Video: Crabapple Hits Strikes Back

On my first pilgrimage to Whistler Bike Park a few years ago, I stopped by Transition bikes to drink a few cold beverages, and get the lowdown on the local trail network.

In addition to being toured around some of the best single track Bellingham had to offer, the guys  all offered me one bit of advice – be careful riding Crabapple hits. Why? Well the massive booters are legendary and have taken more than one eager first time visitor directly to the hospital.

While I’m glad I headed that advice, this unlucky rider took a massive digger on his first cruise down Crabapple Hits.


JTrain - 07/17/14 - 10:59pm

It’s a miracle his back wasn’t broken.

Von Kruiser - 07/17/14 - 11:03pm

Classic not enough rebound damping on the rear wheel. Whistler jumps like the rebound nice and slow.

Andrew - 07/18/14 - 1:29am

No way dude – it was his Stem CAPtain clock – when that second hand swings up on your re-entry, you’ll endo every time.

Charles - 07/18/14 - 3:58am

Hurts . . . so . . . . bad . .. . . to . . . . . .watch . . . .. .

Legalaze - 07/18/14 - 8:54am

Looks like someone can’t move his own body weight.

tom - 07/18/14 - 9:57am

scared the crap out of me watching the world rotate the wrong way to start seeing sky.

badbikemechanicx - 07/18/14 - 12:10pm

That was hard to watch. I am glad the dude is ok.

feldy - 07/18/14 - 1:18pm

too bad there’s not a front flip analog to the 180

Daisycutter - 07/21/14 - 5:56am

Wow that looked painful. Judging by the front wheel, he tapped his brakes on that last jump causing the bike to rotate forward.

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