Spot Brand Bikes Hires Former Maverick Engineer, Debuts Cream Titanium Hardtail

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike

Spot Brand has been growing, adding a few more sales reps and bringing on Andy Emanuel to help design and build their next generation of bikes. Emanual comes from five years under Paul Turner at Maverick.

While we wait to see his impact on their bike designs, we have the new Spot Cream SS to hold us over. The frame is made to run single speed or geared, allowing for both chains and Gates Belt Drive transmissions. Sliding dropout options include one with a derailleur hanger for those who like adjustable-on-the-fly cadence options.

A slack 69.25º head angle across the size range (S/M/L/XL) promises stable descending and a 73º seat angle keeps the rider in an aggressive pedaling position. They say that combination provides an all around great ride with the liveliness titanium is known for.

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike

They use a CNC’d head tube to fit modern tapered forks and polish it off with a “wabi sabi” clear coat brushing for a “silk” like finish.

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike

There’s room for fairly meaty tires, and the cut seat tube allows you to tuck the rear wheel in a bit with the sliding dropouts to tune chain stay length to your liking.

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike

Complete bikes are $8,700 and frames are $3,500. Available now.

Spot Cream Singlespeed titanium hardtail mountain bike


Ilikeicedtea - 07/05/14 - 4:13pm

I’d buy a fully custom Vertigo for that price.

K11 - 07/05/14 - 4:38pm

that price has to be a typo.

i’m not one that the weld bead has to be “perfect” but frame looks a little rough around the edges.

Robert - 07/05/14 - 4:49pm

there is a $3000 wheelset on there that price is no joke

MB - 07/05/14 - 4:53pm

Price is ridiculous.
All of my custom American made Ti frames have been less.
And they look better.

Tim A - 07/05/14 - 5:30pm

Well, someone needed to make a Lynskey look like a good value.

emp - 07/05/14 - 6:20pm

who paints titanium with clear coat? and that price haha wow

mike foster - 07/05/14 - 6:52pm

Yeah Spot is reaching a little with that price. A Ti tube set costs around $1000, so they want $2500 for cutting and welding. I dont think so.

Tony - 07/05/14 - 9:56pm


Jupes - 07/05/14 - 10:56pm

There are bikes offering these features at half this price. What gives?

CHSAD - 07/05/14 - 11:02pm

Moots $$$ for?

ken - 07/05/14 - 11:43pm

Really proud of that one too. I wasn’t that impressed by any of their stuff when the rep brought the line in last year.

Star Stevenson - 07/06/14 - 12:36am

That would be a hardtail to swallow!!

Eric.NM - 07/06/14 - 11:21am

Wow. Definitely reaching on those prices for a stock frame size, Spot. And the name? Beyond horrible.

I have a Blacksheep Highlight (Ti, Fort Collins, CO) and you cannot tell me that these two should cost the same. That’s absolutely ridiculous. If you are going to charge custom prices, you have to get something different and/or original for that kind of stratospheric price. FAIL.

I also own a Spot Rocker (clear coated steel, showing the welds, made in Golden, CO), and it’s classic double diamond design / execution is nearly as gorgeous (as the ‘Sheep) and it also rides like a dream. The (old) Spot Rocker design does not have those hideous ‘dog leg’ seat stays. And overall, the Rocker (in either Ti or steel) is just simply a much, much better executed frame. Compare the Spot Cream (aargh: the name!) and the Spot Rocker side by side: I know aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder, but wow, is the new design a step backwards. FAIL.

Full disclosure: my wife rides a Spot, also (Longboard) and loves hers, too. C’mon Spot, you can do so much better!

taylor - 07/06/14 - 11:21am

overpriced and outdated

Ripnshread - 07/06/14 - 1:18pm

The contamination on those welds looks horribad…and the fact that it looks like they tried to polish the contamination on the welds away…..ughhh. I’d expect that on a 1K$ Chineese or Russian made frame but for 3.5K$….no way. Too many other great options for that price.

Nathan - 07/06/14 - 1:51pm

Spot has always been overpriced. Then they have crazy “50% off sales” on the clymb.

Tim - 07/06/14 - 1:53pm

As far as I know, titanium welds should be colorless. Why are they rainbow-colored?

Spotless - 07/06/14 - 3:46pm

Ti welds and machining are supposed to look like this (Mosaic):

Guessing this is Chinese tubing with Chinese welding and contamination, not the Golden-made bicycles of Spot’s past.

Ilikeicedtea - 07/06/14 - 6:29pm

The welds are fine. Straw color is what one looks for, and that’s what I see.

The price is still really out of hand though. I can get a short chainstay Vertigo, with tubes for my weight, the geometry of my choice, and a higher build quality, for a little less money.

Are those double pass welds, for example?

Pisces Iscariot - 07/07/14 - 2:14am

“adjustable-on-the-fly cadence options”
do you mean gears?

david - 07/07/14 - 3:18am

Spot brand bikes used be known for being a good value. What happened. Maybe new guy can help resurrect that.

Tim - 07/07/14 - 6:13am

This is normal pricing practice- start with good value for money, build reputation, then jack up the prices. There are lots of people in this thread who know what a ti bike with these features should cost, but it only takes a few people making the mistake of buying a frame with this price to justify the decision to charge a much higher price.

Bruce12 - 07/07/14 - 11:36am

Hey Andy– please make bikes that are fun to ride. FUN.

K11 - 07/07/14 - 5:26pm

@Robert. the price typo i was referring to was the frame price. posing a frame with a high-end build, does not make it worth $3500 for the frame.

a side note: i would like to demo a bos brand fork soon.

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