The Making of the Kryptonite Messenger Collection – Part 1

Ever wonder where the design of bike locks comes from? Judging by the amount of bike thefts reported on social media, peace of mind is still hard to come by when locking up your baby on the mean streets. In the process of designing a new Messenger Collection, Kryptonite looked to direct feedback from professional messengers across the country to help develop the next generation of locks. Look for the Messenger Collection to be launched at Interbike, and in stores late this year.


JD - 08/19/14 - 10:43pm

Should have asked pizza delivery guys. They outnumber messengers probably 50 to 1. But they don’t sound as cool.

Rohan - 08/20/14 - 4:33am

Maybe give them to the folks in the Netherlands. We have bikes worth less than the locks we use.

caliente - 08/20/14 - 12:53pm

Lol @JD, My guess is that pizza delivery guys ride more miles too!

MaLóL - 08/20/14 - 5:25pm

funny how kryptonite brand is so connected with messenger culture, but the truth is that german locks brand Abus is a million time, better, more safe, and cheaper; Abus U-lock messenger locks have double lock, so if you cut the lock, you still can’t take the bike. Kryptonite locks have a single lock, the other end of the U is a swingel kinda thing. If you cut a kryptonite lock, the bike is yours. with abus lock, thieves would give up, with kryptonite, the bike is stolen…

pb - 09/04/14 - 3:42pm

Yes, especially the Abus Bordo Lite, two thin wires that you can cut with a hand tool encased in soft plastic. Das goood.

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