T-Bolt Cuts New “Bladed” Narrow-Wide Chainrings to Slice Away Mud

T-Bolt narrow-wide chainring with 104BCD and SRAM direct mount options

By now, there are myriad narrow/wide chainrings available from brands large and small. To set them selves apart, Danish firm T-Bolt spent some time testing ways to prevent mud from packing up under the chain in their very rainy homeland.

Two versions were developed, one for SRAM GXP direct mount and one for standard 104BCD spiders. Both machined in house at T-Bolt, both cut from 7075-T6 alloy and hard anodized with a durable “Type 2” process they say boosts the ring’s longevity. Claimed weight is just 66g for the direct mount 32T option, and 34T (71g) and 36T (76g) are also available.

Any good chainring must be stiff enough to handle sprints and uphill grunts, and the T-Bolt N/W ring uses I-beam style construction to keep it stiff and strong, but with extra material machined away to keep it light. They say it’s strong enough for DH, but the weights scream XC. What really sets it apart, though, is the shaping leading into the wider teeth…

T-Bolt narrow-wide chainring with 104BCD and SRAM direct mount options

The sawtooth-like reinforcements provide ramps to slough away the mud as the chain compresses it onto the chainring. The wider sections of the teeth are also a bit thinner than we’ve seen on other brands’ offerings, which should provide more room for muck to pass through rather than building up and potentially letting the chain ride high enough to bounce off. As is, they say chain retention is very good, eliminating the need for any guides or other measures.

T-Bolt narrow-wide chainring with 104BCD and SRAM direct mount options

T-Bolt narrow-wide chainring with 104BCD and SRAM direct mount options

Late model prototypes were tested raw and cut from a different alloy, but they went with harder, stronger 7075 for production, then gave it the deep black hard ano to make it last.

Retail is DKK 599,00, which translates to about $109 as of this post, making it perhaps a better option for Denmark locals looking to support a domestic brand. Stupid exchange rate.

The 104BCD versions are available in the same three tooth counts: 32T (35g), 34T (42g) and 36T (48g), but you’ll have the added weight of the spider, making them about 50g or more heavier than the direct mount version. Retail on these is a bit less at DKK 499,00.



Ethan - 07/08/14 - 8:09pm

The website lists retail as 499 dkk, not 599 dkk. It’s closer to & 91USD.

Ethan - 07/08/14 - 8:10pm

Oh, darn. I can’t read. Disregard.

Ck - 07/08/14 - 9:16pm

If these were anywhere near the cost of a NorthShoreBillet or WolfTooth one(and reasonably easy to get in the US), i’d buy it just for the looks alone.

MT - 07/08/14 - 10:19pm

very cool downtube protector

Michael - 07/08/14 - 10:57pm

I don’t care about the chainrings, but I like the downtube protector.

Displayground - 07/08/14 - 11:22pm

Did anybody notice the downtube protector in the last photo?

ken - 07/08/14 - 11:39pm

Why are there chainring bolt holes???

Star Stevenson - 07/08/14 - 11:48pm

Not chainring bolt holes, bout ring protector holes

His Highness Lord Wrinkletits - 07/09/14 - 1:23am

Type 2 is color ano. No real added strength.

Type 3 is hard ano. This is what they’re probably using. Hopefully .0012″ or thicker.

Theis (T-Bolt.dk) - 07/09/14 - 2:54am

Glad you like both the rings and my extremely nice and expensive downtube protector! 😉
The 5 holes around the edge of the chainring are due to weight optimizing, so they are not intended for anything else.

Currently we are looking for ways to sell these rings in USA at a price fitting for the local market – bike parts are in general less expensive “over there”.

Let me know if you got anymore questions – I’ll be happy to answer.

Theis, engineer and owner of T-bolt.dk

Omair - 07/09/14 - 4:50am

Lol, that’s a Tyre cut and bound with zip ties

Anders Milo - 07/09/14 - 6:29am

Theis you need to design a Cannondale Hollowgram compatible version. Only Absolute Black is doing it atm and they are flooded with orders.

Bill - 07/09/14 - 10:55am

Where can i buy that downtube protector? I would be willing to spend, like $90 for that!

TheRealWorld - 07/09/14 - 10:59am

Anodizing (even hard coat ano) is not really a wear resistant coating. It is microns thick. You will wear through the ano on any of these rings in no time and then be into the aluminum.

I wonder if these rings meet the CEN fatigue standard for mounting to a crankset…

They do look cool though.

Slow Joe Crow - 07/09/14 - 12:00pm

2 thoughts,
1. the 5 holes should be usable for a bash ring, otherwise they are stupid.
2. Having raced CX in Oregon I have been in plenty of mud and to me ramps to clear your front chain rings are answering a question nobody asked. OTOH something to clear your rear derailleur cage and reduce the risk of having a rear mech torn off by built up muck would be awesome since thew bike wash line at every muddy Cross Crusade always features a few dangling rear derailleurs and torn up hangers.

steve J - 07/09/14 - 12:05pm

Nice looking chainring but I imagine the funky shaping doesn’t really do a lot at all, just a sales gimmick to put it apart from the others.

Im still using my Works Components SRAM ring and have noticed NSB have one now too alongside Wolf Tooth there is no need to buy this one for more money and I wont buy from Absolute Black (censored).

Ben - 07/09/14 - 1:40pm

bla bla boa love Denmark

EpicThroatBeard - 07/09/14 - 1:50pm

NSB has a nice ring and the Chromag rings are X-Sync compatible.

Robbie Mubbledutt - 07/09/14 - 10:14pm

@ TheRealWorld – Actually, Type III ano is SPECIFICALLY a wear resistant coating. Like the other dude said, the thicker it’s applied the better it’ll work and the longer it’ll last. I’ve seen properly cut and coated rings last a whole season or more of SS racing without showing much wear. Poorly designed or manufactured rings won’t last a fraction of that time, coated or not.

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