The Odd 1, Endless Bike Co Serves Up 39t Single Chainring for SSCXWC

Endless Bike Co the odd one single speed cross ring

There aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to 110 BCD 5 bolt chainrings with 39t, so Endless Bike Co. decided to make one. The limited edition chainrings are laser etched to commemorate the upcoming SSCXWC14KY (Single Speed Cyclocross World Chapionships in Kentucky) as well as KyFnCx. Called The Odd 1, the chainring is only available in 39t for single speed drivetrains, but  it is offered in a number of great colors.

Available now for preorder at $69, the preorder will close on October 1. At that point all of the chainrings will be delivered in time for the SSCXWC on October 25th.


Joe - 08/22/14 - 1:47pm

Sounds like we need to get a handle on stupid acronyms.

Ryan - 08/22/14 - 2:21pm

Try working for a large university; the acronyms are out of control.

Ck - 08/22/14 - 2:28pm

The last company I worked for (healthcare industry), had a web database just to define all of their acronyms. By comparison, the cycling industry doesn’t have many.

rehsper - 08/22/14 - 2:56pm

Don’t like the acronyms? Time to HTFU.

groghunter - 08/22/14 - 3:52pm & I very much doubt it’s comprehensive.

Matt - 08/22/14 - 4:12pm

I’m pretty sure its a pisstake…

EndlessBikeCo - 08/22/14 - 5:47pm

I just figured Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships 2014 Kentucky and Kentucky F*ing Cyclocross would be too much. Can’t please everyone I guess…

Shawn Moore - 08/23/14 - 7:09am

Thank you Shanna and @EndlessBikeCo for making this ring! I was actually contemplating how effective it might be to call you up and beg you to make a single speed cross ring while commuting to work the other day, but you guys are on it! As for acronyms, I grew up in a military town (Fayetteville, NC), I’ve seen whole conversations conducted in acronyms. This is nothing. Great job!

BubbRubb - 08/23/14 - 8:05am

I run a mtb crankset with a 38t ring made by FSA for my fixed CX

Zach smith - 08/24/14 - 10:10am

Acronyms are spoken as a word, what you all are referring to are initialisms.

Scuba is an acronym, as is NASA. They are initialisms that make a word. SSCXWC14KY is not readable as a word so therefore not an acronym.

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