Found: Horst Engineering’s Monstrous Stainless Steel Cyclocross Shoe Toe Spikes


With some ‘cross courses seemingly looking for the most spectator friendly Slip ‘n’ Slide of a run up, you may be looking for a little extra traction when the days turn wet.

The Horst Spikes are made of stainless steel with durable rolled threads made to fit most any cyclocross or mountain bike shoe out there. Three standard options give you 14mm, 16mm or 18mm of earth penetrating metal, and the ice spike (left) cracks into frozen ground when things get really cold. Unless your ‘cross shoes come with some equally large chompers preinstalled, they could be just what your feet are looking for.

They come in sets of four for $15.99 to $16.99, or get a combo pack of all the standard shape sizes (four each) for $42.99. Dig in here.


SamSkjord - 08/23/14 - 12:54pm

These would be great for getting me banned from the rugby club

Dr. Sartorious - 08/23/14 - 6:11pm

Man, what a downgrade. From pioneering the Horst Link to bike shoe spikes…

CxNut in AZ - 08/23/14 - 9:24pm

Wow! Weird, I’ve been making these with nuts and bolts from the headwaters store for 10 years. Cost 40cents.

Paul - 08/24/14 - 12:29am

Useful bit of market research would have helped them realise that metal spikes are BANNED in all UCI races and races run under UCI rules.

Steve J. - 08/24/14 - 3:33am

Ceramic and plastic studs with aluminum core, from football shoes have the same effect!
I use for over 15 years and are much cheaper.

uulli - 08/24/14 - 3:26pm

Steel tip like that has no grip on ice. Ice spikes, be they on poles on on tyres have carbide tips for a reason.

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