Kickstarter: Funnell Rain Jacket Parachutes Out To Protect Against Elements

Funnell Eject Jacket and BackpackDesigned as a combination backpack and jacket system, the Funnel Eject was created for cyclists, motorcyclists, and other non-car commuters.

What makes it unique is that with a quick tug, a jacket is deployed, which quickly prevents rain from soaking your clothes and the contents of your bag. 
Funnell Eject JacketThe bag also has separate compartments for gear,  a laptop, and section with drain holes for wet gear.

You can back the project for $188. So far, they have~$15k pledged towards their $43,000 goal. Back the project here.


Gunnstein - 07/08/14 - 9:31am

Wow, that’s… pretty clever actually. Only negative is looking like the humpback of Notre Dame, but for the non self conscious this is rather handy.

michalis - 07/08/14 - 11:21am

humpback? that’s bobby brown. the one in paris is called hunchback…

Brad - 07/08/14 - 11:53am

Seems like an awesome emergency solution! It might suck when you get home and have a soaking wet jacket stuck to your bag… but it would be worse if everything in your bag was soaked instead. Definitely a great commuter bag!

Eguy - 07/08/14 - 12:06pm

It’s a cute idea, but it limits your jacket and bag choices hugely, and I’m not sure why this is any improvement over just carrying a jacket in your bag.

I have been doing the same thing for years – I have a water-resistant back pack, and carry an ultralight rain-jacket in an easily accessible top pocket.

Also, it doesn’t looks like you can just wear the jacket alone.

mudrock - 07/08/14 - 1:53pm

Cool idea. I dig the song too, and the hipster doing it on the fly.

Mat Long - 07/08/14 - 4:18pm


MaLóL - 07/08/14 - 7:39pm

this must be in the top ten of most stupid kickstarter projects eer, although the truth is, that is a highly competitive chart. even projects like this have a hard time to get there…

dennis - 07/08/14 - 9:08pm

The rain coat goes back in a water proof compartment so nothing is soaking wet after you get away from the rain, draining system will then get the water out.

Stefano Mangini - 07/11/14 - 7:18am

Thank you guys for all your support and comments, appreciated. One of the reason I developed it, on top of the emergency, is that once I wear the jacket the entire backpack is protected, and with it all my valuables inside, such as computer, ipad, camera, wallet and so on. Too many times i got problems of that kind. Protecting the body is one need. But protecting also the contents of the backpack was the other priority.
Thanks again, and sty in touch! Stefano

PS: in the KS updates we will post more information and more applications.

Stefano Mangini - 07/11/14 - 7:20am

PPS: I will add a link to the KS page to a longer video that also covers more technical features of the FUNNELL. Some of you might find it useful.

Stefano Mangini - 10/15/14 - 3:01am

Last July I did my first Kickstarted Campaign, launching THE FUNNELL.
The two months after the launch have been a priceless experience. I did not reach the goal but the feedback and support I got along the way, motivated me to improve and prepare for a re-launch.
BETTER, (with many improvements from the first version)
COOLER (thanks to better desing and added features)
CHEAPER (thanks to new better suppliers).

LIVE on Kickstarter ON 18 OCTOBER 2014, AT 8AM HONG KONG TIME


I believe FUNNELL could still be a great story to re-present to your followers!
FUNNELL is a BACKPACK AND JACKET IN ONE that keeps you and your belongings dry from the rain.
• Used it as a normal back pack
• Live every day without worrying to carry an extra jacket or umbrella
• Eject the jacket at any moment when needed without removing the back pack from your shoulders.
• Wear it and protect your body and your belongings from the rain
• Take it off and store it back in the waterproof inner compartment, even if the jacket is still wet!

It would really mean a lot to us if you could re-post this and share it with your friends STARTING MONDAY OCTOBER 20, 2014.
Thanks again for posting us and to spread the voice! I really appreciate. It is great help. And if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Lets stay in touch!

Stefano Mangini - 09/29/15 - 8:39am

Hello Everyone
Finally Funnell, now called JECKT is available, for the lovers of innovation and modular performance gear:

check it out:

Stay Dry

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