More 3d Printed Titanium — Raceware Direct’s Hollow Ti Chain Catcher & Number Board Holder

RaceWare 3D Ti Chain Catcher

Hollow means lighter and lighter means faster. UK based Raceware Direct is now printing braze-on mounted ti chain catchers and brake-caliper mounted ti race-board holders. If you count grams, wattage, and body fat percentages, these unique ornaments are for you. Read on…

Photo:Graham Watson for VeloNews

Andy Schleck looks down as he frantically tries to shift his chain back into gear. Photo by Graham Watson for VeloNews

At a mere 10 grams Raceware’s chain catcher comes in at the same weight as the competition’s aluminum models. But its titanium fabricated hollow design makes it strong enough to be used under any application (read MTB). If you’re rocking a high-end carbon frame, 10 grams and 25 GBP (aprox. $43 USD) is cheap insurance against chain-crunched carbon.

Back in the 2010 Tour on that fateful Port de Balès climb, had Andy Schleck sported one of these catchers, maybe he would have triumphed over Contador and gone on to be more than the nominal winner of the Tour (Contador had to ultimately concede the win to Schleck due to doping charges). Regardless, history has been written. Just make sure to write your own and not make Andy’s mistake.

RaceWare 3D Ti Number Plate Holder

Slightly less sexy, but still winning points for being elegantly handy, Raceware’s number-board holder is also 3D printed titanium. Available in either a polished or matte finish Raceware’s number-board holder can be had for “only” 35 GBP (aprox. $60 USD); weight undisclosed. If you like this 3D printing trend as much as we do make sure you check out some of our past coverage here.


Derek - 07/14/14 - 7:31pm

I’m unsure of how a braze-on mounted chain watcher will help with MTB.

Psi Squared - 07/14/14 - 8:09pm

Does a longer bolt for the FD come with Raceware Direct’s Ti chain catcher?

hellsheadbanger - 07/14/14 - 11:24pm

@Derek. Many weight weenie mountain bikers use braze on front derailleurs.

john - 07/14/14 - 11:33pm

how is it that a dinky little race plate holder costs a third more than a catch catcher? seeing as they are 3D printed, i can’t see the cost difference being in harder machining….

MS - 07/15/14 - 7:16am

The number board holder is for the euro-pro style number that is frame-mounted, usually behind the seatstays, not for MTB number plates.

Micah Redfield - 07/15/14 - 10:43am

@Psi Squared — I reached out to RaceWare; they stated, “Yes the catcher comes with a longer stainless bolt and a special washer to grip the chaincatcher and stop it slipping.”

Nope - 07/15/14 - 11:28am


Psi Squared - 07/15/14 - 6:19pm

Gracias, Micah.

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