going to subpoena Gehrig’s corpse?!”

onion - 08/25/14 - 2:52pm

I’m all for donating to the ALS Association, but it sure seems like we could do it without wasting so much clean water.

Saris Mercanti - 08/25/14 - 2:53pm

I hereby nominate Equine Master for president!

Greg - 08/25/14 - 3:51pm

Saw an ice bucket challenge at the Spearmint Rhino, blew this video away.

The Guy - 08/25/14 - 4:26pm

Greg, LULZ.

Sinyard says awesome too much. Way too much.

Al Boneta, I’m curious as to who you are, as I worked at the Big S as well.

The Other guy - 08/25/14 - 5:35pm

At least they used pool water and not drinking water.

steve - 08/25/14 - 6:03pm

what a great way to raise awareness for a nasty disease, now how about an ice bucket challenge for the planet which is trending quickly toward massive and permanent extinction, slightly more important than, well, just about anything,

Al Boneta - 08/25/14 - 6:23pm

@Greg My name is Al Boneta I was a bike developer for REC/ATB

G - 08/26/14 - 1:55am

Despite how weird this trend it… this was a well done and thoughtful video.

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