Must Watch: An interview with Yeti Cycles’ new Switch Infinity linkage

We don’t know how he did it, but Reeves Macdonald managed to get Yeti’s new Switch Infinity linkage to open up for an interview.

Thanks to Corbin for the tip!


Ray - 08/05/14 - 2:39pm

The question is, is it better? A lot better or just 2% better

buriedundersnow - 08/05/14 - 3:15pm

Awesome, Reeves. Awesome.

GN - 08/05/14 - 3:16pm

Perhaps a better questions is, unlike the sb series, will you avoid patent infringement with your competitors?

Topmounter - 08/05/14 - 6:23pm

I hope that whatever remuneration garnered from Yeti’s markcom folks by posting this was worth it.

Joseph Clemenzi - 08/05/14 - 10:26pm


Ripnshread - 08/05/14 - 11:42pm

Now put a gear driven “rail” between the two “struts” and you have the ability to control the track and trail of the motion.

'Ol 'Shel - 08/09/14 - 11:33pm

Serious concerns about bushing and Kashima wear/cost to keep the back end slop-free. They couldn’t seal the linear bearings on the DH design and they can’t really seal this.

The lower link on the SB moved so little that it was essentially a single pivot, but people love new designs…

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