What They’re Riding – 2014 Tour de France Social Media Bike Roundup

Peter Sagan Cannondale Bike

Image Source: Cannondale Pro Cycling’s Facebook

In anticipation of the biggest event in cycling, many sponsors have created custom paint schemes for their teams, and team leaders. Many of these have been teased online, so we scoured the usual sources (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc..) to pull together a roundup.

The race start’s tomorrow, so drop past the break to see the rad new pedal cycles before they see prime time television coverage!

Cannondale Pro Tour Team Bikes 2014

Cannondale 2014 Pro Tour BikesImage Source: Cannondale Pro Cycling’s Facebook 

Up first is team Cannondale Pro Cycling. Each of their bikes has a tribal themed paint scheme, with each riders name and nickname painted along the headtube. The only exception is Peter Sagan, who’s frame features a Hulk Themed Paint Scheme.

I Am Ted King 2014 Tour de France Cannondale Pro Cycling Team

I Am Ted King 2014 Tour de France Cannondale Pro Cycling Team TT Details

Just for good measure, here are a few more shots of the Cannondale bikes, brought to you by Ted King’s Instagram Feed.
2014 Tour de france specialized Tarmac Contador Bike

Image Credit: Chris Reikert 

Laying down the power on a new Specialized Tarmac, Alberto Contador will definitely be a threat on this handsome ride.
2014 Tour de france specialized Tarmac Niballdi Bike

Image Credit: Chris Reikert 

The reigning winner of the Giro d’Italia, Vincenzo Nibali forewent the opportunity to defend his tittle this year in order to focus on the Tour.

2014 Tour de france specialized Tarmac Niballdi Headtube Detail Bike

Image Credit: Chris Reikert 

So Specialized whipped up the Shark one ferocious looking ride.

2014 Tour de france specialized Tarmac CVNDSH Bike

Spotted over on the CVNDSH Brand Instagram feed, the Manx Missile while be sporting this stunning bike.

Belkin ProCyling 2014 Bianchi Tour de France Bikes

Belkin ProCyling 2014 Bianchi Tour de France Bikes 2

Belkin ProCyling 2014 Bianchi Tour de France Bikes 3The Belkin Pro Cycling Team has a number of great images of their new bikes on their Facebook accountOf course, Americans may find it hard to root for this team, since the memory of the Belgians defeating the US during the World Cup is still rather fresh.BMC Racing 2014 Tour de France Bike

This year BMC Racing has high hopes for Tejay Van Garderen, and they’re hoping he get’s it done on this beautiful race bike, rocking his fancy new signature edition slippers. Their Flickr Photostream has tons of great photos, so stay tuned to the photo sharing website for more images.

That’s all for now, but leave us a link in the comments if you see something else worth sharing!


Phil A. - 07/04/14 - 6:30pm

Belkin team is Dutch with a U.S. Sponser not From Belgium.

Chris McGrath - 07/04/14 - 6:33pm

Fail across the board. Especially, Cannonfail. Only ones I’d ride are Cav’s & Bert’s and I don’t even like the big S.

wallymann - 07/04/14 - 6:58pm

uh, fyi: belkin is a DUTCH team. the US lost to BELGIUM in the world-cup.

Andrew - 07/04/14 - 7:14pm

How much offset is there on Teejays seat post??!

midpack - 07/04/14 - 7:16pm

These are some of the worst paint schemes ever. The lettering on Sagan’s bike makes it look like something straight out of a box store.

wheelz - 07/04/14 - 7:50pm

Awesome paint schemes. I really Cav’s bike.

silverlining - 07/04/14 - 7:55pm

Cavendish paint looks great!!!

Kinda yawn on everything else though.

Rob - 07/04/14 - 8:11pm

Contador is on Roval wheels, is this a sponsorship change from Zipp?

Andrew - 07/04/14 - 8:16pm

Is the white on Cav’s just primer for yellow?

Ventruck - 07/04/14 - 8:38pm

He’s still using the Zipp stem and seatpost, which Specialized could’ve handled as well. Probably some random press shot or something.

Cav’s bike wins this one. While I think black or silver would’ve been better than white, I do like the parting of colors.

Rico - 07/04/14 - 10:08pm

I can’t really see what’s going on with Cav’s paint job in that pic. Is that soli white or is there a gloss s-works logo on matte white?

pabs - 07/04/14 - 11:05pm

All of the ‘dales were handpainted by Death Spray here in US so rad, right?

D - 07/04/14 - 11:11pm

What does the Belgian defeat of the US soccer team have to do with supporting a Dutch cycling team, sponsored by a California based company?

Brattercakes - 07/04/14 - 11:25pm

Cav’s bike looks really nice. Sagans theme fails. I really like the stock Supersix theme though.

Padrote - 07/04/14 - 11:54pm

belgium, netherlands, same thing right?

mudrock - 07/05/14 - 12:02am

who the hell is chris mcgrath? the belkin celeste-and-green looks sick, as in sickly.

Saris Mercanti - 07/05/14 - 2:44am

@D & Padrote

Whoops, I could have sworn that the team was Belgian.

Kingsprinter - 07/05/14 - 3:22am

No, Tinkoff Saxo will ride Roval wheels from now. Contador started in the Dauphine on them. So expect no more SRAM/Zipp stuff there from next season, latest.

Rob - 07/05/14 - 7:22am

Quite a few have been hit with the ugly stick.

What? - 07/05/14 - 7:55am

Snobs out in full force today.

notapro - 07/05/14 - 8:19am

Don’t mind the rattlecan art just hoping the race isn’t boring

Matt - 07/05/14 - 12:36pm

I am trying to figure what my next bike is going to be, and I really am having a hard time not picking the Cannondale Supersix Evo. Any thoughts from you guys.

Von Kruiser - 07/05/14 - 12:50pm

@ Matt – I bought the SuperSix EVO and put on Vision Metron 55 wheels. Amazing bike and asked a lot of people before buying… stiff yet compliant in bumps. I call it my Ferrari. Wide rims w/ 25c tires at lower pressure synches the ride quality. If you want less aero and side wind push, get the Vision Metron 40’s. I was on the fence on rim height but went w/ the 55. You will be pumped on this bike.

CXisfun - 07/05/14 - 2:35pm

@Von Kruiser: Nothing about a SuperSix is Ferrari-like. Maybe a Corvette analogy would fit, but not Ferrari.

Wendell C - 07/05/14 - 5:16pm

Nibali was LAST YEARS Giro champ. The reigning one was crowned…you know…the last time the race happened. Who edits this stuff?

Von Kruiser - 07/05/14 - 10:31pm

@ CXisfun – Sorry your experience was not Ferarri like… maybe your setup was not a Ferarri build and more like a Corvette. All the parts add up to make a bike ride completely different then the next.

Andrew - 07/06/14 - 3:44am

I can’t believe you guys actually like Cav’s paintjob…. the Venge is a hideous bike and that paint job is boring on top of that…. awful combination.

I agree that Sagan actually got the worst of the Cannondale paint jobs… the other Evos are pretty sweet! The paint schemes are reminiscent of those of West-Coast Canadian Aboriginal tribes.

Matt- I have an Evo High-Mod and its phenominal…. Light, Stiff, Comfortable…. pick 3. I’ve had mine 2.5 years now and the only upgrade I forsee is to a newer 11-speed equipped version.

Rich Lather - 07/06/14 - 6:54am

Once again, Cannondale sets a high bar for ugly.

Eric O - 07/06/14 - 11:10am

The Cav Venge is terrible. Garret Chow knew how to do it, and this isn’t it.

Matt - 07/06/14 - 2:55pm

@Von. Thanks for the feedback. I have ridden quite a few bikes and I realize two things I don’t like that many of the top end bikes have including the Tarmac S works and Giant have – way to stiff and will beat you up on the long training rides and to jittery downhill and in the turns. I have ridden a few Cannondales and have liked the way they handle the chatter and are really stable downhill while still going where you point them. It sounds like the EVO takes these qualities to the next level.

Von Kruiser - 07/06/14 - 3:34pm

@ Matt – No problem boss. My recommendation is the wide rims (25mm OD) w/ 25c tires w/ lower pressure. It will blow your mind on how the bike (what ever brand you get) handles vastly different then narrow higher PSI wheel set ups. No more chatter and ultra smooth, yet stiff out of the saddle. I prefer the Vision Metron wheels since the spec / weight is similar to Zipp but better price. I heard they do not have ridder weight limits like other wheels… rock solid.

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