Twin Six Operation Ride Metal – Titanium Fat Bike is just the Beginning

Twin Six Titanium fat bike mountain bike (2)

File this under: we didn’t see that coming. Twin Six is introducing a fat bike. Yes, the clothing company known for sharp looking kit for the non racer is getting into bikes. While the company has worked with Handsome Cycles and Raleigh to produce a few collaborations, this fat bike will be the first Twin Six branded bike. Surprised to see a fat bike as their option? Don’t worry, we’re told that there will be other bikes that will see an Interbike debut – along with new jerseys, t-shirts, caps, socks, bottles, and the rest of the soft goods Twin Six is known for.

Get the details on the Twin Six Fat, next….

Twin Six Titanium fat bike mountain bike (1)

To achieve their desired ride in T6 titanium, Twin Six has been working with both overseas and domestic builders to bring the bike (and future bikes) to life. After working through a number of prototypes, the Standard Fat will have “competition-driven geometry” and will be sold in 15, 17, 19, and 21″ frames. The Ti frame uses a 44mm head tube to house the carbon fork with a tapered steerer which is shown with quick release dropouts. It is also designed to be RockShox Bluto compatible. In true Twin Six style a silver plated head tube badge keeps it classy.

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As is the rear of the bike, but we’re told that the 100% Twin Six engineered dropouts are interchangeable to accept QR or Thru Axles. Spaced at 170mm, the frame is actually built to accept 5″ tires and runs a 100mm threaded bottom bracket shell.


Thanks to shaping of the chainstays and bulging seat stays, the frame should have no problem swallowing the biggest tires even with a 170mm rear end. With an expected delivery of late Fall 2014, Twin Six expects the frame, fork, seat collar, and top cap to retail for $2200. Claimed weight is 4lbs, 2 oz for the medium frame and fork.


Chz - 08/01/14 - 9:48am

So twin six goes through the extra effort to source all of their jerseys domestically and then orders their fat bike frames from Taiwan?

pfs - 08/01/14 - 10:07am

You might want to check that math, 4lb 20oz is roughly equal to 5lb 4oz? I suppose you could go the other way and say its a 3lb 36oz frame. Dang! They built a Ti frame in the 3lb range? Impressive.

Ryan - 08/01/14 - 11:20am


Aaron - 08/01/14 - 11:29am

@pfs – Counting grams on a fat bike is ludicrous.

Robbie Mubbledutt - 08/01/14 - 11:49am

I’m digging the dropouts. Not the most original design, but a nice implementation. And clean.

Drew Diller - 08/01/14 - 12:09pm

Ride metal, and put a carbon fork on it?

I don’t understand. That said – I love the look of the frameset, looks clean.

satisFACTORYrider - 08/01/14 - 12:29pm

fat but yet svelte

feldy - 08/01/14 - 1:06pm


Ken Pastrami - 08/01/14 - 1:39pm

“File this under: we didn’t see that coming.” – You guys must not be paying much attention…

eadm - 08/01/14 - 2:17pm

ride steel, but put carbon where it counts – the fork

Psi Squared - 08/01/14 - 3:49pm

Ride a frame made from some material, and either use the fork that came with the frame or one that you chose yourself!

Lancelot - 08/02/14 - 12:10am

I might be a player if it was 190 or 197 thru axle.

Pete - 08/03/14 - 11:32am

Look around……….see a lot of quality Ti forks?
Not easy, or cheap, to produce.

Travis - 08/10/14 - 11:01pm

I’ve seen one of these in the wild ran in to one of the co-owners of Twin Six a week ago at the trail head and he was on one of these. He said it was a proto for someone else not Twin Six but seeing these pics its the exact same frame/fork.

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