Levi’s GranFondo Teases New “Metal Head” Limited Edition Specialized Tarmac

Specialized limited edition Metal Head Tarmac Headtube

Limited Edition frames have the ability to elicit hate or lust. This new “Metal Head” Tarmac color scheme is sure to have both it’s detractors and proponents. Where do you stand? Let us know after the break.

Specialized limited edition Metal Head Tarmac

This is Levi Leipheimer’s personal bike. Built with a SRAM 22 Hydro groupset, Zipp 303 Firecrest disc wheels, and other Zipp finishing kit, it has all the makings of a proper dream build.

Specialized limited edition Metal Head Tarmac Headtube 2

Specialized limited edition Metal Head Tarmac Dropouts

Specialized limited edition Metal Head Tarmac 2For more pictures, head over to Levi’s Gran Fondo homepage



E.O'G - 07/16/14 - 2:34pm

Not bad.

JoeNomad - 07/16/14 - 2:37pm

Kind of late 90’s to early 2000 American Chopper look to it. I do like the SRAM and Zipp setup.

Shergar - 07/16/14 - 2:40pm

I like it,except for the disc brakes of course.

Eyal - 07/16/14 - 2:42pm


Seraph - 07/16/14 - 2:47pm

Just about the ugliest bike that SBC has ever produced.

K11 - 07/16/14 - 2:51pm

i think the design could have been pushed a little further (think kid on red bull, with a crayon on a wall.)

Bbiker - 07/16/14 - 2:58pm

Reminds me of Contadors bike…..

uglyyeti - 07/16/14 - 3:05pm

Reminds me of my old Cannondale.

Shergar - 07/16/14 - 3:23pm

This Contador thing is getting funny. Ok : bike is painted like that so you won’t see cracks. About that ?

J Train - 07/16/14 - 3:24pm

I hope he rides it in a sleeveless jersey and mullet.

Champs - 07/16/14 - 3:30pm

I read up until “…Leipheimer’s personal bike” and passed on it.

The doping thing notwithstanding, that sets interest level somewhere in the ballpark of J.J. Haedo or Tyler Farrar.

brattercakes - 07/16/14 - 3:30pm

I wonder how many of these frames they will actually sell?

AJ - 07/16/14 - 3:56pm

I listened to a lot of death and black metal in my high school years, and this is reminiscent of the barely legible band logos. I dig it.

Joe S. - 07/16/14 - 4:15pm

Ill take 7
1 for every day of the week!

Ck - 07/16/14 - 4:40pm

Not as bad as the TLD special edition paint jobs, but certainly a little too spastic for my tastes.

1Pro - 07/16/14 - 4:48pm

hairband style for a rider with no hair!

Chsad - 07/16/14 - 5:02pm


dockboy - 07/16/14 - 5:07pm

I don’t think I’ve seen many bikes from Specialized that used so little branding. I like it. If they did a woodland camo version, it’d probably be even better.

Badbikemechanicx - 07/16/14 - 8:03pm

Gosh I wish they would start painting normal tarmacs with this kind of creativity!

notapro - 07/16/14 - 8:36pm

Put a Lemmy wart on it.

Jupes - 07/16/14 - 9:30pm

The Chevy C10 looks awesome.

Psi Squared - 07/16/14 - 10:06pm

That’s a sharp looking bike, doubly so with the paucity of decals.

@notapro: Excellent idea! If Wendy O. Williams were still alive, she’d approve.

Andrew - 07/16/14 - 11:09pm

“Reminds me of Contadors bike…”

Bwa ha ha!

notapro - 07/16/14 - 11:34pm

Hell yes, psi! Plasmatic that b*tch!

Rowan - 07/17/14 - 1:28am

Nice frame, ugly build.

bikguy717 - 07/17/14 - 5:40am

@jupes–I was thinking the same.

Brad - 07/17/14 - 6:16am

I am beyond burned-out on the black/white/red color scheme, which seems to be the most common combination in the cycling industry. Disgust is my reaction.

Bones - 07/17/14 - 10:22am

This bike does not = metal in any way…..?

This does, get schooled kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdGSrhu8yEs

gabbia - 07/17/14 - 10:59am

The paint job is cool, but I rather have different colors. (deleted)

AbelF - 07/17/14 - 11:08am

Now you can ride in peace knowing that you will never have to inspect your frame for cracks as they will now be invisible to the naked eye.

fizzo - 07/17/14 - 12:47pm

bones: these dudes make your dudes look like justin beiber


mechanic - 07/17/14 - 12:48pm


Dave - 07/18/14 - 11:19am

I like it.

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