Video: Experience the Madness of a 600 Person Megavalanche Mass Start

Before Enduro became hippest thing since charging exorbitant amounts for artisanal toast, the Megavalanche was the one race on every gravity riders bucket list. Held in the French alps on the Pic Blanc Glacier, the storied race begins with an epic mass start, and careens down an ice and snow encrusted mountain face over challenging terrain for another 18 miles.

Experience the madness of the 600 person mass start with Joost Wichman, a 4x MTB World Champion, by hitting play.


E - 07/16/14 - 8:15am

This is crazy!

Here is one aerial video of a start of Tartu Rattamaraton 2013 in Estonia with more than 3000 people on bikes:

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