Prototype Maxxis Pace XC Tires Spotted, Possible Updates to Ardent


While Geoff Kabush has mentioned liking them on his way to winning at Bonelli Park earlier this year,  we hadn’t yet seen the (presumably forthcoming) Maxxis Pace XC mountain bike tires yet.

Thanks to some snooping at a regional NC event and area trailheads, we spotted what’s presumably their next cross country race tread. Using a knob pattern similar to the Ikon, the Pace does change the shape of the knobs quite a bit and adds more pronounced reinforcing ribs to connect them. Knob height is very low, only a few millimeters, growing slightly taller toward the edges. Small nubs between the blocks should help a bit on dryer days.

The sidewalls introduce a new, tougher looking pattern. Perhaps it’s an update to their Exogrid, or perhaps it’s just cosmetic. Hopefully we’ll know more at Eurobike. In the meantime, click through to see a possible update to the Ardent trail tire…


The Maxxis Ardent is a very popular tread, offering fast rolling and great all around grip. This version was simply marked as prototype, but the tread pattern is almost identical to the current Ardent. The only difference we could spot was the alternating “L” shape to every other middle knob. Current versions’ transition knobs are all shaped like the non-L ones. Rumor has it they’ll also be increasing the tubeless ready options to include 29×2.4 sizes on this model.


BlodadTand - 08/03/14 - 5:41pm

The Pace in 650B x 1.95 has been available online in the UK since the start of Feb.

I picked one up to try a little while ago and mounted on Sun Ringle Inferno 27 at ~40psi it comes out at 46mm width for both casing and knobs, with the diameter around 683mm.

Was around 640g as well.

Got mine from here

Holla - 08/03/14 - 7:32pm

Can you say Kenda Small Block Eight

JG - 08/04/14 - 5:56am

Beeb able to buy Maxxis Pace tyres here in Oz for several months also….

groghunter - 08/04/14 - 9:51am

On what planet is the Ardent popular? Seems like everyone I know who’s ever ridden them has been massively disappointed.

pfs - 08/04/14 - 10:01am

I love the ardent in CO. I have not found many tires that work on that level. They get great grip, and the sidewalls don’t explode if you look at them funny (schwalbe…)

Mark - 08/04/14 - 10:16am

What pfs said is so true

Mark - 08/04/14 - 10:17am



groghunter - 08/04/14 - 10:31am

“Everyone I know doesn’t like them” is false? You know all my buddies and they’re lying to me?

MG - 08/04/14 - 11:33am

The Ardent is a good tire, esp. the 2.4.

Ardent Lover - 08/04/14 - 11:37am

Ardent is the best 2.4″ tire for a trail bike, IMHO.

bobcat - 08/04/14 - 11:55am

Condomns have tougher sidewalls than Kenda Small Block 8s. Maxxis “TR” and “EXO” rule out here in Arizona. Happy and hoping to see the Ardent 2.4 receive the “TR” soon.

Nick - 08/04/14 - 11:58am

Loved the Ardent 2.4 (29er) in dry conditions. Didn’t do great (for me) in the winter muck that is the PNW, but wasn’t terrible.

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