NiteRider Shines with Longer Run Times, More Lumens, and Visible Bike Lanes for 2015

Niterider Lumina 750

In the world of bicycle lighting, the past few years have focused on the lumen wars. More is better, right? To a certain extent, yes, but only if you have enough battery to run them for the duration of your ride. That’s why for 2015 NiteRider has focused not only on improving the amount of light, but the battery life of their products. Add in efforts to improve cyclists’ safety and a decrease in pricing and you have a winning combination.

In the case of their most popular all around light, the Lumina series, most of the models gain an additional 50 lumens with a decrease in cost. New lights include the Lumina 750, 550, 400, and Micro 250, with the 400, Micro 250, and Lumina Flare dropping the price by $10. Lumina lights still feature an all in one design for a compact yet powerful self-contained design.

niterider mako

On a smaller scale, the diminutive Mako receives cosmetic changes, and gains a little brother in the form of the Mako Mini. The 50 lumen light operates on a single AA battery which gives it a run time of 12-60 hours all for $25.

niterider tail lightThanks to all of the distracted drivers out there we’re using a tail light every time we’re on the road, day or night. That means you need a powerful light that is still quite visible during the day time. NiteRider’s new Sentinel 2 Watt USB has the brightness covered, but it features an added safety element – Laser Lanes! The light has its own Laser Lane Mode which projects your own bike lane on the road around you since many motorists don’t know what 3 feet actually looks like. At 30 lumens, the Sentinel will run between 4:30 and 36 hours on a single charge with 2 flashing, 2 steady, and the Laser Lanes Mode.

niterider enduro battery packLights are only as good as the battery, so the Performance Line will also get a boost with the introduction of the new Enduro Battery. Capable of boosting run times by 60% for the Pro 2200 and the Pro 770, the top end Pro 3600 will be available in both the DIY and Enduro versions.

Nitrider mentions that we’ll see additional battery performance features on other lights in the near future – which may have something to do with the San Diego company celebrating its 25th anniversary this fall…




TJ - 07/08/14 - 2:17pm

I’ll be very interested to see this Laser Lane mode. Hopefully we’ll see pictures soon.

Ryan - 07/08/14 - 2:23pm

I’d like one of these smaller, lighter, longer-lasting batteries for my Pro 1800.

davidio - 07/08/14 - 2:47pm

@TJ –

(sorry if the link isn’t live)

topcheese - 07/08/14 - 2:51pm

Yes, I would like to see the laser lane mode as well. That said, I own the 700 and 220 and love them both. At the moment, I find the run times to be quite adequate.

davidio - 07/08/14 - 2:51pm

DOH – actually no current photos – sorry! (insert proverbial foot in mouth, internet-style)

Eyal - 07/08/14 - 3:44pm

@davidio You’ve been hanging on reddit, that’s how helpful they are over there!

Mr. P - 07/08/14 - 6:54pm

Enduro battery! …Yes! I’ve been waiting for one of those.

On a side note, +50 lumen on a 700 lumen light is very, very little gain in human perceivable light. Probably imperceivable. But if it is $10 less and lasts longer, thumbs up.


Matty - 07/08/14 - 7:58pm

…and still no proper shaping of the beam :o/

Come on light makers, you’ve given us enough lumens, now make with the low-beam-style cutoffs!

(Yes I am aware of German lights, I have a Philips Saferide, but we need more of them and with a brighter/wider beam)

Eddie - 07/08/14 - 8:15pm

Here is youtube of the laserlanes:

Eric - 07/08/14 - 9:06pm

Hopefully the new lights will last longer than 35 min in thw winter. Mine can only be used in the summer. No response from the company after several emails.

Mason - 07/09/14 - 1:34am

Finally, a battery I can use when I’m riding Enduro!

t.s. - 07/09/14 - 4:16am

For winter riding you need to get a wired battery pack so you can keep the battery warm inside your jacket. Its not really nightriders fault, there just aren’t really any batteries commercially available that are compact and operate well at low temperatures. Maybe make some sort of neoprene cozy for the lumina style light and pre-warm it in your pocket?

Ryan - 07/09/14 - 9:18am

Ohhh, those laserlines are clever!

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