Urge Embraces Environment, Portholes, Gangstas, With New SupaTrail Helmet


The SupaTrail, a new trail helmet from Urge, is directly inspired from the XC-oriented SupaCross (now emphasizing the C, rather than the A) we covered last year. Ostensibly targeting a market between cross country and enduro, the  new helmet shares the same eco-friendly construction and packaging, as well as Urge’s… unique vent design. The helmet also features Urge’s “Gangsta pad, anti sweat system,” which, I can only presume, contains tiny Suge Knights dangling your sweat glands from a balcony. There is also an “anticrash” visor, which is nice. Cyclists with giant melons can rejoice, as the helmet is being offered in XXL.

I’m most impressed that the French company is choosing to eschew vestigial suffixes, demonstrating that Thom Parsons and I are the only cycling journalists who talk right.

Specs, pics, and whale sightings after the break…


1 – Recycled EPS shell
2 – Gangsta pad, anti sweat system
3 – Adjustable retention ring
4 – Flexible “anticrash” visor
5 – 14 vents
• CE1078/ CPSC Certification
• In Mould construction
• Removable and washable pads
• Available in 5 three sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
• Claimed Weight: 268 g

Urge now has operation in Colorado in addition to their home in the Provence region of France, which might mean that they will better translate their marketing copy before the helmet hits the shelves in October. Six colors will be offered, no word yet on pricing.

SupaTrail Visor White

Close up of Gangsta pad and Anticrash Visor

SupaTrail Side Black

SupaTrail Front RedSupaTrail Back Yellow


mechineer - 08/22/14 - 5:24pm

Not certified for use in the USA yet?

chasejj - 08/22/14 - 5:44pm

This is some hideous Syfy nightmare of a helmet.
No …….just no.

Tyler - 08/22/14 - 6:11pm

@ mechineer

This helmet is certified and available in the US. You can contact USA Urge Sales at 720.524.7085 for more info.

groghunter - 08/22/14 - 6:15pm

That yellow one looks like a new age music video prop from the ’80s.

Willis24 - 12/03/14 - 3:57pm

Coming in February 2015

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