CrankWorx Stories: Steps to the Top with Finn Iles, Brandon Semenuk Dominates Slopestyle

There was a lot going on this year at CrankWorx, but one one of the biggest stories had to have been the saga of Finn Iles. The 14 year old Whistler local grew up riding the same trails that the Whip Off World Championships are held, but soon learned that due to his age he wouldn’t be allowed to compete.

Adding another anecdote to the power of social media, a #LetFinnIn hashtag was started and thanks to overwhelming support of the mountain bike community, Finn had his day. Not only was Finn allowed to compete, but he also walked away with the top spot and a big check thanks to his impressive skills on a bike almost as big as he is. Much like Nicholi Rogatkin, Finn Iles is likely a name for the future. Follow along with Finn’s story with SRAM’s Steps to the top.

Slopestyle is always one of the biggest draws at CrankWorx, and this year was no different. Check out Brandon Semenuk’s video game worthy winning run after the break…

Congratulations to both Finn and Brandon!


satisFACTORYrider - 08/18/14 - 5:04pm

cork 720. yup. you win. that finn kid will be doin 180 turn down whips before xmas.

trailshredderr - 08/19/14 - 7:59pm

Jeez that kid is my age and not surprisingly he can throw down better than me

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