New Raceface SIXC Cranks Get Official

Raceface Sixc_0011

Although Santa Cruz has been quietly shipping the redesigned SIXC cranks on the new Santa Cruz Nomad for over a month, Raceface only officially announced the news last week.

Made in their Vancouver factory from US sourced carbon, the completely updated cranks now utilize the modular CINCH system to make them convertible between a diverse number of applications and standards.

Raceface Sixc_0022

Like the Next SL and Tubrine cranks, a removable spider makes it easy to swap between different chainring configurations – whether that’s a single, single + bash, double, or double + bash, is up to the end user.

Raceface Sixc_0044

The spindles are also interchangeable. So while the Sixc cranks are designed for the burlier end of the riding spectrum, and I’ve been using the previous gen on a DH bike, you could buy multiple spindles and run the same cranks on either your trail bike with a 68/73mm BB or a DH bike with an 83mm BB. The cranks are also compatible with BMX bikes.

Weight is comparable to previous version, but the new cranks are even stronger. Below is a list of claimed weights:

  • 540g (36T DM, 165mm, 83mm spindle, w/o BB)
  • 580g (36T on spider, 165mm, 83mm spindle, w/o BB)
  • 695g (24/36/Bash, 175mm, 68/73mm spindle, w/o BB)

The new cranks are available in either 165mm/170mm/ or 175mm lengths, and retail is $499 USD with a single ring. The BB is available separately for $59.99.

Raceface Sixc_0000

In addition to cranks, the Sixc family also encompasses handlebars, which have been updated with matching graphics.

Learn more at Raceface


bummer - 08/19/14 - 1:46pm

Cool cranks but those rubberized caps on the ends ruin the aesthetic.

Joe - 08/19/14 - 2:04pm

Thank god they’re optional, wouldn’t want to have them throw off your color scheme

buns of steel - 08/19/14 - 2:57pm

Can’t say I’m not tempted, but not excited by all the CINCH stuff. I like the simplicity of the Shimano system.

satisFACTORYrider - 08/19/14 - 3:40pm

need 180s for bmx

Seraph - 08/19/14 - 4:11pm

I find it kind of funny that cranks have come full circle [and then some] now. First it was 3-piece cranks. Then 2-piece for a long time. Now it’s 4/5-piece. Two crank arms, a spindle, and two external bearings.

Jakozilla - 08/19/14 - 4:19pm

Ruin the aesthetic? I think scars on the ends of crank arms from rock strikes are more of an aesthetic faux pas.

Al Boneta - 08/19/14 - 4:36pm

I want these on my BMX race bike

pfs - 08/19/14 - 5:04pm

@Jakozilla – Not if you don’t ride the bike. Bikes aren’t meant for riding anyways.

Equine Master - 08/19/14 - 7:12pm

@buns of steel

I have the Next SL cranks (Cinch), and am scratching my head at your comment, which implies Cinch isn’t a, well, cinch to work with.

If you’ve tried it, then I stand corrected. If you haven’t, then you should try it before commenting.

axel - 08/20/14 - 12:29pm

those look like cannondale spindles.

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