Found: Limited Edition Ciamillo Aged Ti Micro GSL Road Bike Brakes


Looking for something ridiculously light, ridiculously powerful and ridiculously limited?

These 2015 Ciamillo GSL Micro get a limited edition “aged ti” finish and certainly meet the above requirements. To be clear, they’re not made of titanium, just finished with a titanium colored anodization. Only five sets are being made, and you’ve gotta email them to order. Retail is $329 and they’re ready to ship, first come, first served. They’re the new design, featuring the quick adjustment cam that eases set up a bit and makes wheel swaps and rim width changes much quicker. They come with the black hardware and, without pads, weigh in at a claimed 155g for the pair.

From the looks of it, they should match up nicely with the dark polished gray of modern SRAM Force and upper end Shimano groups, helping you drop 100g or more without altering the aesthetic too much. Retail is $329/set. That’s a bit more than the standard black or red, but less than the White versions.


Randall - 07/31/14 - 8:52am

The Terminator called, and he wants his brakes back. Awesome.

brattercakes - 07/31/14 - 9:07am


CXisfun - 07/31/14 - 6:35pm

Wonder how long it’ll take interested parties to get a response?

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