Graffiti Meets Aluminum and Carbon — The Artistic Collaboration Of Kinesis, Morvélo, & Aroe

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Non Drive Side

Cycling is an art form and at times this is the literal truth. In this case the art is a collaboration between UK bike manufacturer Kinesis, clothing company Morvélo Bicycle Apparel, and renown graffiti artist Aroe. Kinesis’ Aithein frame and fork, plus a set of Reynolds Attack rims, were all handed over to the street-artist as a blank canvas. See more of the stunning results, next…

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Side View

Over the course of the Aithein’s development Morvélo had been testing an unpainted/unbranded frameset. Their creative minds started to ponder to possibilities — what could be done with this blank canvas of a frame? A conversation with the artists Aroe began, and the results speak for themselves.

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Front Wheel and Fork

1193g of aluminum alloy frame, 330g of carbon fork, and a set of Reynolds Attack rims (380g each), all given the artist’s special treatment.

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Fork

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Bottom of BB

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Seat Tube

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Seat Tube Rear Wheel

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Drive Side Profile

Aroe - Graffiti Art - Star Wars Mural

“Graffiti has given me many things: My best friends, crew loyalty, a sense of accomplishment, a creative outlet, a destructive outlet, massive opportunities for traveling/painting the world, adventures, beef, fights, laughter, tears, love, hate, understanding, diplomacy and above all, a sense of knowing that if I want something – there’s nothing that will stop me from achieving my goal.” – Aroe


brattercakes - 07/29/14 - 4:17pm

This. I like this.

Rowan - 07/29/14 - 4:26pm

Beautiful, but hows the braking on painted rims?

greg - 07/29/14 - 6:25pm

Cable guide.

brandon - 07/29/14 - 7:09pm

glad i am not the only one that thinks graff and bikes are a good idea.

wish it was done more often

why, WHY - 07/29/14 - 10:18pm

cool paint is one thing but this isnt floating my boat.

Jupes - 07/29/14 - 11:03pm

Yeah, it’s bold. But no, it doesn’t work for me. Looks like a lot of scribbling.

GregH - 07/29/14 - 11:30pm

I prefer my graffiti monochromatic.

Mario - 07/30/14 - 3:39am

Photographed from the wrong side

Andy - 07/31/14 - 7:50pm

Ever seen a Pegoretti?

shafty - 08/02/14 - 3:10am

It’s not meant to be ridden. Really, think about it. If it was they’d have masked off the braking surface. If it were me, I’d have mounted a group that wasn’t already discontinued.

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